Message from the Resort Manager

Dearest Islanders,

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

I trust that we all welcomed the New Year in good spirits with all our islanders, friends and families.

January 2019 for sure has been a great start for us on many grounds: First, we are all extremely happy that we have made our budget for the first month of the year! Our service charge equally has attained the sum of $1000, which is inspirational and rewarding for all the hard work that has been achieved in the past month.

Thanks to your total commitment and dedication, especially during this busiest time of the year, followed by amazing reviews and feedback from our notable guests, our reputation is growing hence attracting more interests and business on our books.

In February, we are going to be equally busy with many of our guests from the Asian Continent visiting for their family holidays and the spring festival. An array of activities and events is scheduled to mark the Lunar New Year on the 5th February. In the coming months, we will continue with our subtle enhancements of our offers, product and services.  Our pool and beach service will be upgraded with a beach bar offering efficient and remarkable touches to our discerning guests. The EBC will be revamped with new dining furniture, the coffee shop will be upgraded with Coffee section, Juices, Smoothies and Shakes. The Wellness Café, a new addition to the Javvu Spa, will add a richer experience to the Spa Journey. The latest in the series of innovation, will be the Sky House with the bubble, whose construction is about to start in February.

As stated in all our brand communications and briefings, we pledge to become one of the most competitive and leading resort in the market. We are committed to continuous improvement of our products, delivering rich experiences to our guests and highly determined to the safety, security and wellbeing of all our guests. Your continuous hardwork is phenomenal.  Big Thank You to all of you!

Wishing you a year fully loaded with great rewards, achievements, prosperity and happiness.


Jean Noël

Resort Manager

“ Twilight Affair at 1OAK in Feeling Koi”

“ Kids making Pizza  at Joe’s Pizza following weekly activity calendar for in house kids”

“ Australian Day at Amilla – Culinary Team prepared special turndown for in house guests ”


Did you know that breathing, one of the most basic functions of the human body, not only fuels the body with oxygen, it can also clear a foggy mind, strengthen the muscles, release non-beneficial habits and dissolve negative emotions yet only very few people learn how to breathe in a way that allows the body to function the way it should?

And did you know that if you consume protein in excess, the extra protein will not be stored as protein but converted to and stored as fat?

Our Visiting Heroes Dave and Dela are here to reveal all the secrets about Breathwork and nutrition!

They have brought their knowledge and expertise to Javvu Spa and are collaborating with our team to educate our guests and provide tangible life-changing experiences.

Through Breathwork and energy transmission Dela facilitates emotional trauma release and energetic realignment, enabling her clients to release deeply stored trauma, non-beneficial habits, destructive lifestyle patterns, and dissolve perceptional negative emotions, resulting in a life-transforming emotional & mindset shift together with a quantum leap in personal development, health and happiness

Dave Catudal is an author, celebrity fitness trainer and diagnostic nutritionist who has dedicated the past 15 years of his life to wellness and optimizing human performance.

His specialty in hormone health and anti-aging protocols has helped thousands of people to achieve their holistic wellness and aesthetic physical goals through methods that involve an emphasis on the importance of sustainable nutrition while incorporating daily detoxification and stress reduction techniques.


The first Huddle of the year 2019 happened on January 10th at EBC for our managers and supervisors from all of the departments for some warm up, activities and brain storming. Indeed, this sunny morning saw the team on the beach being led by Kelzang our Yoga instructor through a series of yoga stretches. Following this we had the participants playing the musical “Pass the Parcel” of negative guest comments in order to find the ownership of each action. Then, a “Tug of War” activity to show the physical and mental power inside each of them! We finished off the morning activities with rephrasing some negative quotes into their positive version.

After breakfast, our leadership teams were then split into their respective 4 Amilla Fushi Brand Traits of Natural Allure, Idyllic Escape, Rich Experiences and Intuitive Generosity, each one brainstorming about the 3 buzz words – Ownership, Positive and Powerful.

 Following this session, we did another Huddle on 24th January to keep implementing those 3 buzz words. After some breathing exercises from Dela, one single activity to combine them all : a scavengers hunt race! Every one per team was the owner to lead their team to a specific place without using certain clues but using positive words! Having a powerful mindset to always keep going and competing! Well done Rich Experiences and Idyllic Escape for your efforts!

General Orientation

10 more Islanders have attended the first General Orientation of the year 2019 on January 19th and 20th. Program wise: mainly corporate information, the TSMIC Tree of life, policies and procedures from HR, and Security, but also a lot of fun! Quizzes, scalp massage at Javvu Spa, ice breaking activities, coffee breaks, resort visit… Check out the pictures and warm welcome to all new Islanders to Island Home!

Australia Day

Australia Day was celebrated on 26th January 2019.

To mark the event a special food corner was arranged in IceGe with Australian food

Thank You Party

December has been a very busy month with all the activities organized to make the Festive 2018 successful.

It was an amazing teamwork among all the departments which came together to make it a success.   To show the gratitude for that Festive season and recognizing the hard work of everyone, a ‘Thank You’ party was organized on 28th January combined with our monthly Jalsa.  All Islanders were pampered with a sumptuous dinner at IceGe, live band and ending the night in Kobabaa with DJ Ivan.

Jalsa – December 2018 Awards and Recognition

Rock Star Winner – Hussain Ashraf (Waiter)

He is very flexible person at duty. He always show “Can do” attitude.  When it comes to twilight affair or destination dining setup his creative ideas blow away our guests.

He is looking after home delivery without any supervisor / Manager. Always working extra miles in order to make guest happy.  He take initiative to help outlets whenever needed.

Jalsa – December 2018 Awards and Recognition

Super Hero Winner – Hassan Abdulla (Welfare Supervisor)

During the month of December, we have seen that Hassan & Team took a huge role for the success of our 4th Anniversary Party + Festive Events.

He managed the welfare team in a way which have given full support during the festive events like football camp, helping F&B operation by giving one of the Welfare Attendant as Bar Helper, assisting on Recreation team for their events and also help Islanders events for decoration of IceGe, Kobabaa + running the bar operation during festive.

In addition, we have seen a huge improvement in the cleanliness of Islanders village after his come back and took initiative to make in house dustbin with Ghoni Bags for the village, rather then buying additional bins.

Jalsa – December 2018 Awards and Recognition

Best Up Sellers – December 2018



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