Amilla Fushi – May 2018

Message from Resort Manager

Jean Noel

Dearest Islanders,

Time goes by so quickly and can you imagine that we are already halfway through the year!

For certain, as a team of passionate islanders, we have made some great achievements since the beginning of the year!

We have taken pride to be of service to all our guests. Our commitment is widely recognized by our guests on Trip Advisor and many other channels, particularly because of our friendliness, personalized service and professional attitude.

We have been responsive and creative to the ever changing needs of our guests and our business.

We have successfully introduced our much known Maldives Aficionado Program, creating new app for easy connection, hence building up our loyal guest index, with greater benefits.

We have successfully recognized and celebrated every major international events for our guests, by offering world class performances with renowned artists and introducing great culinary experiences with acclaimed chefs!

We have been more accessible by penetrating new markets and reaching out to new partners. Our engagement in social media is reaping big results on a daily basis.

We have become more conscious on our mode of operations as regards to the conservation of the natural environment and the non-usage of plastic.

We have strengthened the Amilla Brand Traits, through our tireless effort to create new experiences for our dear guests and islanders.

The list may go on, but most importantly, although some of us chose to explore new horizons, while new talents join the “Roohu”, we continue to grow as a community, supporting each other in our day to day operations and finding ways to enhance our living style in the village, with love and respect.

Have an incredible month, a great Eid Celebration and further accomplishments for the rest of year!


Jean Noël

Resort Manager

“From the Sea well to Amilla well”

Picture11In this edition, we have the pleasure to introduce Rafiq, our one and only Bottle Plant Operator who is ensuring our Amilla water is clean and presentable for our dearguests and islanders.

Name: Rafiq

Position: Bottle Plant Operator

Tell us about yourself

Rafiq: I come from Bangladesh and currently employed in Amilla Fushi as a Bottle Plant operator for 18 months. During my free time from the Bottling Plant, I am also happy to assist the Housekeeping / Public Area team to clean the outlets/public areas or houses as per operation’s needs.

How many bottles do you produce in a day for operations?

Rafiq: I can make a total of 400 bottles of still and sparkling water, combined for daily operations- from 200ml up to 1 liter. 200 bottles will usually go daily to Housekeeping department for houses while others are for F&B outlets, Spa, Residences, transports and other services.

What is your daily routine?

Rafiq: I usually start my day at 8am, by properly cleaning empty bottles of different sizes. Sanitization of the bottles is an important part of the process, while sorting them on specific racks, then refill them with purified still or sparkling water. Final procedure is to seal the bottle with an Amilla stickers to reassure all consumers that the bottles from the Bottling Plant, are safe and clean to drink.

It is amazing to be part of such an interesting process on how we can produce natural and drinkable water out of its original sources: The Ocean! …. Taking water 30metres deep from ground level and automatically filtered and desalinated from the plant to provide fresh and natural water to our guests and Islanders. Same water is also used by our Islanders in IceGe. Clean and Safe!

What do you like the most about your job:

Rafiq: It is very calm and quiet in my area. That’s why I am also eager to help my department any time they need me for operations. Every time I finish my job as a bottling plant operator, I usually go to outlets to clean and help the team. I am available for help at any time of the day even at night time if they require more water bottles for guests or islanders.

 Do you have any hobby whenever you have free time?

Rafiq: I always make sure to spend my free time to connect with my family. This is an important moment for me.

What are the challenges you faced?

Rafiq: Removing a sticker is quite difficult because it stays on the bottle and it is hard to remove. I always make sure bottles are spotless and clean and well presentable. I will also advise my colleagues to return all empty bottles in a timely manner as I need to refill them for your operations. Always keep the crates in good conditions.

In conclusion, I am very proud to be part of Amilla Family. I do my work with a lot of commitment to ensure, the quality of the water are at the highest standard for consumption.

Contributed by: Executive Office

Manta Workshop – 2nd May 2018


Picture2Manta Trust Meeting

On the 2nd May a Manta Trust meeting was held at Amilla Fushi resort. The following resorts took part in this meeting: Four Seasons, Dusit Thani, Soneva Fushi, Finolhu, Vakkaru, Reethi Beach and Amilla Fushi. The purpose of this gathering was for all the resorts situated in Baa atoll to come together and anticipate the arrival of mantas into the infamous Hanifaru Bay. During the South-west monsoon season (May – October) the enigmatic and charismatic manta rays all congregate into this bay in order to enjoy the plankton rich waters.

It has been recorded by Manta Trust that there are over 4,400 mantas recorded in the Maldives which is the largest recorded population in the world. With evidence of some mantas moving between atolls in the Maldives, an individual named Pawpaw (MA – MV -0977) was sighted in 5 different atolls.

Manta Trust presented some important information regarding the reef manta rays. Some key areas to be highlighted include the sighting over the years, it was reported that 2017 had the lowest number of sightings (2595 ind) in comparison to the previous year in 2016 (4387 ind). Reasons why the sightings were low during 2017 are unknown. During 2016 it was documented that a lot of courtship behavior was being observed at the cleaning stations, with more pregnant mantas documented in 2017 (18 ind) due to their yearlong pregnancy. Therefore it is possible for many manta pups to be sighted during this year’s manta season.
Additionally Manta Trust included important details about how to behave with the manta rays in the water. The floor was opened up to all parties to share past experiences with the manta rays and public, or mention any possible improvements that could be implemented to further preserve the manta rays and keep the tourism of these magnificent creatures sustainable and safe.

Overall, the meeting was a success with all parties informed about the rules and regulations of entering Hanifaru Bay and behaving in the water with the Manta Rays.

Contributed by: H.U.B. Team

Reservations and Sales Team Building

At Reservations (Revenue & Sales included) we give very special importance to create a strong bond & great spirit within us. We try to achieve this through simple things and these make the team happy –  which is our goal.  These include our “ Ice Cream with Uncle Naseem “ event every Friday and pizza parties we do regularly.  Recently we also had a fabulous outdoor event (Hussain & Recreations team , thank you guys) and the team were exposed to some thrilling fun (and of course product knowledge ) with snorkeling, banana ride, painting class, outdoor sports and the event was wrapped with a round of ice cream followed by a pizza party in the evening.

Contributed by Reservations Team

Interesting Facts

Did you know?


Below is an average consumption of water at Amilla based on occupancy:

Below 50% occupancy

  • 1000ml bottle = 70-75 bottle/day, (0.072 cm3)
  • 500ml bottle = 100-120 bottle/day, (0.055cm3)
  • 350ml bottle= 70-80 bottle/day, (0.026cm3)
  • 330ml bottle = 20-40 bottle/day, (0.009cm3)
  • 200ml bottle = 50-60bottle/day, (0.011cm3)
  • Daily consumption= 0.173cm3

Occupancy above 70%

  • 1000ml bottle = 200-250bottle/day, (0.225cm3)
  • 500ml bottle= 200-250bottle/day, (0.112cm3)
  • 350ml bottle = 150-200bottle/day, (0.0613cm3)
  • 330ml bottle = 150-200 bottle/day, (0.058cm3)
  • 200ml bottle = 130-160 bottle/day’ (0.029cm3)
  • Daily consumption= 0.4853cm3


  • Taking water from 30mtrs deep from ground
  • Through sand filters, water will be directed to ROP
  • Our water storage tanks can store 350 tons x2
  • Chlorine is automatically treating the fresh water
  • Once treated, it will be ready to use in guests and islanders areas with clean, fresh and natural water.

Bottling Plant

  • Main source of water is from the storage tank.
  • Separate high pressure pump was installed in bottling plant to reduce TDS (Total Dissolve Solid) with 300mg/l minimum, 600mg/l maximum.
  • Sand filters, carbon filters and mineral ball filters is fixed in the bottling plant room to ensure water is properly desalinated.
  • 2cm3 storage tank is fitted to the bottling plant that produces water that is safe for drinking.

Sparkling water

  • Special chiller was connected to the sparkling plant.
  • Carbonated water is called Sparkling water, which carbon dioxide gas under pressure has been dissolved.
  • Once bottle is filled it will now produce chilled sparkling water.

Note: The main difference is the bubbles, which makes drinking sparkling water an enjoyable experience rather than a dull necessity of life. One thing to note through is that carbon dioxide, when mixed with water, creates carbonic acid.

Contributed by Engineering Department

Ashtrays for Public Areas

Security was given the task to prepare ashtrays to use in staff areas and 30 of them were prepared and handed over to HR. Ashtrays are now displayed in smoking zone. Islanders are reminded to use them and avoid littering.

Contributed by: The Security Team

Island Cleaning Activities

Island cleaning activity was initiated by our volunteers from Security, Housekeeping, F&B and Spa Department focusing on beach area and heart of the house. Materials collected at these cleanups range from a distressing number of cigarette buts and pieces of plastic bottles and cans. Everyone has a lifetime commitment to maintain the cleanliness and order of our island home because we believe that a clean place is a safe place to work.

It’s a fun activity and we hope we’ll see you at the next Island Cleaning!

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