Message from the Resort Manager

JNDearest Islanders, 

Achieving our goal is one of our driving factors in life as it motivates us to work harder each day.

It is seizing all the opportunities presented to us but above all, to remain consciously aware of what is achievable for us as a team. Without teamwork, none of these goals will happen.

Believing in each and everyone’s commitment, I am very proud to say that the month of March has given us much of this opportunity!

As we continue the thrill of being favoured this month, JAVVU SPA made its way having been awarded by LUX LIFE MAGAZINE (UK base) as the ‘Most Outstanding Luxury Destination of the Year 2019’!

Enthusiastically moving forward, Coffee with RM sessions are back starting this month. 5th March was a fabulous start attended by 11 islanders from different departments. “Self-motivation, energy and passion that keep us achieving goals” has been fantastically tackled at the morning talk.

International Women’s Day celebration was something that we shall all be looking back at with smiles and huge happiness as our ladies participated and enjoyed the afternoon of a variety of fun games to celebrate the occasion.

March ended wonderfully with the Volleyball tournament in good fair play and enthusiasm. As I leave my simple thoughts to all islanders, all these are impossible with our unity, looking towards the same vision ahead of us. For the upcoming months, I would like to encourage everyone to keep the same focus, let us all be curious about what more we can do as a team.

Once again, thank you for keeping all our guests happy and for your valuable contribution to the community!


Jean Noël
Resort Manager

Coffee with RM

Coffee with the Resort Manager restarted on 5th March 2019 and it happens weekly with  islanders joining from different departments. Our Resort Manager makes it a must to sit for a coffee with some islanders every Tuesday.  It’s the time for him to get to know the team more and listen to what they have to communicate.


Modern Butlers Training

From 3rd to17th March 2019, we welcomed again Budi from International Institute of Modern Butlers for a Butler training in Amilla Fushi. 15 Katheebs and Katheebas had the great opportunity to participate of this 4 days classroom and practical training in a Villa: setting up a table for breakfast, tea preparation, cigar knowledge, packing and unpacking luggage. Budi gave as well the chance for the previous Katheebs to have a quick refresher training from last year.

On March 17th we had a graduation ceremony with our Resort Manager Jean Noel to support and congratulate their efforts from the training. All 15 islanders are now certified Modern Butlers. Well done team!


Island Cleaning

Our monthly island cleaning was done on 6th March 2019.  We would like to thank all our loyal Islanders who are always present for that event and once again reiterate our invitation for other islanders to join and support us in that monthly activity.

Sky is the Limit Competition

For the launch of the Skyhouse with bubble, a competition was organized with a lucky draw on 6th March 2019 for the Islanders who got all correct answers. Mushthaq from Security was the lucky winner of the one night stay in the Skyhouse.


Women’s Day

On the 8th March 2019,  we celebrated International Women’s Day.  All Amilla ladies were invited for an afternoon tea in EBC with some fun activities

Island Hopping

In view of creating new activities for our islanders, Island hopping was  organized on 11th March 2019 for us to discover other islands nearby. A visit to Kudarikilu was organised and we had very good participation. This activity was much appreciated by the islanders who are looking forward for the next trip

Inter-Departmental Volleyball Final

From 20th – 29th March, we ran a fun and competitive Inter-departmental Volleyball Tournament for the islanders. We saw 8 teams play in the group rounds with Kitchen, Front Office, Housekeeping and Engineering making it to the semi finals.

The final was on 29th March, a battle between Engineering and Front Office where Engineering took the CHAMPIONSHIP title. Stay tuned for our next inter-departmental challenge coming in May.

Mauritius Independence Day

Mauritius Independence day was celebrated on 12th March 2019.  A special food corner was set up in IceGe for lunch with various Mauritian dishes.

Long Service Award

For the first time since the opening of the resort, a long service award was held on 28th March 2019 with High Tea to reward and recognize the Islanders who have completed 3+ years of service with the company. 

We would like to thank the 89 team members who have been rewarded that day for their renewed commitment and loyalty to the company.


Our monthly Jalsa was held on the 28th March 2019 hosted by the Kitchen and Stewarding team.  Once again we had the pleasure of seeing the creativity of our team with the wonderful backdrop arranged for the event and the food stations that was available that night.

Jalsa – February 2019 Awards and Recognition

Rock Star Winner – Jadulla Jameel (Waiter)

Jameel has been a key member of the F&B Team throughout February. His “can do” attitude made the impossible POSSIBLE. Starting from the Valentine’s Day set up (which by itself should be sufficient to vote for him), the team and in particular Jameel worked more than 12 hours that day ensuring a wow experience that not only blew away our guests but also to outshine all the other resorts’ celebrations plans on that day. We can also mention his contribution to Chinese NY and his uncountable POD and AL due to operational obligations.

Jameel is a waiter that delivers exceptional service, mentioned by guests in travel click multiple times and thrives by adding brilliant and creatives ideas to our outlets, he is a strong leader within our waitressing team. Kindly recognize his hard work.

Super Hero Winner – MD Arif Hossain (Staff Village Attendant)

Arif is working with us more than 1 year as Village Attendant. His main task is looking after the cleaning of the islander’s village area.

During the month of February, he took a great effort on maintaining the cleanliness of these areas in absence of one village attendant. With his great passion, he cleans the Mosque and dedicate himself as a prayer caller while our Imaam is on leave.

Transfers & Promotions

2 Years Anniversary

Best Up Sellers – February 2019

Welcome Home New Islanders

Amilla Thari – February 2019

Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2019 was celebrated on the 30th March 2019. To support the cause, several activities were organized throughout  the day. Beach and reef cleaning, upcycling competition and we also burnt the earth hour fire sign when the lights were turned off at 9:30pm. 

Amilla Fushi always works towards protecting the environment and creating awareness for the islanders and guests to keep our environment clean and safe.

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