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Dear Islanders,

I hope that you all had a great month of February. Reflecting back on what we have accomplished together for the past month, there is so much to be proud of, not the least of which is the ongoing dedication and commitment of all team members and our many partners in supporting our vision and mission on a daily basis.

Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day were both wonderfully successful evenings thanks to our Food and Beverage and Oceaneers team.

Stand-Up for Our Seas – A Baa Atoll Initiative by Dr Claire Petros but also in association with Olive Ridley Projects. This expedition has raised awareness of the positive initiatives and changes that are contributing towards the protection of Maldivian marine life. The expedition has also promoted the wonderful endeavors that resorts, NGOs and local communities are already doing to protect their local environment and by doing so contributing to preventing climate change and protecting our oceans from plastic pollution.

There is little doubt that month of March will prove to be equally busy; however, through the collective efforts and support of all islanders, we will fulfill our mission: Curating idyllic island escapes, providing lifelong memories for our valued guests.

In closing, I would like to thank the entire Finolhu family for their continued hard work and adaptability to the numerous changes in meeting our guest demands. I would also like to thank our Strategic Leadership Committee for their commitment and availability, as well as our TSMIC team for their confidence and steadfast support.

I hope that you find our Roohu blog informative and I invite you to come back and visit frequently. We are continually updating our TSMIC Roohu site with new and additional information every month. We greatly welcome your comments and questions so please do not hesitate to contact us for information, assistance, or to make a recommendation of how we can improve.

Yours sincerely,

Marc Reader

Kung Hei Fat Choi – Chinese New Year 2019


Last 4 February 2019, Finolhu guests were in a treat for our celebration of Chinese New Year. Since it’s the year of the pig, the Baa Baa Beach Diner was decked out with pig decorations and Chinese lanterns. The celebration started with a retro red party at Baa Baa Beach Diner beach where a dragon dance welcomed the guests and an amazing show from the Finolhu Performers The night then ended with a fire sign “Gong Xi Fa Cai 2019”


oceaneers Club

One week of celebration with  45 kids in-house joined our various types of activities by discovering the traditions China’s most important holiday

Love Journey at the Sandbank – Valentine’s Day Celebration


A romantic dining experience at the 1 OAK Beach last 14 Feb 2019 with a 5-course menu, a glass of rose and roses for the lady. Guests were serenaded by a sax performance from The Riffs. We also offered a 50% discount on Testulat Rose for the whole day so guests may enjoy this romantic day.

Our in-house band The Riffs and Finolhu performers choreographed a whole show for our guests where they performed side by side. Guests were extremely happy and was amazed by their show.



The day is mostly celebrated by people who are in love including couples that are married or just dating. Oceaneers Team celebrated Valentines day  by sending gift cards  for their parents and rose. Family guest in house are well overwhelmed by their kids when they took them from club and surprised them.

On the other hand, Recreation did a great job by decorating whole guest area with full of hearts starting from the arrival jetty all the way to 1Oak Bar, Activities starts in  morning  Couple Aqua Gym with a complimentary Cocktail and serenade by our In house band with the beautiful love songs. As the day goes, we challenge all the lovers to join our Couple Challenge Games and the winner will get a bottle of champagne.

New signature cocktails training & tasting

Out with the old and in with the new. As we turn over to a new year, we will be launching our new beverage package. Set to be done on the 1st week of March, Bob, our bar manager, did a training & tasting for our F&B team and management this February. IMG-7013

Watch out for our new thirst quenchers!





BEACH CLEANING – by our Islanders

Beach clean-ups are considered to be very important because throwing trash into beaches and the oceans can be better known as pollution. When trash gets into the oceans, animals can easily mistaken that trash for food. An example of this is with the sea turtles.

Like every month, this month too we had our monthly beach cleaning organized for all the islanders. It is lovely to see islanders taking time from their busy schedules and some joining on their off day for these kind of events.


“Let’s all be part of the solution, not part of the pollution!”

Did you know?

That walking  for at least 20-30 minutes a day keeps the doctor away? There’re many benefits as to why you should wear your trainers for a 20-30 minutes’ walk daily. Some of the benefits include;

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Strengthen your bones and muscles
  • Improve your mood and gives a sense of wellbeing.
  • Improve your balance, coordination and keeps you motivated during the day.





Dear Islanders,

Both a successful & an eventful year has passed and we now enter 2019 showing incredible growth. We would not have achieved this forecast without your support and those contributions of TSMIC, especially the Sales, Marketing, Public Relations and Reservations, but also the finance team where they tirelessly kept us on track and keep us on track into the future.

Additionally, on behalf of Finolhu Strategic Leaders, I would like to take this as an opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your dedication, focus, continued hard work and recognition which you all show to our guests on a daily basis.

Looking Ahead

We are seeing our occupancy demand, grows by 30% in the year ahead 2019.  This lends us great opportunity to continue showcasing Finolhu to our guests, all of our fun opportunities to enhance their stay.  These convert in sales, sales convert to Service Charge, which is a nice reward for our families.

In fact, our ‘business on the books’ is already meeting 2018 end of year total room revenue and we’re only two months into the year.

We have also been focusing on Group Bookings, whether it’s Weddings or Company bookings and Sales has reported even more enquiries which isn’t yet in our system.

Remember our Resort is only 30 months old and we have made a significant impact on the market under the guidance of TSMIC.  Our goal now is to continue to improve our service delivery, remembering we are Born to Play, thus having fun whilst doing so.

The year ahead will bring its own challenges but I am sure by working together, keeping focused on our priorities and putting our customers & work mates first, we can ride this wonderful wave to benefit all.

These will certainly continue to be my priorities and I am convinced I can count on you to do the same.

Let 2019 signify a new year filled with pages of success and happiness, written by the ink of hard work and intelligence. Have a Happy New Year ahead!

Enjoy & warm regards,

Marc Reader
Resort Manager

Ps.  When I am not serving a customer, I always make sure I am serving someone who is!



New Year’s Eve celebration at Finolhu started with a pre-dinner cocktails at 1 OAK Beach Club where Area 51 and DJ tappu performed it was then followed by a dinner at Baa Baa Beach Diner Beach where they were serenaded by The Gypsy Queens and The Riffs. The countdown was a joint performance of The Riffs & Area 51 fireshow and the year was welcomed by DJ Chloe until 2am at the Beach.


New Year’s celebrations began with a special dinner at the diner, prepared by our amazing culinary team for all the islanders.

later on, the celebrations continued with special DJ and countdown at Fill n’ Chill.



On the 31st of January 2019, a ‘Thank You” Party was organized to show gratitude and appreciate the hard work and dedication of all the Islanders during the Festive season.

The night started with a delightful dinner prepared by our culinary team for the islanders. Thank you party was kicked off by a special performance by the Hithaadhoo Boduberu group.

The party was combined with our monthly Jalsa, and all the recognition’s for the December month was highlighted during this memorable event.

Kudos to our Welfare team for the amazing set ups for this event!



Jalsa 2018 Presentation -


Jalsa 2018 Presentation -Ante

New Year Lunch

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

― Oprah Winfrey

Guests gathered and enjoyed the sumptuous and tasty lunch buffet prepared and arranged by the kitchen team. It is the best time to sit, relax and chill after last night’s countdown to New Year.

Orthodox Christmas and Lunch

Guests gathered together to celebrate the orthodox Christmas with a delicious buffet prepared by the kitchen team.

Turndown for Festive

To end the day right, for the turndown, here’s a little gift for your sweet tooth to your sweet dreams.

Over Water Lunch


How about a lunch treat in a private lagoon in the middle of Indian Ocean? In Finolhu, we got everything for you! The most extra and the best over water lunch.

Baahaa New Menu

From time to time, we make sure to introduce new items, new products and especially new taste for the taste buds. The Baahaa Grill, our middle-eastern restaurant, has a new menu that will add to the thrill and excitement for our guests.  From meat, vegetables to spices, we make sure that guests will have that satisfying taste and set up that they are looking for.



Australia day starts with Vegemite and Toast Tasting at the Main Dining. While others are enjoying their complimentary Special Australian Cocktail at 1Oak Bar , some of guest joined the  amazing Australian Sun Dance by the Pool lead by the Recreation Team. The days continue with Acoustic Live Music by the Riffs and Special Mini Carnival  Set up prepared for Little one by the Oceaneers Team. Fly high with kite flying was overwhelming over 30 kids in house joined for the said event and it was successful. Special set up made from Culinary Team such as Mini Burger Bites, Lamington, Sausages and many more!


In addition, for the first time ever Finolhu Entertainment with collaboration with the Recreation Team launched the first time ever “ GLOW PARTY”,  Face Glow Painting, Glow Stickers, Glow Stick are free presented by the Team and plus the tribal intermission was done by the Area 51.

To end with, the guest went back to villa with a smile on their face yet thinking with AUSSIE DAY celebration indeed it is more fun in Finolhu!

In January, THE COVE CLUB had the pleasure to host as a visiting practitioner Coco. Coco studied with a higher Zen Monk in Japan for a decade before travelling the world to share the sacred science of Kundalini yoga and meditation.

She focuses on unlocking one’s potential by detoxifying the body systems, cleansing chakras &energy channels and calming the busy. She conducted privates and group classes for guests as well as team building sessions for SPA, FO and F&B departments.



In January, THE COVE CLUB had the pleasure to host as a visiting practitioner Coco. Coco studied with a higher Zen Monk in Japan for a decade before travelling the world to share the sacred science of Kundalini yoga and meditation.


She focuses on unlocking one’s potential by detoxifying the body systems, cleansing chakras &energy channels and calming the busy. She conducted privates and group classes for guests as well as team building sessions for SPA, FO and F&B departments.




Dear Islanders,

Happy New Year team Finolhu, this is an ideal time to look back and review the year at Finolhu.  From the highlights and achievements, to those funny moments, which made us laugh.

Here is a recap of just SOME of our most significant accomplishments made to enhance our Island Playground.

  • Rolled out of our Born to Play, Brand Traits
  • The Bubble at Finolhu – More than $5m worth of PR
  • Our new staff bar and recreation area, Fill n Chill
  • Islander’s beach, [quiet zone] a great area to relax and unwind
  • Huge Kajun project – every Villa and outlet boost a new roof
  • Sunrise Breakfast at Palm Beach on Sundays, proving to be a great success, promoting Water Sports and the Cove Club
  • Retro Movie under the stars

Some Awards

  • Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence
  • Baa Atoll Inter-resort Football Tournament Champion
  • Baa Atoll Summer Festival Catamaran Regatta – Sailing Champion
  • Excellent Quality Experience Mystery Visit with performance of 92.73% from WorldHotels Audit Report
  • Regional winner of the Best Luxury Beach Retreat in the Indian Ocean Islands at World Luxury Hotel Award
  • Moreover, to make the 2ndconsecutive year, Kanusan has been awarded the World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2018.

The awards are a fitting testament of the stellar hospitality and guest experience offered on our island.

We are kidding ourselves if we do not see where we need to improve and these are targeted and measured objectives for 2019.  Listening to our guests and colleagues feedback in areas of improvement, will always help us EVOLVE into a better business.

In 2019, I would like to see us work more closely together, helping each other in other departments, managing and planning our ‘Leave-Balances’ for May, June & July.

Thank you for your dedication, your positive outlook and your drive to be your personal best at whatever you are focusing on.

Bring on 2019!!

Wishing you all a year good health and happiness

Warm Regards,










We called it Finolhu “Born to Play”  3 weeks of limitless fun and activities, Pirate Cruise , Scavenger Hunt , Kids Yoga , Culinary Session with Chef , Christmas Tree lighting, Santa Arrival Parade, 417 Football Camp at Amilla , Kids & Teens Fashion Parade , Under the Star kids Camping for  kids and families are some to highlight . From little one to elder one on the island got a chance to witness expectacular variety of activities we offer.



Christmas is always special for the Families as the entire island jingles all the way.



From the Arrival Jetty all the way down to I Oak Beach everyone is excited to see Santa Claus Arrival.  From  Jet blade Show with the Thunderball Team to Seaplane landing where everyone is waiting for Santa Claus and witness for a fun filled day as we welcome, his home away from home during the holiday season!

Guest enjoyed a day of exciting set up from F&B Department like cookies, cotton candy, canapés  mini-bites and a lot more.


Isn’t that so cute? Our little fashionistas walking down all the way to runway highlighting their Christmas collection inspired by vibrant colors and eclectic pieces, showing their best walk, parents & Kids love the way Roboman showcase his dance during the last part of the show.



Children from 4 to 17 years participated Amilla417 football camp hosted by Tim Kahil, over 50 kids participated in this technical four days training camp, kids from Amilla Fushi, Finolhu and Baa Atoll School had fantastic experience.


Camp Tent was set up by the beach ,while waiting for New Year’s countdown, we encourage the kids to stay with us and offer different kind of night activities while the parents are enjoying their time with friends and family.



What’s more special during festive is a sweet treat during turndown. The design and presentation of the sweetest and delicious treats for everyone to cap the day.


From time to time, we make sure to introduce new items, new products and an especially new taste for the taste buds. Forget diet because we have added new menus to one of our outlets the fish and crab shack. Enjoy seafood, because everything you will see is food!



To acknowledge the efforts from our management team and to say thank you for the hard work.


We have currently 8 interns working within our Island Playground! Troy and Olesya (Front Office), Caroline, Belhassen and Ekaterina (F&B Service), Nu-Umaan (IT), David and Clifford (Kitchen). All coming from different schools but staying with us for 6 months.

Once again, let’s focus this month on one of them who has been joining us early November, Ben Amor Belhassen.


Coming from Tunisia, he graduated from Vatel International Business School. Only few weeks after joining the Food and Beverage team, Bel has been nominated Rock Star of the Week on the last week of December 2018!


This achievement has been well justified by many guests comments on TravelClick and TripAdvisor!


 From the moment we stepped off the seaplane up until we left the beautiful resort, we were greeted and treated with world class hospitality from the Finolhu staff. The staff (Asma, Bel, Mauricio) went above and beyond our expectations where they catered for our occasion (honeymoon) which made our experience extra special and memorable.

# 203 on December 9, 2018b1# 251 on December 11, 2018b2# 207 on December 26, 2018b3# 213 on December 28, 2018b4

Well done Bel and keep it up!



Marc Reader

Dear Islanders,

Warmest welcome to our Roohu blog update for the month of November.

All hallows eve and Halloween has already passed. However, once again, it was delightful to watch our guests enjoying a spooktacular evening prepared by our Recreation and Oceaneers team and ensured that our younger guests also enjoyed a fun-filled evening with thrilling Halloween craftwork and spooky face-painting activities at the Oceaneers. I hope that you had also enjoyed an amusing and scary evening with the spine-chilling Halloween train experience and the spooky DJ night at our Fill n Chill bar.

Let us start big with the amazing $1,000,000 sales pick up for Finolhu! Hats off to TSMIC Sales and Reservations team whom entered such an enormous amount of reservations. Once again, a heartily congratulation for the sales target achievement!

It seemed that Finolhu’s Festive present came early this year: Finolhu is the Regional Winner at World Luxury Hotel Awards. The prestigious black-tie event was held in the Ayana Resort & Spa, Bali, Indonesia with over 360 guests from around the world. Finolhu received the Best Luxury Beach Retreat in the Indian Ocean Islands in recognition of sustained commitment to excellence in hoteliering and outstanding achievement in the international luxury hospitality industry.

Mystery shopper – Quality experience mystery visit was conducted this month and I am very pleased to share with you all that Certificate of Experiential Quality was presented to Finolhu where we have achieved a performance rate of 90.59% from the World Hotels Audit Report. I cannot express how much I appreciate all your efforts. Doing a good job is not always about impressive innovation. Sometimes it is only about doing something with plain dedication. Well done team!

Baa Atoll Manta Festival – The first ever Baa Atoll Manta Festival was sponsored by 12 luxury tourist resorts in Baa Atoll. As a part of the festival initiative, Finolhu had donated 16 sets of Cressi snorkeling equipment to Hithadhoo School and provided snorkeling lessons at the festival with over 16 student participants witnessing the beauty of the Dharavandhoo reef, many for the very first time.

I would also like to express my appreciation to the many individuals for your excellent management of what has turned out to be a successful and highly entertaining tennis clinic exhibition featuring Alexander “Sascha” Zverev, the German professional Tennis Player, who was season ranked world no. 4 in 2017. The youngest player in the ATP top 10 and recently won the ATP Finals beating Novak Djokovic. I want to ensure you know how important your commitment is to the overall success of this event.

The Festive season is here, another year will soon end and we are all set to welcome our guests for another unforgettable experience here at our Island Playground! We have a 22 days long programme arranged starting from the 19th of December till the 10th of January 2019 with special activities lined up for all ages!

I am very lucky to lead a team of ultimate professionals who go the extra mile for their customers, company and team. Huge thanks as well to Mark, Mervin and the rest of the team for giving me this break to be with my family. May the Festive season brings peace, joy, and happiness to you and your loved ones.

Yours sincerely,

Marc Reader

BAA ATOLL MANTA FESTIVAL – 24th November 2018

manta fest

The first ever Baa Atoll Manta Festival took place on Saturday 24 November 2018 on Dharavandhoo, and Finolhu and sister resort Amilla were part of it. There were over 1000 visitors, including 11 local schools that enjoyed the festivities. The goal of the event was to educate the students about manta rays and marine issues and to show how they can be involved in safeguarding the environment. This was done in a playful way, with over 200 students participating in the stall treasure hunt with activities as printing their own recycled, reusable bags with marine creatures and messages.

The festival was sponsored by 12 resorts in Baa Atoll, including Amilla Fushi and Finolhu. As part of the festival initiative, these sponsors donated 222 sets of snorkeling equipment to 14 schools in Baa and Raa, and provided snorkeling lessons for over 100 students. These snorkeling lessons were also given at the festival where the participants could witness the beauty of the Dharavandhoo reef.

“The Baa Atoll Manta Festival was a huge success with the greatest achievement being getting so many young Maldivians engaged with the ocean, helping to achieve our dream of creating a generation of ocean guardians through this initiative and inspiring young women to engage with the ocean. The partners will continue to work towards this goal throughout the year and look forward to an even improved event in 2019”, says Flossy Barraud of the Manta Trust.


rom - rockstar
rom - superhero


hod new arrivals- nov

new arrivals- nov2

new arrivals- nov



On November 14th we celebrated the World Diabetes Day by raising the awareness among the islanders. Thus we organized a special badminton competition for all ladies. 0-04-06-131f920446ffb7bc47f8244e91394fb75b23d907df9085b1bb02f95e2fecb001_9315f6e7

Thank you and well done to Mirrah and Clem who won the trophies!


We welcomed 5 new interns to our Island Playground this month! Jumana (HR), Olesya (Front Office), Federico, Belhassen and Catherin (F&B Service). All coming from different schools but staying with us for 6 months. Welcome all!

Let’s focus this month on one previous intern who joined us at the beginning of September, Troy.

Coming from Malaysia, he is currently student at Taylor’s University and doing his Bachelor of International Hospitality Management. He only joined the Mojo team for few weeks and already has been nominated as Rock Star of the Week by the end of October!2

This achievement has been well recognized by his team and especially by our Resort Manager, Marc Reader.


Even lately, his name was again mentioned by guest (#256) on Travelclick who has rated their experience at Finolhu with a total score of 91.62*!

Well done Troy and keep it up!

GENERAL ORIENTATION – November 12th – 13th.

Another 2 days General Orientation to welcome onboard 15 new island players in Finolhu happening on November 12th and 13th. Spa visit, F&B outlets, back of the house, but of course some general information about the company and each department. Always combine the pleasant and the useful!



On Saturday November 10th 2018, we received 16 students, teachers and parents from Thulhadhoo School to visit our Retro Revival resort. They were mainly interested about Kitchen, Stewarding and Housekeeping to complete their BTEC Grade 9. After some welcome drinks and pastries, they had an introduction to food production, learnt some techniques in the preparation of two-course meal and how to present and clear dishes. Then they have been demonstrated the procedure and sequence for servicing the room, the procedures to service rest room in a hygienic, systematic and safe manner, some guest laundry procedures and the turn down service.

Thank you all concerned department for your involvement and groovy spirit! Best of luck to all of the students!

HUDDLE – 15th November

On Thursday November 15th morning all managers gathered at the Palm Beach for another funtastic Huddle! Starting with some stretching by Gen and followed by fun games focus on Communication. Followed by an healthy and energetic breakfast, 3 teams were focusing on the Start, Stop, Continue strategy in order to know how to improve the Communication within the islanders and for our operations.


Diabetes mellitus (DM), commonly referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic disorders in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period. Symptoms of high blood sugar include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger  If left untreated, diabetes can cause many complications. Serious long-term complications include Heart disease, stroke,  kidney disease, foot ulcers, and damage to the eyes.


Diabetes is due to either the pancreas not producing enough insulin, or the cells of the body not responding properly to the insulin produced. There are two main types of diabetes mellitus

  • Type 1 DM results from the pancreas’ failure to produce enough insulin. The cause is unknown.
  • Type 2 DM begins with insulin resistance, a condition in which cells fail to respond to insulin properly. As the disease progresses, a lack of insulin may also develop. The most common cause is a combination of excessive body weight and insufficient exercise

Control of blood pressure and maintaining proper foot care are important for people with the disease. Type 1 DM must be managed with insulin injections Type 2 DM may be treated with medications with or without insulin.Prevention and treatment involve maintaining a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, a normal body weight, and avoiding use of tobacco.


On 25th November our islanders enjoyed a night fishing trip organised by our HR team. It was an amazing night with live BBQ dinner for the the islanders who were able to join! undoubtedly everyone a great time as they took a break from their busy schedules for this groovy experience!

           DIWALI 2018

In line with the event was an elegant vegetarian Indian corner prepared by Chef Nishantha Vithanage (Executive Chef). As Finolhu celebrates Diwali day, it is about time to celebrate our islanders with delightful Indian menu in The Diner. Our groovy islanders . We’re thrilled to try the Special Indian food prepared by our diner culinary team


(Chocolatier and pastry consultant)

pastry training

Chef Dean is an award-winning pastry chef from Australia. Won third place in coupe du monde (world pastry cup) as a team coach with Australia. He trains us to improve the desserts qualities; he did 5 days training at Finolhu.  8 participants attended the training


16th to 24th November 2019

gregory burns

His works consist of original paintings, but he also focuses on mixed media paintings. He was here to give art classes and group workshops to the big and small artists in-house and to work on his portfolio with the beautiful island Amilla as his inspiration.

Gregory is connected to Finolhu as the resident Artist and works with individuals and families to help them bring out the artist within. He holds an MFA in painting and has exhibited in 17 countries throughout the world for over 30 years already. In 2016, he was named the Sports Artist of the Year by the US Sports Academy. Gregory has published two books, one in English and one in Mandarin, and  been featured on CNN, BBC, CNBC, ESPN, CNA, CCTV and in The AWSJ, Time and The China Daily.

We want to thank Gregory for his amazing art classes and get inspired by Gregory’s collection of paintings, pass by the Art Studio and you can maybe even find one in your own Residence or House.


For this Children’s Day celebration, 15 kids from the Goidhoo School came to Finolhu to participate in fun activities. They were welcomed by our Recreation Department and our Managers and then divided into different teams, the Manta’s, Turtles, Dolphins and Crabs. They took part in several games, such as the ‘Cup Water Rally’ and ‘Tail Fishing’ that tested their teamwork. At the end of the day, every child got a special gift and we said our goodbyes. Kids from Dharavandhoo School, we hope to see you again soon!



On Saturday 7th dominika cibulkova, a Slovak professional tennis player known for her quick and aggressive style of play, she has won eight WTA singles titles and two on the ITF Women’s Circuit., honored and hosted 7 day tennis camp and one exhibition for Finolhu  guests.

Dominika came to help our guests improve their tennis skills and to show us her top performance in the form of a tennis exhibition versus our in-house Tennis Pro’s. Many guests came to watch her play and took the opportunity to get a photograph or signature. Overall, it was a very successful tennis exhibition where guests got the chance to meet with Dominika and get some Tips and Tricks.


28th November 2018


For the second time around, Finolhu Resort were very thrilled to have Alexander Sascha Zverev , now ranked World Nos 4 at the ATP World to give complimentary tennis exhibition in Finolhu Palm Beach Tennis. Last November 28, 2018, Shahsa’s White Party Tennis Exhibition held at the Tennis Palm Beach, were all guest in house are invited to   have a chance to watch Shahsa playing live in front of them, it was a successful event where everyone got a chance to have photograph and autograph with Sascha.



Dear Islanders,Marc Reader

Tropical greetings to all of you from our Island Playground!

The month of October has started splendidly with so much highlights and happenings from both front and back of the house starting with the TVEC (Technical Vocational Education Center) student sponsorship— a vocational training institute established at Kihaadhoo, Baa Atoll, international housekeeping week, the first islander’s engagement survey, the first HR professional’s day, Medtronics incentive group and not only that, our three island resorts as well as TSMIC has been shortlisted in a various categories for the MATATO awards (Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators). Again, a very big thank you to all of you who took the time to vote for us and spread the word. This award measures feedback, reviews and comments from our guests who stayed in Finolhu. We are nominated as the Leading Family Resort, Leading Dive Resort, Leading Surf Resort and Leading Dive/Watersports Centre.

In the meantime, we are engaging in the final preparations for the spookiest and most thrilling party of the year! And for our islanders, on 3rd November, Fill n Chill transforms into the eeriest place to celebrate Halloween! Join us for a fun evening to dance the night away amongst ghosts and glowing skeletons.

We are also advancing with great strides into the last quarter of the year, which means being engaged in planning, discussing and organizing the Festive Season Programme for our guests. You all will see and experience our Island Playground Finolhu—where we are born to play at it’s very best, beautifully decorated to the occasion and we have scheduled many events befitting this Festive time of the year. The programme will be soon out for everyone to have a sneak peak of how we will celebrate the upcoming Festive Season.

I wish all of you a great month ahead and thank you all for your continuous and invaluable support.


Yours sincerely,

Marc Reader






Medtronic Group – Certificate of Excellence

For the 2nd time around, we have Medtronic group back in our groovy island. The medical device company based in the Middle East was here at Finolhu last year to treat 30 of their well performing staff. This year, they have treated 28 of their staff with different activities such as Turtle Snorkeling, Sunset Cruise, and a Watersports day. The group had different team dinners including two dinners at Kanusan. They even had a preview of our new menu items that they liked very much. Same as last year, the trip ended with a gala dinner at the Fish & Crab Shack.

Guests left happy and are planning to be back for the next coming years.


Finolhu celebrated the very first Oktoberfest last 29th of October 2018. Islanders at Baa Baa Beach Diner & 1 OAK Bar dressed up with dirndls and lederhosen (traditional attire in Munich).

The guests were treated to a theatrical entertainment by Munchner Oktoberfest Blosn band at 1 OAK bar where people got to dance all around and munch on some German snacks



A Pulse check on islanders feedback, the Islander’s Engagement Survey was opened from 16th of October 2018 to 22nd of October 2018. The survey is managed by Survey Monkey.

Our Islanders responded well in the survey with 100% attendance. It was a fun and successful event as everyone got lollipops as a thank you and took funky photos after completing the survey!


On October 25th we had the last Groovy Management Huddle of the month happening in the Movement Pavilion, with an energetic warm up with Gen and some fun brain teasers about the corporate culture of the company: Rebus, Product Knowledge Prisoners, Memory game… Do not forget to grab your cup of coffee and some muffins to be awake the full day!

GENERAL ORIENTATION0-04-06-f88bdb592f29c3036426798d91b46132dd1fb103a2efc622bfe9990da0e24af0_aba60645

October 27th and 28th were another 2 days of General Orientation in order to welcome onboard 16 new groovy islanders in Finolhu. After some corporate culture information and presentations from HR department, Security as well as resort information, they were able to visit the guest areas – the Cove Club, Thunderball, F&B outlets, Oceaneers and HUB. As always we had great support from the departments in introducing their areas and answering any questions the group had. And then at the end of the second day, they were able to show off what they had learnt over the 2 days by taking part in the famous pop quiz at the end! Well done Team #2 (Caroline from F&B Service, Imam from HR, Shakib from Stewarding and Fawwaz from Transport)



Last 7th of October  2018, Six (6) students namely Yaamin Aboobakur, Mohamed Anil, Abdhulla Nazim, Ali Anees, Inaz Adam and Mohammad Munavvar from Technical and Vocational Education Centre(TVEC) came to Finolhu Baa Atoll Resort for their 90 hours Industrial Training. The students were supervise by the Engineering Department headed by Mr. Lalith and Mr. Prasad. During their training, the students were expose in three (3) specialization, the Electrical, Mechanical and A/C maintenance. The student’s Industrial training ended last 22nd of October and their Certificate of Completion was presented during their Career Day at TVEC Campus.



Our islanders took a break form their busy schedules to visit our sister property Amilla Fushi for a friendly Football and Cricket match. Our Groovy islanders won both cricket and football matches played against Amilla teams. Go Finolhu Teams !!


A fun filled Halloween celebration on 31st October at Finolhu was an amazing event that no one want miss this fun with your loved ones and family.1A full day fun activities such as Pumpkin Curving, Frankenstein Art and Craft, Face painting and the most highlight event of the day is the Trick or Treat Portion.

Family Cocktail happened the same time, kids were busy playing activities while the Family enjoyed the short-eats such as canapes, sweet cake and more served by the culinary department not to mention the Champagne and cocktails from our F&B Team.

Some of our guests observed it while some taking Videos, pictures and others fully dressed up and makeup by the help of special Halloween Artists.



As Finolhu celebrates World Food Day, it was about time to enlighten our islanders with a delightful Lunch menu in The Diner. Our groovy islanders were thrilled to try the Special cuisines prepared by our culinary team.


housekeeping week

Every year, a week is set aside to honor our hardworking Housekeeping associates. We had a pleasant successful  Event on 01st October 2018 to Celebrate International Housekeeping week at Finolhu. the events shows Bed decoration, Bed Making & Towel art skills from our housekeeping Islanders. The aim of the competition is to engage, appreciate, train and develop among whole our housekeeping staffs. from the judges marks Irufaan Mohamed got the first place ,  Hussain Shiyan got the second place & Ali Amir got third place from the competition held at Finolhu.

We would like to thank our Management of Finolhu & whole our Housekeeping team to made this event as successful event. – HK Department