Huvafen Fushi – August 2018


Dear Dream Makers,

I am pleased to share great news on the progress of the business that we are experiencing now and for the forthcoming months.


As you may remember, in the previous months of May, June, and July, we were struggling to get guests in the resort and the occupancy was extremely low. A number of projects had to be postponed or delayed due to financial challenges. Through consistent hard work from our sales team, keeping the faith and reconnecting with our trade partners, we have turned the situation around. Huvafen Fushi is becoming once again a favorite among the other resorts in the Maldives, not forgetting all the newly opened properties. The occupancy has increased dramatically and this trend is continuing for the forthcoming months. All departments are busy and generating good revenue.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for your hard work and dedication in ensuring that our guests go back home with very fond memories of their stay and spread the word among their friends and family.

Keep up the great work.


9th—10th August 2018


L-R: Mohamed Atheed (Landscape Attendant), Hussain Joodh (HR Coordinator), Hussain Saeed (security Officer), Ashen Himal Ranawera (Steward), Samarathunga Harsgan (Commis), Shiusu Rasheed (Day Auditor) and Ibrahim Khaleel (Landscape Attendant)

The New Colleagues Orientation Programme is designed to provide information about Huvafen Fushi that will help our new team members transition smoothly into their roles.

Seven new team members recently completed their 2 days New Hire Orientation Programme.

During the orientation, the new team members also had a chance to tour our beautiful island and see it’s stunning facilities.


Seven new team members recently completed their 2 days New Hire Orientation Programme.

During the orientation, the new team members also had a chance to tour our beautiful island and see it’s stunning facilities.


We go back to basics and    understand that we all have a preferred way to learn.

During the morning briefing of the HODs they were asked to answer a questionnaire to find out their Learning Style. They later on did this activity in their own departments.Picture3.png

Because most people have a preferred way to learn, it is important to understand the type of learning that best suits others. Some learn best by listening, some have to observe every step, while others have to do it to learn it. The fact is that individuals need all three modalities to truly commit information to memory: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

There is no right or wrong learning style. The point is that there are types of learning that are right for every individual in our team.


14th August  2018

Town Hall Meeting is one of our regular monthly activities. During this event recognitions, awards and  certificates are given to the nominees and winners of the Team Member of the Month for the month.



 Face of the House


Rishwan is one of best waiter from Celsius & Forno team. He has  always shown a great  performance, leading the team by example. He is  proactive, reliable and careful about his job. His efficiency in handling guests have been evident in our guest feedback. Rishwan never raised his voice to  complain about any  issues instead he welcomes more  challenges.


What’s the best thing about winning the tittle Team Member of the Month?  The best thing about winning is that I know I have given by the best and its being recognized by the islanders. 

What has been your favorite project/experience in Huvafen Fushi thus far? Every single day working with wonderful team of Huvafen Fushi is my favorite part of the job. 

What would you like to develop so you can be better in your role?  Knowledge is the biggest part that I want develop in my career because I believe a person never stop learning.

 What projects/tasks/responsibilities are you looking to do MORE of in the next coming months? I want to be present in every training that Huvafen Fushi has been given so that I can implement those skill and knowledge in my job.

 What projects/tasks/responsibilities are you looking to do LESS of in the next coming months? I don’t want to do any less in my job, I want to do more in my career and I believe so far I have been doing great and I will keep doing that.

 What drives & motivates you? Just a simple my manager simply the definition of motivation, always given me challenge and at the same time given advise how to overcome problems. 

 What are three career lessons you’ve learned thus far? Respect, Punctuality, Patience the three words in my heart when I am working with my team, that my manager has taught me with the flow. 

 What are your biggest professional challenges? Difficulty working with multi-cultural colleagues with different style, but over the few moths I have learnt how to overcome or just say I am going

 What is your motto or personal mantra? To be the very best in what I do and giving a good challenge to the very challenge itself.

 What advice would you give to our new team members? Don’t get    demotivated, don’t lose hope look at me few months ago I was just waiter but today I am the proud Employee of the month in Huvafen Fushi      Maldives. So dream come true and keep dreaming.  


 Heart of the HousePicture6.png

Shafee has been doing  breakfast shift without any complain and maintains the standard. He is always  available for destination dining, sandbank lunch, etc. He is flexible with the time and work designated


What’s the best thing about winning the tittle Team Member of the Month?  The feeling of appreciated for the work.

 What has been your favorite project/experience in Huvafen Fushi thus far?  Every day in Huvafenfushi is a day to highlight for me.

 What would you like to develop so you can be better in your role?  Learn more about pastry.

 What projects/tasks/responsibilities are you looking to do MORE of in the next coming months?  To be more flexibility in work and be thorough with our upcoming new menu.

 What projects/tasks/responsibilities are you looking to do LESS of in the next coming months? I am looking forward to take more responsibilities rather than less.

 What drives & motivates you? Work with my supportive good team every day.

 What are three career lessons you’ve learned thus far? Not to cheat on work. Always do the best in what you do. Have confidence to drive your work .

 What are your biggest professional challenges? Until date I have not faced any big challenges with my co-operative team who is always there in time of need..

 What is your motto or personal mantra? Respect time , be always      punctual at your work.

 What advice would you give to our new team members? If you work with strong will without any shortcuts than you can climb up your career ladder without any ease.


You have proven to everyone what quality work is all about. The wheels of your career are spinning in full speed.  Congratulations! Keep going and don’t hit the brakes now.


MOST POPULAR LEADER OF THE YEAR 2017/2018 VOTING – 13th August 2018

As part of the yearly recognitions Huvafen Fushi introduced a brand new award,  “Leader of the Year” which will be selected every year here after.

All the Management Level Team Members (Excluding Huvafen Strategic Team) are entitled for this esteemed award. Our dream team have a total of 19 Management Level Team Members who has been nominated for the past year until up to date.

An equal chance to all the nominees was opened to do their campaign among the team members, as this is an award to see how popular the leaders are among the team members and is not based solely upon their work performances.


HR developed an online voting poll for all the team members to caste their votes for their most favorite leader among the nominees which was opened this morning starting 10am till 5pm.

75% of the Team Members casted their votes. The whole team is looking forward to know the result of the poll, the winner is going to be announced during our upcoming Annual Party, which is scheduled on the 30th of August 2018.

A very Special thank you need to be conveyed to JOODH / HR Coordinator who brought live the idea to an online voting which was first brought to us by our Director of Operations, Mr. Ibrahim Inaz and developed the online voting poll for an unbiased voting for our team members.

The voting was finished with much support from all team members, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere created.


We wish all the nominated Leaders all the very best, and may the most popular leader win.


21st August 2018

With Eid overhead, along with a very busy day to day operations, Huvafen dream team has been planning, and preparing for the day of Eid.

Starting from the detailed decoration covering our Malaafai and staff walk way, the eid prayer, and to the special breakfast and lunch buffet to the late afternoon cultural parade, every event showcased how much effort and preparation our team members has put into making this Eid a memorable celebration.


The Eve of Eid, our team put in valuable hours of time to decorate Malaafai for the following day, with almost all hand crafted decors by the team members.

After Eid prayer, our leaders distributed an Eid welcome drink of Kurumba to all the attendees of Eid Prayer, along with a special breakfast by our dream chefs.

Lunch was again well organized by the chefs, with a sumptuous menu, and carvings of vegetable displays, and creative bread displays as well as a delicious dessert buffet to end the lunch with a sweet note for our dream makers.

It was a delightful start to the day of Eid, and let’s look forward to the next chapter of the day.


21st August 2018

The very Auspicious and distinctive Eid al-Adha, has welcomed upon us today.

Our Dream makers had planned and created a  wonderful mark of this celebration for our guest’s and the whole dream team today. Eid al-Adha being the biggest celebration observed in Maldives, it has since era’s been making a presence in Maldivian Culture and tradition.Picture14.png

Huvafen’s wonderful team has therefore made a  humongous effort, to showcase a little bit of this tradition to our in-house guests as well as the whole dream team.

The late afternoon event was started with music, dancing to the beat of Boduberu, which is a traditional Maldivian drum, that is used to play a mix of songs and dance beats and music for both men and women to perform. Followed by the drummers, the team presented ‘Bodumas’, which is a big Tuna made entirely out of coconut leaves that highlights the rich fishing waters around the Maldives. Bodumas as like tradition was joined by another traditional game, ‘Maali Erun’, a costume parade with people dressed as devils and legends.Picture15.png

And of course we had an amazing group of talented dancers, dancing to the beat of the ever  famous boduberu of Maldives.


The parade was taken to our beautiful stingray beach, where the team displayed the art of all these cultural dances and games, with a lot of fun dance moves, opened for our guests to join as well.


The dance group presented a synchronized dance of ‘Langiri’, a traditional dance performed with wooden sticks, which was organized just for this Eid.


It was a joyous and celebratory day for all our dream makers, and providing a little insight into our tradition for the guests to enjoy and participate as well.




Celebration of Eid is not a one day function for us Maldivians!.. Likewise, on 22nd August the second day of Eid, our team enthusiastically accepted the invitation to play a friendly volleyball match against Baros Maldives.


Inaugurated by our Director of Operations Mr. Ibrahim Inaz and General Manager of Baros Maldives, Mr. Ahmed Jihad, the friendly match was played at the Multipurpose Court of Baros Maldives. With two strong teams to compete, it was a contest of luck to be gambled. Unfortunately our dream team lost the match 3-1, to Baros Maldives, but our players showed an exceptional sportsmanship like always.


Congratulations Baros Maldives for winning this title for the Eid, we look forward to the next match, and until then team, lets keep our spirit up, and build up our game one notch high for the next one!. Well played team, and thank you all the supporters who joined to encourage our players!



23rd August 2018, Yesterday being the third and final day of Eid Celebration in our dream island, HR and float organized a special water sport evening open for all our team members. Available team members took their time to come and join the float team in a horrifying but amusing ride on the fun tube. It was a beautiful day for an evening out in the sea, and like always water-sport had their gears available for our team members enjoyment.


Thank you float for taking your time to provide our team members with a fun evening. And with this fun ride, we wrap this years Eid al-Adha here at Huvafen Fushi, but we wish once more, a very happy and prosperous Eid for you all.


Mini Olympics – 14th Anniversary Celebrations 

We Are finally in the wonderful start of our 14th Anniversary celebrations of our dream island.

The start-has been a very exhilarating 4 hours of gathering with our dream makers at stingray beach, conducting the arranged Mini Olympics between the four selected teams with names given from Huvafen Fushi Brand Traits, #DynamicConnoisseur#SeductiveEmbrace#PassionatelyDiscreet and #FearlessImagination.


It was a sight to behold at the Mini Olympics at how much our team members had encouraged and supported each other, to take part and give their best in each game, but mostly to enjoy themselves.


Mini Olympics included various fun activities such as beach relay, dance on the cloth, water color, finding the coins, turn around and score a goal and finally the deciding round of tug of war to finalize the winning team.


As informed before, between each game, the raffle draw has been taken with of course prizes worthy of value distributed among the draw winners. With 130 draws taken at sting ray beach, our team members, enjoyed a very thrilling afternoon with much competency among the four teams. The rest of the 55 draws was taken at dinner time at our canteen Malaafaiy.40269999_2247721141924428_1215174396977610752_o.jpg

As for any competition there can only be one winner, and the winning team for this celebratory Mini Olympics will be announced at our Anniversary party on 30th of this month.

The team spirit that has been shown today has been applaudable! It always is a pleasure to see the enjoyment and team spirit between our dream makers!

Team, Thank you for your time and support in making this a very very successful start to out celebration!.

Congratulations to all the raffle draw winners, and lets look forward to the event on 30th night.

14th Anniversary – Annual Party

What a splendid celebration has it been for the 14th Anniversary of our Dream island!…


From 28th August till the night of 30th August Huvafen celebrated its 14th year anniversary, with colors, music, and especially with the exemplary togetherness of our dream makers, showing an example of the bond between every department for the success Huvafen has today.

The Anniversary party was set up at our beautiful stingray beach, decorated to match the theme of the party ‘black and white’. Starting with a very special Gala Dinner arranged by our masterminds behind the kitchen, our wonderful team of chefs’, it was the perfect start to the evening. With variety of live cooking stations, of cuisines from around the globe, our chefs managed to deliver the best of dinners our team could have.


With an exciting countdown from our Director of Operations, Mr. Inaz, the party was opened with enthusiasm into the night for all the items on the agenda. Our MC’s for the night with much gratification need to be said was again two of our dream makers, Elleine from HR and Afrah from BD, who showed amazing talent and made sure the party was hosted to perfection.


On stage, director of operations gave a report about the updates of the previous year and an insight into the upcoming year, which was then followed by a presentation from BD highlighting the major sales at the moment into the next year. The moment our team members was waiting was then hosted next following the presentations.

DSC_4715.jpgThe awarding ceremony! For the mini Olympics and the deserving team members of the previous year. A total of seven grand awards were given, which included longs service award, most popular leader of the year, team member of the year for face the house, and team member of the year for heart of the house, supervisor of the year, guest excellence award and finally top seller award.

All the nominees for these awards were called on stage and certificates issued recognizing their tremendous dedication to Huvafen’s success. Congratulations all the nominees and the winners of all the awards!. you all are well deserving, and as mentioned before, deciding the winner for the management has been a challenge this year, as none of you left any space for error in your role. Congratulations again!.


Following awards, the departmental performances were then started, in which every department show cased their wonderful talent. It’s such a pleasure to see the team members enthusiastic energy that has been delivered even through such a busy operation currently.

In between these performances 10 grand prizes wire given through a raffle draw to 10 lucky dream makers. Thank you sponsors for your support in providing us with these prizes!


Like any competition of course one department can only win for their performance, and this year front office shot the ball right out of court with their amazing story behind the performance!

Congratulations guys, and teams well done for all the effort everyone has put in for their acts!.

The last on agenda for the night was opening the dance floor to the team which hosted by none other than DJ Paidey!. It was the perfect end to the night with a good DJ to fill the mood with!

The Anniversary celebration would not have been a success without the help from the dream makers. So an immense thank you to all and every department for making the celebration happen with so much success.


Congratulations to all the winners of the night once again and Thank you dreamers for the amazing work that you do for our dream island!.

Appreciation Gathering for the Dream Makers at Beach Pavilion   

Appreciation is the greatest reward that stays along the line of work.

A great deal of hard work and great minds were behind the success of our 14th Anniversary Celebration. Human Resource Department with the support from Management arranged a gathering In order to appreciate the work of our Dream Makers who excelled beyond expectation during this celebrations.



Our General Manager JC himself with some of the leaders attended this gathering to address these Dream Makers and distribute appreciation letters at our beach pavilion.


Unfortunately not every team member could attend because of the very busy operation, however none of your hard work goes unnoticed.


Thank you each and every individual who took time from their busy schedule and put an amazing effort to make the celebration of the anniversary a grand success.





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