What Can a Coconut Be?

What a strange question to ask but it is worth thinking about.

We all know that the coconut tree is the tree of life and I am sure that you know that all parts of the coconut tree are useable. But as we clean up Amilla, our island home, we have all seen that we are very fortunate to have an island that is so rich in these life giving plants.

However as we have seen the vast piles of dried coconuts, palm fronds and other parts of the tree that fall (or are cut by our brave coconut guys) it has made me wonder what can we do with these? Why pay to send them off our island?

So I set to research and here are some interesting uses I have found;

• Wood chips – cutting up the husks we can create wood chips, maybe to use for path ways.

• Coir – coconut coir has for many years been used to create rope for use in boating. It is water resistant so last well around water. It is also used to make doors mats and other household items. Did you know that it is also widely used for making mattresses?

• Coco peat – this can be mixed in with compost for gardens. It is very absorbent and holds water during the dry season. It can also be used for growing vegetables with hydroponics.

• The fibre can also be used for growing mushrooms!

• Shells – the beautiful shells can be used to make many items for round the home such as bowls, spoons and jewellery.

• Trunks – while we wouldn’t cut down a coconut tree, they do sometime fall naturally. The trunks can be used to make all number of items such as furniture and the like.

As we move sustainability into the light here at Amilla we would love your ideas on ways that we could use out bounty of coconuts. Please comment below with your brilliant ideas.

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