Amilla World Cup – Draw & Press Conference

Breaking News : 11:30 pm (IT) 6th June 2018- Amilla World Cup Draw was held last night, attended by all six managers of the participating teams for the press conference followed by the exciting match draw.

The match draw was done in two groups, with Group A being grouped with the most anticipated teams Australia, Brazil and Belgium. Many people in the crowd were very excited. The Group B has drawn with lots of noise from them, which included Portugal , Argentina and France.

The Final Draw: First Match is Australia & Brazil at 11 pm Island time on the 12th June.

The press conference was so lively with lots of strong comments coming from all Managers. I guess we will see who comes out on top!

The Managers presented their team Jerseys whilst receiving lots of cheers from the crowd. It looks likes it’s a very anticipated event. Look out for more reports once the event starts on 12th June.

Special note: Opening Ceremony 12th June 2018 at 10:30 pm sharp!

See you all there !


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