Dear Islanders,

Marc Reader

Warmest Greetings and I hope all of you are doing well!

Finolhu is always improving the guests’ experience, which is one reason why so many guests choose to return to our beautiful island playground. The month of September has started with something bubbling in paradise for all of our guests.

Earlier this month, Finolhu launched the first ever ‘Beach Bubble’ Tent in the Maldives on a secluded stretch of the famed Fish & Crab Shack sandbank as the newest craze of Destination Dining experience. The Beach Bubble is available exclusively for incredibly romantic, one-night-only ‘Dream Eclipse’ experiences under the stars, from sunset to sunrise (Check in from 7pm and check out at 9am) inclusive of a private Beach BBQ and breakfast on the water’s edge of the beach. I am thrilled to share that we receive fabulous feedback from our clienteles and tour operators from time to time.

Who else is excited for the new and improved islander’s bar? It’s time to crawl out from under that rock, because it sounds like it’s going to be “Fill ‘n’ Chill”! The bar will feature some classics and inventive cocktails and mocktails with a local twist including other hot and cold beverages. There’s surely something for everyone. Fill ‘n’ Chill is now open six times a week (closed on Fridays) starting on the 29th September from 9pm to 1am. In future, there will also be a limited food menu of “small bites”.

We recently had our first ever big group wedding consisting of 8 couples c/o Cheer U islands. These 8 couples shared how they gave their biggest day a quirky spin which is accurately fitting for our brand trait “Quirky and Proud. All in all, we had a great time creating the custom wedding arrangement for them despite the adverse weather. A huge thanks to one and all who helped out making the event a huge success!

Medtronics Group is making another comeback this year on the third week next month. Last year, it’s a President Club tour for 2017 where 14 different winners will come with their spouse and delegates are from different parts of the world. This was an original piece of business given by one of our strongest partners, Pearl Travel.

Another month in our little island playground just starts and the outlook is excellent, reliable progress of the business and occupancy, the weather continues to deliver brilliant sunshine and calm, clear waters and all our many guests enjoying their well-deserved holiday here with us.

Have a great month of October ahead and thank you all for your continuous support.

Until next time,

Marc Reader
Resort Manager



Introducing the first ever bubble at the Grooviest island in Maldives – Finolhu! Experience the Bubbilicious destination experience in paradise on your next stay with us and be wowed by what surrounds it. Make it your dome from sunset to sunrise.



IMG_4398It was a very special Groovy night on September 15th when all the Islanders celebrated the famous monthly Jalsa to recognize our progress and reward our ROMs, but also in order to celebrate the opening of our Islanders bar – “Fill n’ Chill”.

Owned and managed by HR department, we can now all order some drinks, cocktails, mocktails, coffee, listen to music, play cards… And very soon, we will be able to order some small bites along with the beverages as well! The best way to chill after duty!


amfAR Event – Splendid Maldives

Fortune Fountain Capital visited us last end of August until first week of September as a thanksgiving to their VIP partners. The group had 3 big events with 2 batches – one cocktail party held at the 360 lounge where guests were welcomed to the resort followed by a gala dinner at Fish & Crab Shack the next day. The second batch had their gala dinner at Baa Haa Grill. Guests were extremely happy with the arrangements made for them and this is the grandest private event to date!

Russian – Brazilian Wedding22

Last 7th September, we had a wedding for our Russian-Brazilian guests.

The  guests had the ceremony at the sandbank and the wedding dinner at Baa Haa Grill.

Cheer U Group WeddingCW1

A group wedding of 8 couples were held at the Sandbank last 21st September. A first of the many to come group weddings from one of our agents, Cheer U Islands. The wedding was originally set on 20th September but due to the weather, we were only able to do it during night time. Guests went to Baa Haa Grill for their dinner.

On the morning of 21st September, we did the whole ceremony once again to take more photos for the guests and for our marketing.


On the 11th of August our islanders enjoyed a night fishing trip organised by the HR team. Without a doubt the islanders who were able to join had a great time as they took a break from their busy schedules!


The Worldwide International Child Care Training

A successful training “THE WORLDWIDE INTERNATIONAL CHILD CARE TRAINING” course has been a strong resource to our team of Oceaneers in Finolhu and Sultan’s village of Amilla Fushi.2

NOW! All of our kids care team members are certified an international level to say we “Kids care team are ready to serve and to look after Kids wellbeing and their safety while families are on the island where parent go away from their kids for all day leaving their kids under the  care of a well-trained  team


All of our team members learned and practiced best exercises to engage with children’s of all age groups.

During these one-week courses our child care team studied about many subjects and role played to give a best Professional cares including game playing, Child care assessments, pedantic first aid etc…

The trainer  from Worldwide Kids and trainees from Amilla Fushi and Finolhu shared  their stories,  increased confidence level, motivation and our team is prepared to is capable  to facilitates a smooth transfer of the knowledge and use them during operation.


We have gained so many resources to help us and understand the concept of social Childcare aspects.

General orientation for the new islanders


Another 2 days General Orientation to welcome onboard 13 new islanders in Finolhu happened on September 03rd and 4th. Spa visit, F&B outlets, back of the house, but of course some general information about the company and each department. Always combine the pleasant and the useful!


Customer Service and Standards Training Transport

On September 06th 2018, our Transport team have been trained on Guest Services with some theoretical and practical information, supported by Atheef, TSMIC Fleet Manager. They are now prepared and ready to deliver the best transport service and safety for all our guest on board!

Fire Awareness Training

We organized basic Fire Awareness Training (4 theoretical and practical sessions) for our Groovy Islanders on 14th and 15th September 2018 with the help of Global Fire Safety Maldives. 32 participants have now been certified and able to react in case of fire emergency! Well done guys!

Management Huddle

Another Groovy Management Huddle happened on 6th September morning with some Yoga stretching from Shinto and a fun Photo Scavenger Hunt around the resort! But it’s without forgetting the brainstorming session to keep improving our Funky operations!

The TSMIC Tree of Life

We have launched a new training for both properties about the Brand Traits, Mission, Vision and Golden Behavior of the company called: The TSMIC Tree of Life.

Those sessions happened on September 17th until 20th in order to deliver and share the corporate spirit among all islanders, proudly representing the brand traits: Groovy Sparkle, Retro Revival, Island Playground and Quirky & Proud. Already 169 islanders have been attended the training!


September 15th 2018-Hithaadhoo & Goidhoo School

On Saturday September 15th 2018, we received 10 students, 4 teachers and 4 parents from Hithaadhoo & Goidhoo Schools to visit our Groovy resort. They were mainly interesting about Back of the House (Engineering and Housekeeping) but we showed them around the whole resort: Islanders areas, The Cove Club and the guest gym, all F&B outlets, Oceaneers and Thunderball.

They enjoyed their lunch break at the Diner and experienced a bed arrangement in a Villa after getting a warm welcome from Marc Reader and F&B team with some juices and pastries.

Some of the students might come back as guests or why not as interns to keep maintaining the island playground spirit. Best of luck to all of them!

September 16th 2018-Baa Atoll School 


After a Blissful visit in Amilla two months ago, we received in Finolhu 10 students from Baa Atoll School on Sunday September 16th 2018, with their 3 teachers. This time, they were mainly interesting about F&B Service, Kitchen and Stewarding, highlighted following skills: how to prepare a cost sheet when preparing a menu, how to set a table, wastage management, how to apply and monitor good health and safety practices. They had the opportunity to have guest experiences upon arrival and at lunch in the main dining restaurant. Thank you all for your involvement and good luck for their studies!



Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has celebrated World Tourism Day as international observances on September 27.

As the World Tourism day was on 27th of September our islanders celebrated this special day with a multi-cultural dinner and a delicious cake prepared by our awesome F&B Kitchen team!

Beata Aleksandrowicz’s visit to The Cove Club

Beata Aleksandrowicz is a therapist, healer, writer, teacher, inspirational speaker and an expert in the field of massage and healing. She has dedicated the last 17 years to educate people on the importance of touch, massage and spiritual growth. She extensively studied energy work and become a Theta Healing Practitioner and Instructor. She goes by the philosophy of “Massage is a natural medicine health and prevention”. She is dedicated to giving quality and powerful body pure massages which are based on wellness and health a combination of Eastern and Western techniques addressing the natural rhythms and self-healing of the body.


It was an honor to welcome her back again to THE COVE CLUB earlier this month whereby she revised and trained new therapists on anatomy & physiology, self-care techniques and other different topics on growth as a therapist.

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