Message from Resort Manager

Dearest Islanders,Resort Manager

Following a busy July with some great performances, for sure August has not been disappointing in terms of operations! The resort was kept busy with a high occupancy particularly with many families visiting, from different parts of the world taking advantage of the school holidays.

While extending farewell to these beautiful families, it is so rewarding to see that in many ways, our islanders have really gone the extra mile to place a smile on each face of these young guests.

At one time, we were caught in persisting challenging weather conditions, but our determination and commitment to be of service to our guests went above and beyond expectations! From all the teams at the airport to the resort teams, we felt like a much bonded community who left no stone unturned to ensure full attention and professional services were extended at all times! Big Thank You for all your hard work!

During August, we also hosted a few events, among which a beautiful celebration of Eid Al Adha- Maali Parade on Twilight affair, our very first Eid Fun Challenge with Brand Traits Teams, Futsal Match with guests and Jalsa hosted by Housekeeping Team.

We participated and hosted the TVEC School Grand Opening in Kihadhoo, a project by Coastline Foundation.

Our heartfelt congratulations go to our sister resort FINOLHU for celebrating their 2nd successful year! Kudos also to their football team for winning the Inter-Resort Football Tournament. Huge congratulations also to Huvafen Fushi for their 14th year of success!

Lastly, it gives me great pleasure to welcome some great leaders to the family; Nava (Assistant Financial Controller), Shiyax (Executive Housekeeper) and Chef Komang (Chef de Cuisine). We wish them best of luck!

As we continue to grow our community, in preparation for upcoming high season, my wish is for all of you to support each other, ensure easy integration for new joiners  and be more bonded, hence achieving great results altogether.

Jean Noël
Resort Manager

Amilla Fushi TripAdvisor “Certificate of Excellence”

Travel Click

Congratulations Amilla Family for achieving the

5 star “Certificate of Excellence” from the

World’s largest travel site- TripAdvisor!

Let’s continue to shine!

“Ocean Discovery with Laura”

1.Can you tell us more about yourself?

Hi, my name is Laura and I am currently working in Amilla Fushi as your Marine Biologist. I started my love for the ocean when I was 15 years old during my conservation expedition. Right after, I took my scuba diving course in Indonesia to further explore the ocean whilst helping the conservation team at the same time. I also have my Masters Degree, specializing in dolphins and I’m also a certified scuba diving instructor.

2.What is the most challenging experience you encountered in the ocean/underwater?

It’s always been disappointing to see the ocean being destroyed day by day, either from human activities or even simply by nature. Coral bleaching is one of the greatest issues we are facing today. Warmer water temperatures can result in coral bleaching. When water is too warm, corals will expel the algae living in their tissues causing the coral to turn completely white. In fact, Maldives had a massive bleaching in 2016.

3. Can you describe a typical work week of a marine biologist in Amilla Fushi?

I usually start my day at 8:30am, then followed by a few trips that are scheduled for the entire day: turtle trip, marine biology exploration, ocean discovery and Manta trip at Hanifaru Bay. These are great opportunities for me to help our guests to learn more about the ocean, pursue an adventure, experience the coral reef and participate in ongoing research to personally make a difference to our fragile environment. We also do photo ID of turtles, dolphins and mantas for our database.

4. Can you share with us some magical stories about your experience with Amilla guests at Hanifaru bay?

Hanifaru Bay has always been magical and exciting to visit. My most special one is when I was surrounded by hundred of mantas during my stop with Amilla guest!

5. What message do you want to share with our islanders?

I would love to educate the team about the ocean and how fragile our marine life is. Many of them are not aware of what they normally do but it is making a big change to our environment. By teaching our team that the physical environment is fragile and indispensable we can begin fixing the problems that threaten it. We can even simply reduce the plastic pollution by refusing single-use plastics that are usually being thrown into the ocean. Always remember that small habits can have a colossal effect on the environment but if we begin working together as a team, we can make a huge difference on saving the ocean!

“Interesting facts you should know about the famous Hanifaru Bay and Baa Atoll”


1.Baa atoll was chosen as the first UNESCO Biosphere reserve due to its globally significant biodiversity. The coral reefs (21,000 km2) are the seventh most extensive in the world, representing some 3% of global reef area.

2.Baa Atoll is the home to 250 species of coral, teaming with over 1,000 species of fish, including iconic mega-fauna such as whale sharks and manta rays, as well as large populations of marine turtles, seabirds, whales and dolphins.

3.Baa atoll is one of the best places in the world to see manta rays, with 4,400 individuals recorded; the Maldives has one of the largest populations in the world. These cartilaginous elasmobranch fish are filter feeders of the smallest animals in the ocean…plankton!

4.Manta rays must consume 12% of their body weight in plankton per week. Known for their graceful and peaceful nature manta rays are commonly referred to as the ‘gentle giants’ of the ocean.

5.Hanifaru is a world renowned bay that was declared a protected area in 2009 due to it Picture6being a biologically significant site for marine life including nesting sites for hawksbill and green turtles, occasional roosting sites for the black-naped tern, brown noddies and lesser noddies. More exclusively it was protected to aid endangered mega-fauna such as manta rays and whale sharks.

6.The infamous bay is one of the only places in the world where the enigmatic reef manta rays (Manta alfredi) aggregate by the hundreds to gorge on plankton rich waters during high tide. The area has a unique water circulation system that pushes plankton into the bay providing a large supply of plankton in a small area. It is a spectacle to behold when a feeding frenzy occurs with cyclone feeding of hundreds of manta rays, Hanifaru bay is one of the only places in the world to document this feeding behavior.Picture5

7.Manta rays are endangered, predominantly due to anthropogenic activity. In order to aid with their conservation, noninvasive photo Identification is carried out by taking a photo of their ventral surface (stomach).

8.Each manta ray has a unique spot pattern which can then be used to identify individuals and create a large database of reef manta rays, we can then monitor the population as a whole.

“Coffee with Resort Manager”

As part of our ongoing engagement with our Islanders, we exercise a weekly coffee session specially hosted by our Resort Manager – Jean Noël.

The activity is a great opportunity to connect with all islanders and to discuss our journey and life in the community.

The most important point that is commonly raised by participants, is always about the support that needs to be extended to each other by each islander as one bonded community.

We look forward to seeing more of you for the next coffee sessions with our Resort Manager, every Tuesday at EBC.

See you there!



Technical Vocational Education Center (TVEC) is a vocational training institute established at Kihaadhoo, Baa Atoll. The aim of TVEC is to develop individuals, through a purposeful TVET, for the growing technical industries of the Maldives.

Established in 2018 by the Coastline Foundation, TVEC offers trade specific and personal development programmes, initially starting with Certificate Level 3 Programs in Engine Mechanics, Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Machines.

TVEC is a five acre campus with live-in facilities that can presently accommodate fifty students at a time with four well-equipped training workshops, five classrooms, a complete office building, housekeeping facility, a library, a computer lab, a mosque and outdoor study facilities.

The event was organized by Coastline Foundation, which is a C.S.R component under the Coastline Group of Companies, and a non-profit organization. Grand opening was held on August 9th 2018, participated by Amilla Fushi at Baa Atoll Kihadhoo Island.

Baa Atoll Summer Festival Closing Ceremony
3rd August 2018

First time ever in the history of Baa Atoll, the Summer Festival hosted by 6 main resorts in Baa Atoll – Amilla Fushi, Finolhu, Vakkaru, Four Seasons, Dusit, and Soneva, came to end on 3rd August “called Baa Atoll Summer Festival Closing Ceremony at Angafaru Picture18Sandbank”

Over 150 guests and Media attended this Grand Closing Ceremony.  The function started in the late afternoon and lasted about 4-5 hours

The Recreation team from Amilla Fushi and Finolhu took the initiative to plan the ceremony setup together with our F&B leaders: 6 Food stalls, 6 Beach Bars with shades and a separate seating lounge was set.
Six catamarans from the six resorts with two sailors from each resort participated in the CATAMARAN REGATTA RACE, these participants were sailing instructors from the 6 resort watersports

Picture15The series designed with spectators, judges in mind with plenty of spectacular high speed crashes, capsizes and near misses, all close to shore.

The F2 is a scaled-up version of the Olympic Class Catamaran. The catamarans are built for speed and, even in medium winds, are capable of reaching speeds normally associated with speedboats.

The first Ever Regatta Race Champions became Our Finolhu team while Amilla was in 4th place.

The sailing series were attractive with above audiences around the shore and this year is the first year that the CEOs, GMs and RMs came together and put this stunning, innovative business minded idea for all the main resort guests in Baa Atoll and our CEO Mr. Mark Hehir is the main inventor/founder of this upscale idea who made it a reality and most of the leaders in Baa Atoll are looking ahead for another great year for the 2019 Summer Festival #2.


August Focus Tips from Jaavu Spa – Never stop Learning!

In August, we saw two International Trainers who visited us to refresh and update the therapists on the latest evolutions of !QMS and iLA – 2 of our 7 International brands.

Rowan from !QMS was first and did an amazing 4 days of training with the team where the team got to be interactive and involved with the different products and experiments. They were encouraged to ask all the questions they wanted to about the brand.

Rowan also did an Aficionado guest workshop where some of our repeaters joined in a proactive session. At the end of the training session, they were all awarded with certificates and gift bags.  Always a highlight!

We even got the non-therapists involved to have a share of fun!

We also had Amrita, from iLA, an amazing therapist, trainer, yogi, healer from Indonesia!  She worked with the natural and  organic treatment range to teach the therapists on how to use their energy when attending  guests,  to heal their souls and improve their moods in this beautiful surroundings.


Eid Al-Adha or “Festival of Sacrifice“, one of  the most important celebrations in Islam was celebrated on 21st August 2018. Eid Celebrations started with morning prayers and our islanders were greeted outside IceGe by the management team followed by a special breakfast that was organized for this auspicious occasion. Four days of activities were organized from 21st to 24th August to highlight the celebrations.



Amilla ‘Fun Challenge’ was held on22nd August 2018 at EBC.

During this event, our guests were also invited to participate.  Islanders were divided into groups representing our four Brand Traits.

Several activities were organized – Goal Score, Plate Run, Beach Volleyball and Tug of War.

After this successful event, it has been decided to make the ‘Fun Challenge’ a monthly event to be hosted  by one Brand Trait House.

The winner for the month of August was Rich Experiences



We welcome two trainers from GFS for 4 sessions of Fire Awareness (both theoretical and practical sessions).

40 islanders attended the training to equip themselves with the techniques of dealing with fire emergencies.

Well done guys!


Twice a month, we get our leadership team up bright and early to take part in our bi-weekly Huddle which brings together the management and supervisors from all of the departments for some warm up, activities and brain storming.

The sessions allow us to have the type of active brain or physical exercise that might not be possible in the normal confines of a meeting room and with the fresh air and sunrise of the beach front, we allow ourselves to let nature help in our team creativity and activity processes.

August 6th saw the team on the beach being led by our Director of Communications Brinda Hora through a series of yoga stretches. Following this we had the participants pair up for some 3 legged beach volleyball, it may sound easy however the pairs have to work on their communication, teamwork, adaptability and strategy in order to get the points needed to win the game.

We finished off the morning with some very creative beach art with the group being divided into 4 teams to create some sand art that would clearly depict our 4 Amilla Fushi Brand Traits of Natural Allure, Idyllic Escape, Rich Experiences and Intuitive Generosity with some very creative and innovative results.

The team were them back on the beach again on August 27th where our gym personal trainer Kamal led the group through their warm up. We followed this with some very fun and interesting product knowledge Pictionary with the 2 teams going head to head to try to out-do each other artistically in order to get their team members to guess the product or service they selected at random. We kept the brain ticking over with a selection of Rebus puzzle challenges for the 2 teams with them racing against each other to find the 12 solutions.

Our leadership teams were then split into 3 groups, each one taking a section of our Start, Stop and Continue initiative to refocus our efforts for the final quarter of the year on areas for development, improvement, implementation and removal to move forward as a team with our best practices.


On 15th August 2018, Amilla Fushi Indian Islanders celebrated their 71st  Independence Day.

To mark the event, a special lunch was organized in IceGe  to commemorate this special day for our Indian islanders.


Indonesia celebrated their 73rd  year of independence this 17th  August.  The occasion was celebrated with a wonderful cake prepared by our kitchen team and a special lunch with traditional Indonesian food.


Jalsa for the month of July was hosted by Housekeeping team with an original and amazing set-up.  After Jalsa, our Islanders were pampered with a  wonderful night in Kobabaa with DJ Ivan.

Jalsa – July  2018 Awards and Recognition

Rock Star Winner – Ni Gusti Ayu Made Ratih (Spa Therapist)


We had an incident where a guest was sold a display product (which contains only stones for weight/no product, Ayu picked up on the mistake and managed to save the day before guest left for home later that day. Ayu has been with Javvu Spa for just over a year and in this period of time she has maintained a consistent high quality of treatments showing her care and passion at all times. She is the most stable therapist we have in the team and always ensures to provide genuine and thoughtful experience to our guests which naturally allures them to come back for more.

Ayu’s simplicity captivates intuitively with a genuine attention to each and every guest or a colleague she encounters.

As we always look for a wow factor, however, sometimes the simplicity already defines the wow factor, specially consistency and never wavering persistence is hard to maintain in this environment we live and work in.

Ayu always kept her attitude diligently and she always brings love and laughter to the team. She’s always willing to be flexible whenever needed to make sure we provide rich experiences to our valued guests. We are proud of you Ayu!

Jalsa – July 2018 Awards and Recognition

Super Hero Winner – MD Mosarof Hosan (Gardener/ Coconut Climber) 


Mosarof Hosan is incredibly climbing 4 to 6 coconut trees a day, ensuring all trees are well trimmed and cleaned for guests and islanders safety. Although he has a risky job, Mosarof considers it as his talent and enjoying it very well.

During our Independence Day celebration, he personally served 305 young coconuts to all islanders and guests. Mosarof is also the person behind all decorative palm leaves on special private BBQ dinner. He always makes himself available to help the garden team on busy operations and assisting to unload our weekly supply.

For the past six months, Mosarof is the only coconut climber doing all the job. He remarkably delivered 440 dry coconuts for kitchen operations, 953 young coconuts to Baazaar Bar, Spa, Main Kitchen, and he climbed 136 palm trees for the month of July! Truly amazing! We are proud of you Mosarof!

Jalsa – July 2018 Awards and Recognition

Best Up Sellers – July 2018

Best Upseller.png

Jalsa – July 2018 Awards and Recognition

Amilla Family is delighted to share the “Amilla Thari (July)” to our dedicated and passionate islanders from F&B Service!

The team persistently carried out great commitments despite of high occupancy and challenge with unfavorable weather conditions.

Good job F&B Service Team! Well deserved!

Amilla Thari




Amilla Fushi participated the Inter-Resort Football Tournament which was held in Eydhafushi in August 2018.

The tournament was played in group stages. Each group was made up of four teams, Amilla Fushi were included on Group A together with Vakkaru Maldives, Team Soneva and Dusit Thani Maldives.

Match scores:

1st Match- Amilla (1) – Dusit Thani (2)
2nd Match- Amilla (1) – Vakkaru Maldives (1)
Final Match- Amilla (1) – Team Soneva (2)

Unfortunately, Amilla Fushi team was out of the tournament but made a great effort in the practice and preparation. Better luck next time Amilla team!


Maali (Ghost) Parade is a traditional annual event usually celebrated during Eid.

To honor the tradition, Maali Parade was organized on 24th August 2018 where a local group was invited to especially perform for our guests and islanders, disguised in their ghostly costumes and dancing to the rhythm of the drums.


On 25th and 26th of August, we welcomed 11 new islanders to our General Orientation IMG_20180826_095702representing Engineering, Reservations, Housekeeping, Transport and HR.

Throughout the 2 day orientation, the group took part in presentations on the company, the sister resorts, Amilla Fushi, HR policies and procedures, Safety and Security and Harassment awareness and not to mention the great resort tours they had visiting all areas of the resort to better understand the product and services we have available- all being led by representatives of each department.

In the mix, we also had a number of fun team activities and wrapped up the two day activity with our ultimate Product Knowledge Quiz.

Special thanks to our Resort Manager, Jean Noel, for being available in both days to welcome the team on day 1 and the wrap up on day 2.

Looking forward to welcoming the next group of new islanders to the September session.


As we continue to rise our standards in guest services. Our transport team had a two day session which focuses on providing great customer care to all our boat passengers.

A 90 minutes session consists of a detailed theory and group discussion. It was then followed by a practical application on the jetty to exercise a real life delivery of the service standards.

Great job to all involved!

CONGRATULATIONS FINOLHU on your 2nd year anniversary!




Monday, 13 August 2018

A cupcake decorating class was arranged for our lovely little guests in house.  The kids enjoyed learning our cupcake secrets in a fun way.




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