Amilla Fushi March 2018

Message from the Resort Manager

JN photoDearest Islanders,

I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to everyone for all your effort and achievement towards delivering rich experiences for our guests in March. Although a busy month with some challenges, we have managed to close some of the gaps to reach a good occupancy for the Easter Weekend.

You are always such a valued contributor and I really appreciate your support in every way as we work altogether to move into the next phase with our growing business.

The guest feedback remains very positive and it’s rewarding to see so many of you, being highlighted by our guests for your personalised attention and care. BIG THANK YOU!

A note of appreciation also goes to all of you who dedicate themselves for the community, supporting the Roohu activities, as one family.

Once again, thank you for all your tireless effort in putting together a wonderful calendar of activities for Easter.

Let’s all celebrate the success!

With warm regards,

Jean Noël
Resort Manager

Jalsa – February 2018 Awards and Recognition

“Jalsa” is a Dhivehi Language, which means “gathering”. Jalsa is organised every month to recognise and award the Islanders who performed and excelled for the month. An Islander who went beyond their call of duty is rewarded and  will serve as an inspiration and a good example to other Islanders.

Front of House Islanders are nominated for Rockstar category and Heart or Back of House Islanders are nominated for Superhero category.

Rockstar Winner of the Month

Rockstar Winner
Congratulations Aishath!

Superhero Winner of the Month

Superhero Winner
Congratulations Mohammed Nasir!

Congratulations to all nominees for the month of February!

Rockstar Nominees

Rockstar Nomiees

Superhero Nominees

Superhero Nominees

Congratulations to Islanders who recently received a promotion and are moving up!


Upsellers for the month of February


Bangladesh  Independence Day Celebration

On 26th of March, Amilla Fushi celebrated the Bangladeshi Independence Day in IceGe with a special dinner prepared by IceGe Kitchen Chefs.

The Bangladeshi Islanders enjoyed the sumptuous meals that were served whilst commemorating their special day of freedom. Here are the photos taken in this occasion.

Bangladesh Independence Day Poster

Fire Awareness Training

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Fire Awareness Training sessions were conducted last March 16-17, 2018 with the help and assistance of Global Fire Maldives.

There were 51 Islanders certified after completing this training.

Thank you to all the participants and Global Fire Maldives. This is hugely beneficial to  Islanders and the company as a whole so as to provide and respond safely and effectively in the event of a fire.

Baa Atoll Unity Futsal Challenge 2018

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Amilla Futsal Team participated in the recent Baa Atoll Unity Futsal Challenge 2018 that was held in Eydhafushi Island. The Team was able to reach the Quarter Final.

Everyone is looking forward to participate in the next Futsal Tournament, not just in Baa Atoll but being involved in the main Maldives tournament.

This will be a good opportunity for Amilla Fushi to highlight its Islander’s sports abilities.

Island Cleaning

On March 13, 15, 21 and 26 were important days in becoming a more responsible Islander. Amilla Fushi organised a series of island cleaning days so as to find ways to make the Islander’s Village a better place to live.

Everyone has a lifetime commitment to maintain the cleanliness and order of our home island because we believe that a clean place is a safe place to work.

You are invited to join our next island cleaning in April. See you!

Sunset Fishing

We took a trip to the Indian Ocean and organized a Sunset Fishing activity for our Islanders. Fishing is known to be a rewarding activity that is very popular amongst many of the Islander. Sunset fishing is one of the most adventurous things to do if you are keen on fishing in general.

Our Islanders really enjoyed this activity, as they were able to catch several types of fish from the ocean. At the end of the night we had a great BBQ Dinner back on the island.

Take a look on how our Islanders were beaming from ear to ear wearing their smiles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

International Women’s Day Celebration

On 8th March, we celebrated International Women’s Day by organising a Pool Party for all our female Islanders.

Everyone who joined this occasion had a good time. Our empowered women shared their inspiring life stories and their life challenges made them independent women in this new generation.

We would like to thank our Food and Beverage Team for their delicious meals and serving drinks.

Thank you for making our female islanders extra special! Until next year!


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