AMILLA FUSHI – October 2018



Dearest Islanders,

Blissful Greetings to all!

We’ve finally approached the last quarter of the year and started to feel the busy festive season. It’s with great enthusiasm that our leaders are adding their final touches to the festive calendar activities to mark the celebrations with higher notes. This year it’s going to be more rich and amazing for all of us!

Exciting moments ahead, as we look forward to welcoming our guests, many for the first time and aficionados returning to celebrate this very special occasion with us.

Recently, Amilla was also privileged to host the King of Nepal and family with close friends. A reward and a great sign of trust from such high level and notable guests! They were all impressed by our dedication and commitment. Each and every Islander have been an essential part to make this happened, of course with great service and intuitive generosity of all Amilla islanders.

It is also our great pleasure to welcome our TVEC students for their practical engineering exercise at the resort, first batch of students have successfully completed their 3 weeks course exclusively trained and assisted by our well talented Amilla Engineers. Let’s wish them a great success on their journey!

Join me in congratulating our award-wining Chefs and Bartender who participated in the recent Hotel Asia Culinary Competition in Male. The Amilla family has been very proud for your achievements! Well done Champions!

Islanders were also engaged in different activities, such as Huddle, TSMIC Tree of life sessions, Fun Challenge, Friendly football match and cricket match with our sister property-Finolhu as we wish to optimize on our islanders activities before we approach the busy Festive Season.

The preparation for our Amilla Islanders yearly event is also underway.. It’s going to be a Disco Night and let’s get ready to party soon!

My sincere appreciation for all your genuine efforts and participation in making Amilla shines as usual!

Let’s keep the hard-work going!


Jean Noël
Resort Manager


Rockstar WinnerRock Star Winner – Saji Peter (Demi Chef)

Uncle Saji as every guest calls him. He works at Joe’s Pizza in Baazaar Restaurant. He is  consistent in his pizza quality not only to guests but to the islanders as well. He always shows great smile and professionalism at work (rain or shine) either with guests or islanders and regardless if he is loaded with orders (6 pizzas) at the same time. He produces average of 50 to 70 pizzas a day, non-stop and in full speed and yet the consistency of pizza quality remains the same. He has so many great stories from Amilla and Finolhu guests that he normally shares to the team when visiting him at Pizzeria.

Super Hero Winner

Super Hero Winner – Ayu Sukeryini (Kitchen Coordinator) 

Ayu is the heart of kitchen department. She treats all our team with respect and grace, and has a sympathetic ear for all the drama of the daily life in the kitchen (64 islanders). She is truly a heart of gold when it comes to our team. She expects nothing in return, just do it with professionalism and quickly. She did an amazing job when she created a tracking sheet for all accumulated leave days,  which helped the kitchen team to reduce their leave days. She supports the team anytime, even midnight in case there’s an issue with flight, boat movement and vacation. She makes the transfers every day with the correct figures, generating a proper control of expenses and strongly helping the department to reduce food cost. She communicates all the information that is needed for the kitchen to flow the operation smoothly.

Gm Service Charge - Sept

Amilla Family is delighted to share the “Amilla Thari (September)” to our dedicated and passionate islanders from Gardening Team!


In the first week of October, we were proud to host the King of Nepal, his family and some friends on our Island Home.

During the stay they had a number of special visits, excursions and culinary experiences prepared for them in order for them to get the best possible experience while with us.

They mentioned on departure what a great stay they had and how happy they were to have come to Amilla Fushi – we certainly hope to be able to welcome them back again in the future.


IMG_4762During the month of October, we had the pleasure of welcoming as a visiting hero Toby Maguire who brought along his expertise in Chinese Healing and Medicine.

The traditional Chinese medicine is based on the belief that the Qi, our body’s vital energy, flows in the body through channels, called meridians, connected to bodily organs and functions.

Using various mind and body practices, Toby works on his clients to treat or preventIMG_4763 health problems and to bring harmony between two opposing yet complementary forces, called yin and yang, and therefore supports health and reduce the disease resulting from an imbalance between the two.

Toby’s most popular treatments in Amilla were the Acugraph analysis (a computerized tool able to assess the energetic status of the meridians through touching various acupuncture points with a moistened tool) and the Auriculatherapy (stimulation of specific points of the body using an electrical stimulation applied onto reflex points of the ear).

Together with these, Toby has been performing Hypnotherapy, Chi Abdominal massage and Qi Gong too, all practices that aim at bringing awareness and balance in the body.

Toby’s intuitive approach and effective techniques raised great interest among the staff and many islanders took the opportunity to experience his work!


We are very grateful to Toby for the knowledge that he brought to the team and for leaving us with few good tools and tips to a healthier lifestyle!!


In October for 6 days, October 7th to 14th, we invited all of our islanders from all departments and all levels to come and have their say in this year’s Islander Engagement Survey. For the survey, everyone was asked to grade their ranking on areas of engagement and leadership and share suggestions and ideas of what more we could be doing at Amilla Fushi as a business and community.

Over the 6 days we achieved 100% participation from everyone who was on the island over that time and we’re looking forward to seeing the results and moving forward as a team with some great new ideas on creating even more engagement within our Amilla Fushi Family.


So on October 11th the Brand Traits House Rich Experiences hosted this month’s Fun Challenge with 3 teams and all 4 Brand Trait Houses participating. The afternoon started with Walk the Plank, with the teams having to walk the course at Amilla Arena in sync in order to beat the other teams. Following this the teams were showing their speed in the Football Challenge.

We followed this with a fun activity of filling the bucket using only domestic sponges – fastest teams as well as water absorption were the elements necessary to win this round. The Flour Game got everyone messy – teams had to pass the flour from one to another over their heads to be the ones to fill their containers and as you can imagine more flour ended up on the participants than in the containers. And the final game of the day for the teams saw them competing in a relay race of sack race, 3-legged race, stepping stones and wheelbarrow race.

The victors for the day were TEAM IDYLLIC ESCAPE, scoring the highest points of the day, the joint team of RICH EXPERIENCES AND NATURAL ALLURE coming second with INTUITIVE GENEROSITY coming in 3rd place.

November we will see NATURAL ALLURE host the games, let’s see what they have in store for us.


Our sister resort, Finolhu Football Team visited us on 17th October for a friendly football match with our Amilla Team. Finolhu Team won the match with scores 2 – 0.


Another Blissful Management Huddle happened on October 18th morning with some balancing movement and Qi Gong with Toby Maguire, our visiting practitioner and a Brand Traits Photo Scavenger Hunt around the resort! But that’s not forgetting the healthy breakfast and the brainstorming session to keep improving our Idyllic operations!

Great participation from all departments as well as having all Brand Trait Houses represented. See you in November for more Huddle Fun.


On 15th and 16th of October, 21 more Islanders have attended General Orientation. Program wise: mainly corporate information, policies and procedures from HR, and Security, but also a lot of fun! Stretching activity from Kamal, quizzes, ice breaking activities, coffee breaks, resort visit… Check out the pictures and warm welcome to all new Islanders to Island Home!


0-02-06-0b6ac6aa620b18df47ea6900e39c9d776cce9b38db1a2d3853712c38c01c3491_67561058On October 23rd we hosted a fun day of product knowledge quizzes between the departments from 10am until 6pm. Open to all members of the team from line level to AHOD (levels 10 to 5) while HOD and Executive levels went to cheer and support their teams! Teams were quizzed on product knowledge related to Amilla Fushi, Finolhu, Huvafen Fushi and TSMIC using the Kahoot! App for all of the quizzes.

0-02-06-22c6b4287bad0a2a8eb89a247b62fe7e179b9f1dd67193edc4dc802b7e2c27f7_33389e49In round 1 teams played in knock out rounds answering 10 questions, the Quarter Finals saw the teams facing up against 15 questions, in the Semi Finals they had to make it through 20 questions as well as picture questions in this round, and the Grand Final to see who would be crowned the Amilla Masterminds saw the last 2 teams of the day answering 25 questions to try to win.

Well done to all participant for this great brain teamwork and Congratulations to ADMIN team for their win, to RECREATION for making it to the final and to all of the teams who really worked hard and made the day a wonderful event!


During October, for 3 weeks, we were delighted to welcome 5 students from Kihaadhoo TVEC school for their practical training with our engineering team. We welcomed Mohamed Faruhaan, Musab Abbas, Ali Najih, Mohamed Yanaal and Ali Shafeeg for the 3 weeks where they experienced real life application of their area of study with our team of AC technicians, Mechanics and Electricians.

They quickly started adding value to the team and being of great help in the different areas where they were training and have become, in a very short time, a part of the Amilla Fushi Family.

We wish all of our wonderful students the very best of luck for their future and hope to see them back in Amilla Fushi with us in the future.


In blissful Amilla, 2018 Halloween we have started to prepare for this scary season since the beginning of October. And we are in the final week before the celebration is in full swing, we’re celebrating a very fun colorful Halloween from October 30th to 1st November for both our guests and islanders.


Great achievement recently by Amilla Fushi Culinary Team especially “Chef Don, Chef Subhajit, Chef Novia” who won medals in 5 categories of cooking challenge at Hotel Asia Culinary Competition.

Winner 1st place Gold Medal – Hot Cooking Fish Fillet
Silver Medal – Hot Cooking Beef
Bronze Medal – Hot Cooking Poultry
2nd place Bronze Medal – Hot Cooking Fish Fillet
Bronze Medal – Young chef Challenge


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