Amilla Fushi – April 2018

Message from the Resort Manager

Jean NoelDearest Islanders,

What an amazing treat our notable guests have experienced during Easter!

I can’t thank you enough for all your effort and commitment in making every single event during the Easter Week, a very rich experience for our guests. Each individual islander at Amilla brings a different skill and genuine attention; combined altogether, we provide unbeatable services and exceed expectations of all our visiting guests, including the many families and aficionado members. Well Done!

The month of May, although challenging in terms of business volume, will also give us the opportunity to work efficiently and implement solution to meet business needs. I rely on your full commitment to roll out your cost effective plan and I say thank you to the entire team for their continued hard work and adaptability to the numerous changes that have taken place to guarantee a smooth operation of our business.

On a happier note, we have already started the preparations for the Holy Month of Ramadan.  A full scale of activities will be hosted for one and all and I thank you beforehand for your respectful obedience towards ensuring a blessed Ramadan month.

In closing, for those islanders going on leave, I know a few for a longer period, I wish you a safe travel and good reunion with your loved ones and families and look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you back to your island home!


Jean Noel

Resort Manager | Amilla Fushi

Featured Islander


“The Islander that makes many Islanders presentable every day for our guests.”

In this edition, we have the pleasure to introduce Vipula Priyantha, who is the Master Tailor behind the fabrication of the resort’s uniform.

  • Name: Vipula Priyantha
  • Position: Senior Tailor

Tell us about yourself

Vipula: I was born and raised in Sri Lanka. Most of my family members are also in the tailoring business, specially my father, brother and my loving wife. We own a tailor shop in Sri Lanka producing t-shirts, trousers, etc. Before joining Amilla Fushi, I worked with the Trans Maldivian Air (TMA) for 12 years as a tailor and then joined the Amilla Family in the year 2015. I am nearly completing 2 years and a half, and I am enjoying my life here as an Islander.

How did you develop the love and passion to be a tailor?

Vipula: I grew up in a family of tailors and I have always been inspired by my father’s job as well as my brother. Maybe that’s where I develop my talent, love and passion.

What do you like the most about your job as a tailor?

Vipula: It is really my passion to design trousers, t-shirts, pants, blouses, etc. It is also nice to see people wearing my creations every day. I love meeting new people whenever they visit me at the tailor’s workshop. It is nice to know I am the first person to meet the new Islanders and to see how they are eager to be quickly dressed in their uniform and be ready to start their job. For sure, I have a huge responsibility to deliver their sets of uniform on time. Amazingly, most of the time, a set of uniform for a new Islander, can be ready within one day!

As you have been a Tailor for quite a long time now, how many trousers and t-shirts have you produced?

Vipula: Countless!  I have been tailoring outfits, since I was very young… but I can easily make 4 sets of uniforms in a day or maximum of 5 sets. I will leave it up to you to make the calculation! The biggest satisfaction for me, is that I have been able to dress so many people, and specially my lovely Islanders and Managers. Whether it comes to a new creation, repair or an alteration, my passion remains the same, as my objective is to ensure my visitor leaves my tailor workshop very happy.

What do you usually do on your free time?

Vipula: I’m an avid fan of cricket so I usually watch cricket games and mostly spend my free time chatting with my family at home. I do Facebook sometimes, while connecting with my friends. I also like to check what is the latest in fashion, keeping updated with social media and try to be inspired for new styles.

What advise will you give to Islanders wearing your creations?

Vipula: I hope all islanders would take care of their uniforms. It involves time and money and it is our duty to ensure that we give proper attention to our uniform.  The way we are dressed, the cleanliness and sharpness of our uniform, is a representation of who we are as ambassadors of Amilla Fushi. We should all display a professional image and our uniform contributes a major part!

 My tailor shop is always open if there’s any alteration and repair needed. Please come and make yourself presentable for our guests!

Vipula is assisted by Sirynath Jayawardena  and they both paired together to ensure that all department’s uniform are made on schedule. Sign Up

We organized two sign up days for all Islanders in order to get more followers in our and to vote for the Best Spa in the World Luxury Spa Awards 2018 (Javvu Spa – Amilla Fushi) and the World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2018 (Feeling Koi Restaurant for Amilla Fushi and Kanusan Restaurant for Finolhu Baa Atoll).

Short eats, popcorn and magnum ice cream were distributed for FREE to everyone who registered for the sign up.

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Sinhala-Tamil New Year Celebration

14 April 2018, we celebrated Sinhala & Tamil New Year together with our colleagues from Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Our Sri Lankan community prepared a special dinner with the entire specialty local meals in IceGe led this event.

After the sumptuous dinner, we had a DJ Night Party in Kobabaa.

Easter Dinner

Last Easter Sunday, 1 April 2018, our F&B Kitchen Team organized a Special Dinner in IceGe to celebrate Easter. There were many food varieties served and several options of desserts were prepared in the theme of Willy Wonka.

We received a lot of positive feedback from our Islanders that they have enjoyed their meal, most especially Willy Wonka desserts were fantastic.

First Aid Training

Medplus conducted a Two-Day First Aid Training last April 14-15, 2018 in Amilla Fushi. We had 15 Islanders who participated and passed their certification.

This training covered Basic Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Steps on Hot to Use Automated External Defibrillator (AED). These are very vital in order for our Islanders to be fully aware of what to do in case of any emergency for our Guests and Islanders.

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Management Huddle

On 23 April, the Management Huddle started with warm up and followed by a volleyball challenge among Managers. After the physical warm up, we had a brainstorming and the below topics were discussed:

  1. Guest Preferences. How to use and recognize?
  2. Guest Names. How to use more often and consistently?
  3. ROOHU Nominations – How to make them more meaningful?
  4. Improvements on engagement and participation of getting more Islanders involved.

We are looking forward to implementing more great ideas to improve and become better.


IceGe Food Survey

We are currently doing a Food Survey for IceGe Islander Restaurant. Our aim is to improve the quality, consistency and variety of food that we are presently offering to our Islanders. The Islander’s feedback is essential for us to know which areas we can improve for better satisfaction.

Autism Charity Run/Walk

untitled-4990 Include

On 22nd April 2018, we organized a charity run/walk for Islanders and Guests, that was an Island Tour (1.8km) to celebrate the World Autism Day – in partnership with the Maldives Autism Association. One name we would like to highlight is the Australian Cricket Player Usman Khawaja who was staying at Amilla Fushi for his honeymoon and was a great support and encouragement during this event.

The aim of this event is to help the local community and assist children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). This is our commitment to take part and be involved of TSMIC Corporate Social Responsibility in raising the awareness about Autism.

50 Islanders and 6 Guests participated in this event. Apart from the charity run/walk, we were able to sold t-shirts, socks and caps that were provided by Maldives Autism Association. The proceeds of this event will go directly to the Maldives Autism Association. Whether we walked 1.8kms around the island or ran the distance, our support towards Maldives Autism Association was visible in each and everyone’s face.

#AmillaFushi #YourIslandHome #IslandBliss

Ladies Afternoon Tea


On Thursday, 26th April, we organized a special afternoon tea for all the ladies in order to find ways how to improve the living conditions for the female Islanders. Following the international women’s day celebration last month, our aim is to implement every month at least one day activity for the ladies. Smoothies, fruit juice, cupcakes and cookies were served followed by team building activities in the water sports area. Great tea break under the Maldivian sun!

Japanese Golden Week


When:  29th April to 5th May

Where: “Feeling Koi” signature over water restaurant

Events: Four themed dinner and three sushi classes, two sake training

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wensday Thursday Friday Saturday
29-Apr 30-Apr 1-May 2-May 3-May 4-May 5-May
Sushi class Ramen and Yakis Sushi class Raw Bar night Yakitori Night Sushi class Yakisoba Night
sake training sake pairing

Amilla is proud to announce the celebration of the Japanese golden week that will be held in her signature over water restaurant aka “Feeling Koi “.

Feeling Koi restaurant in Amilla Resort. The cooking though is forward-looking, with imaginative ideas incorporating Izakaya-style and Nikkei influences. Portions are generously flavored; flavors are distinct. The range might be from  ramen served in a more modern way; new style sashimi; black cod marinated miso or the most acclaimed Hamachi jalapeño.  Look also for the ‘’Wow Platter” served in our first class island setting

During the Japanese week a series of a perfect engineered menu will be displayed to celebrate both Japanese culture and umami, ranging from yakis dishes to the most contemporary yakisoba  all framed with some classic sake pairing introduced by local resident Sake Sommelier.



7A brief about Yogi Yoshie:

Yoshie Roux-Chabert: “The inversion lover”. A former flight stewardess, Yoshie first started yoga when the demands of flying and travelling constantly took a toll on her body. She knows how to help others finding that inner calm thru perfect alignment and unique poses combination designed for personal needs.  Yoshie has developed a passion for hanging out upside down, and has also mastered the art of posture that uplifts body and mind. She maintains that yoga, as a healing art, should be practised safely with a strong foundation with a daily discipline. Her teaching style thus fuses her knowledge of body awareness and focus on alignment helping her students develop a mindful connection with their inner self. She graduated from the prestigious Yoga Alliance in Hong Kong since 2007 when she was pregnant of her daughter. She since then participates in Yoga retreats and events in Asia, and have created a network of yoga teachers that inspires and keeps her teachings always synch up with the best tips and advice. She a world-famous Instagram contributor with thousands of followers looking for beautifying their body and minds. IG:

She came to Amilla Fushi last year & decided to come back as a visiting practitioner to hold yoga retreats because she loved it so much.

She will be with us for 10 days during Japanese golden week!

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Yoshie Roux-Chabert “The Inversion Lover” will be holding an exclusive yoga retreat at Amilla Fushi from Saturday 28 April to Thursday 3rd of May. Yoshie’s strengths include helping others find that inner calm through perfect alignment and unique poses tailored to individual needs. She maintains that yoga, as a healing art, should be practiced safely, with a strong foundation and daily discipline. Her teaching style focuses on body awareness and alignment to help her students develop a mindful connection with their inner self. Graduating from the prestigious Yoga Alliance in Hong Kong in 2007, she has since participated in Yoga retreats and events in Asia. She regularly shares her tips and advice with a large following on her Instagram account:

Pure Massage Spa Training Method with Beata

BeataBeata Aleksandrowicz is an expert on massage and the creator of the Pure Massage Spa Training Method® which provides spas worldwide with advanced training in a modern concept of massage. Beata is a powerful advocate of educating people about the importance of touch, massage and spiritual growth.

In 2002 Beata founded Pure Massage, the first company in London dedicated solely to massage with training techniques based on the Twelve Principles of Massage™ created and developed by Beata. Her company became synonymous with the highest quality in massage, gaining recognition from the press and acknowledged by clients as the best available on the market.

Pure Massage Spa Training Method® is a result of Beata’s ongoing passion and dedication to changing the perception of massage. Her ground-breaking approach to training techniques provides therapists not only with highly effective and injury-free massage, communication skills and self care routines, but also – essential in their profession – life coaching knowhow. Among her recent projects are Dormy Spa House – Cotswolds, UK, Amilla Fushi – Maldives, and The Lanesborough Club & Spa – London, UK.

What defines an excellent massage

  • a set of techniques that are effective, guarantee consistency and are safe for both therapist and client
  • communication that allows to personalise each treatment
  • self care that keeps the therapist injury free, fit and healthy for many years to come
  • awareness that raises each treatment to the highest standard of performance

Sharing some photos taken during Beata’s visit & training for massage revision, upskilling & life coaching.

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Javvu Spa Team Dinner @ Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru


The Javvu Spa Team celebrated the group’s victory by having a very special sumptuous dinner in Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru followed by having their lip-smacking drinks for winning the recent Amilla Bliss for Best Performance!


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