Service of the Month Standard Highlight – Food & Beverage Service Department (Fish & Crab Shack Sequence of Service)

Department: Food & Beverage Service

The Fish & Crab Shack gives you the ultimate laid-back dining experience. Awesome food, a chilled-out vibe and an unreal location on Finolhu’s 1km sandbank.

Sip wine as you savour a bucket of fresh prawns, or share a sumptuous seafood and vegetable plate with the whole crew – a must while you’re in the Maldives! You can also sample our range of delicious signature cocktails, perfectly paired with one of the Shack’s signature dishes for a truly singular experience.

Delicious fresh flavours in a spectacular setting. Feet in the sand and smooth beats in the air for the ultimate Finolhu experience.

Lunch: 1pm to 5pm

Kids Menu

Enjoy Seafood Extravaganza every Tuesday @ Fish & Crab Shack with a wide selection of Seafood .

Seafood Extravaganza

Fish & Crab Shack Sequence of Service (SOS)

1.       Greet and seat
2.       Introduce yourself
3.       Menu presenting & explanation
4.       First drinks / Aperitif
5.       Take food order
6.       Detailing tables
7.       Wine order & service
8.       Entrée served
9.       Clear entrée
10.   Main course served
11.   Check back and clearance
12.   Crumb table
13.   Offer dessert menu
14.   Take dessert order
15.   Lay dessert cutlery
16.   Dessert served
17.   Clear dessert
18.   Offer more drinks
19.   Bill
20.   Thank and farewell
21.   Clean and reset the table


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