Message from the Resort Manager

Dearest Islanders,

Happy New Year to all!

What an amazing year of 2018! I am so proud that we made it this far and now embarking on our fifth year of exciting journey together.

I would like to take this opportunity, to appreciate each and everyone’s effort for making this year’s FESTIVE a remarkable one for our notable guests.

December has been the most challenging and fascinating month, but I must say with all your dedication, teamwork and full support, we have delivered a special week of celebrations to our guests. Our visiting heroes, performers and entertainers felt supported and welcomed to our Island Home! They have all been touched by your continuous hospitality and emotionally connected to our community.

The whole experience was world class, exceptional and seamless!

KUDOS to everyone!

You’ve set the standard to greater heights and our lovely guests, families are already looking forward to celebrating next year’s FESTIVE with us-

all because of you. 

Once again, we wish you, your family and loved ones another fruitful year ahead!


Jean Noël
Resort Manager

General Orientation

Welcome home to 13 new Islanders who have been attending the General Orientation on 1st and 2nd December. New Islanders learned about the main corporate information, TSMIC Tree of Life and Brand Traits, policies and procedures from HR, Security information, but also a lot of fun! Quizzes, ice breaker activities, coffee breaks, back and front of house tours… Check out the pictures and join us in warmly welcoming our new Islanders to our Island Home!

Amilla Fushi Triathlon

On 3rd December to get our anniversary celebrations started, we arranged a Brand Traits Houses Triathlon. All 4 houses were represented by 10 participants who took part in the games. We had 4 swimmers from each house doing relay laps in the main marina, this was followed by 2 participants from each house cycling around the island, finishing off with 4 runners from each house completing 500 meters each in relay fashion to try to get to the finish line first. Intuitive Generosity (Green Team) got off to a strong start in the swimming taking the lead. Once the cycling started both Rich Experiences (Yellow Team) and Natural Allure (Blue Team) started to come back into the race. It was only finally decided in the last section of the race with the runners from Intuitive Generosity sprinting to the finish first to claim the victory. What a great afternoon for all of our island athletes.

Lucky Draw – 4th and 5th December

In the run up to our 4th year anniversary the resort arranged for a Lucky Draw to take place from our islander restaurant IceGe during lunch time on both the 4th and 5th of December.

With 290 islanders eligible to try and win a prize we did the draw over the 2 days with 145 prizes being awarded each day meaning that each and every one won a prize. All of the names were then added again for the top 11 prizes on the night of the anniversary party. Prizes ranged from TVs to rice cookers to cash vouchers and many more.

High Tea for Roohu of the Year Nominees

Every month we recognised our Rock Star (Front of House operations) and Super Hero (Back of House operations) for their contribution to their department and the resort. In December in preparation for the anniversary party, we hosted a High Tea where all of these winners from October 2017 to November 2018 were invited to meet the Amilla Fushi senior leadership team to tell us why we should give them their vote for Rock Star and Super Hero of the Year.

The High Tea was hosted in EBC with attendance from all of the hopeful candidates giving them the opportunity to tell us about themselves as well as mingle with the management team before the voting commenced. Best of luck to all of the candidates and the lucky winners will be announced on the anniversary party night.

Brand Trait Fun Challenge

On 4th December, continuing our anniversary build up, we were delighted to have the final Fun Challenge of the year being hosted by Idyllic Escape. All the teams were playing hard for the points as these could help decide the House that would win the Brand Traits House Cup at the upcoming anniversary party.

Amilla Disco Party – 4th Anniversary

The team celebrated in style on 6th December to recognize our 4th anniversary with a trendy Disco Party. Islanders were encouraged to dress up in fashion from the disco era to try to claim the prize of best dressed for male and female categories. The night was started with our resident duo and co-hosted by our Talent Development & Quality Assurance Manager Ailish with the Entertainment Manager from Finolhu Naufal. Many special recognitions were given throughout the night such as; Rock Star of the Year going to Ayu from Spa, Super Hero of the Year going to Basheer from IT and the Guest Excellence Award being won by Shifaz from F&B for the most guest mentioned on TripAdvisor and in the guest satisfaction surveys for the 12 months.

Goma Group were a highlight of the night dancing for the crowd during the event as well as having all 4 Brand Traits Houses show their talent with performances from each House with Idyllic Escape winning the award for Best Performance of the night. Natural Allure House won the Brand Traits House Cup for the first time for the most points won from the 4 Fun Challenges from September to December. We also awarded the final 11 top prizes of our Lucky Draw. The night was a huge success with DJ Ivan taking the party to the next level and with member from our sister property Finolhu also in attendance.

See you next year for an even bigger night when we celebrate our 5th anniversary!

Amilla Disco Night – 4th Anniversary Party

Guest Excellence Award 2018

Rockstar of the Year 2018

Superhero of the Year 2018

Management WHY Huddle

On 12th and 13th December we had our special “WHY” management huddle for 2 groups of our leaders to really get the focus on the inspiration and drive that helps us to get our best results at the resort.

These sessions, attended by 66 of our leaders from all departments, was led by our CEO and Curator Mark Hehir with great group discussions and brain storming taking place from all of our participants.

Island Cleaning and Road Leveling

In the preparation for a busy festive season, islanders from multiple departments participated in both island cleaning and road leveling every afternoon for 1 week in order to ensure that our Island Home was looking as beautiful as possible for our upcoming festive time. Hours of work were put into bringing white sand to level the guest roads as well as cleaning and fixing up all of the guest areas. A big thank you to everyone from the different departments who put in all of the hard work, it really was a great achievement.

December Jalsa

As we were approaching the festive season the final Jalsa for 2018 obviously had a Christmas Theme. With Spa, Admin and Business Development co-hosting the preparations it was sure to be a great event and of course they didn’t disappoint. The location selected was Kobabaa and the decoration and set up was immaculate. Santa of course stole the show making an early Christmas appearance for the islanders. We presented the Roohu of the Month awards for November 2018 with Lesley from F&B Service winning the Rock Star of the month award and Clemence from Talent Development winning the Super Hero prize. HR Department stole the GM’s service charge for the month giving them their second win in 2018 and the islanders were also presented to a special festive surprise from our CEO and Curator Mark Hehir of a gift worth US$7,000 for TV set up boxes to be given to the islanders in their accommodation.

The hosts of the night added their extra touch to the night with a very special dance performance to lead us into a pre-festive celebration for the completion of Jalsa for 2018.   

Jalsa – November 2018 Awards and Recognition

Rock Star Winner – Jayasinghe Lesley (Bartender)

Lesley not only received incredible compliments from our guests on the Satisfaction survey and Trip.

Advisor, he always thrives for excellence and everything he does. He is a valuable element for the Food and Beverage team and deserve to be recognized for his hard work and genuine generosity.

Super Hero Winner – Clemence Duvent (Learning & Development Assistant)

During the month of November Clemence went the extra mile in stepping in and assisting our colleagues in HR areas such as recruitment and HR admin with additional tasks in order to ensure the smooth running of the areas and completion of tasks on time in other areas. This included the launch of a Ladies Group for activities on the island that she is leading. Clem is always ready to step in and give a helping hand and has been a great support in her own role in the L&D team. She is taking on more responsibilities and will be starting to take on more in terms of training delivery and assisting with quality visits and reports.  

Best Up Sellers – November 2018

Welcome Home New Islanders

Permanent Islanders – 2 Years Anniversary

“ Festive Celebrations”

Daily Special Turndown for In House Guests during Festive

Caviar Savouring at Feeling Koi

Thai Cooking Class at Wok in Bazaar

Maldivian Night at EBC with traditional setup  

Christmas Eve’s Dinner at Fresh Restaurant

Culinary team prepared special dishes for Islanders at IceGe, celebrating Christmas Day in Amilla Fushi

Special Dinner for Christmas at Icege

On December 25th to ensure our busy islanders were able to celebrate the festive cheer, our amazing culinary team organised a special Christmas dinner in the islander restaurant IceGe. They pulled out all the stops to really make sure the evening was celebrated in style with live cooking stations, extravagant desserts and mouth-watering delicacies for everyone to enjoy.    

Festive Time at Amilla Fushi– December 2018

‘Amilla Tribe’ descend on the island with more than 3 weeks of unlimited fun and activities, kids pirate day, treasure hunt, kids yoga, culinary sessions with chef, Christmas tree lighting, Santa arrival parade, four days football camp, kids and teens fashion parade for couples, kids and families are some to highlight . This Festive is one of the best and most successful festival which Amilla Fushi presented. Lots of excellent feedback!

Christmas Cocktail and Tree Lighting

December 24th saw us really getting into the Christmas spirit with our Christmas Eve for a special cocktail party and tree lighting. We were delighted with the carol singing of our little guests and this set the tone for a fun and exciting Christmas celebration for everyone on the island  

Santa’s Arrival Parade to Amilla Fushi

A beautiful deco on the day of 25th at Amilla Marina featured a troop of decorated vessels bringing Santa Clause to Amilla Fushi, with over 70 children and their parents had an amazing experience.

AMILLA 417 Football Camp by Tim Cahill

Children from 4 to 17 years participated in Amilla417 football camp hosted by Tim Cahill. Over 50 kids participated in this technical four days training camp, kids from Amilla Fushi, Finolhu and Baa Atoll School had a fantastic experience, with many wanting to join the Easter and Festive camps for 2019.

Kids and Teens Fashion Parade with Twilight Affair

Kids participated in various activities throughout Festive and one of the highlights was the Festive Fashion Parade with kids of all ages coming on stage to strut their stuff showing us their beach wear, casual wear and evening wear.

New Year’s Eve Countdown

To wrap up the year in style, our islanders were invited to our EBC beach to watch the fire work show. There was a great turn out of islanders from different departments celebrating the start of the New Year together on the beach front. Following on from that we arranged a special countdown at Kobabaa for everyone at midnight Male time, 2am island time where all of the islanders could come together and ring in the New Year together with our own DJ Subu playing for us for the night. Wishing everyone a prosperous and blissful 2019!

From the editorial desk, Happy New Year to all our lovely Islanders!

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