TSMIC – March 2018 Vibes…

March 2018 Cool Vibes from TSMIC

mheir-crop-u896Dear Readers,

HAPPY EASTER !!!!! 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 🐣 

Welcome to our first ever Roohu Islanders Blog and thanks for joining me here! I am super excited to share with you our new communication platform that will give you latest news and happenings from all our three island resorts (Huvafen Fushi, Amilla Fushi and Finolhu) in the Maldives.

We, at TSMIC truly believe in the power of our unified team and it’s truly a pleasure for us to showcase our local Maldivian and international talents from our passionate islanders, how we celebrate our customer’s success and support each other during tough times.

You might be curious to know who we are “behind the scenes” at TSMIC. Check out our updated official website TSMIC About Us to meet our Strategic Leaders, who are the driving force behind the company’s vision and mission.

There are so many stories to share with you but first would like to highlight what we have achieved in the past few months of this year “celebrating our success”. It is great to see improvements everywhere –

  • Increased business growth year-on-year
  • Career development of key people with promotions
  • Constant enhancement with F&B offerings such as “FEELING KOI” in two of our resorts (Huvafen Fushi and Amilla Fushi) is very well valued by our guests
  • “In house” innovations of new products such as new air-conditioned speedboats in Huvafen Fushi and THE PLAYPEN, The Grand Beach Pavilion

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 11.11.19 am







Our Director of Communications Brinda Hora and the Marketing Team on each island are on top of the social media accounts by providing updates on a daily basis, plus continuous improvement on the WEBSITE and overall brand standards in Huvafen, Amilla and Finolhu.

I am truly pleased with Q1 results as there is a powerful non-stop momentum pushing forward into 2018. Let’s pause for a while and look back at the past 3 to 6 months, we all should be very proud of what we have achieved, and take the time to celebrate this positive trend.

On behalf of TSMIC, thank you all for your hard work and constant support. Together we can do amazing things!



Now looking forward to the next 6 months (Q2 & Q3), it is going to be a tough period for our business levels, however our Sales & Marketing teams are working hard to drive business to our island resorts. We are not leaving “any stone unturned” however on the ground, at the resort level and each and every department, we need to be very smart and efficient in all aspects of our business.


screen-shot-2018-04-01-at-1-40-10-pm.pngIn regard to the last 3 months of 2018, we have seen great bookings that came through for the next festive period in Amilla, so we are expecting to have a strong Q4 and Festive season. Let’s ensure we are well prepared to welcome our valued guests.

So for now, that is all I can say. I am thrilled to see that your Easter celebrations on each resort have gone so well. Congratulations and thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,

Mark Hehir
Chief Executive Officer & Curator


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