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Huvafen Fushi – October 2018

Message from General Manager

JC.JPGThe end of the year is approaching fast and we are getting ready with the activities, entertainment and all the goodies to ensure a memorable festive season for our guests. In the meantime the month of November is ticking at a sound occupancy and rate with more guests coming from Europe. We are also putting the final touch in refreshing our product. The renovation of the last 4 deluxe beach bungalows will be completed by 18 November, in time to delight our guests for the high season.

Most of you are enjoying playing now futsal in our new field. This will be completed by the end of the month with the fence. It will become then a true multi-purpose playground with cricket, volleyball and tennis on offer as well. I wish you all the fun at trying these games and putting teams together in friendly matches.

All the best and good continuation at delighting our guests, as always

Jean-Christophe Nager

General Manager


Engagement Survey 2018

Opinions and feedback of all our team members is of extreme importance at Huvafen for the development of our dream team and island. For the sole purpose of this, HR organized and carried out an engagement survey for all the team members on 29th to 31st of October.


All permanent team members who has completed their time of probation was eligible to participate and provide their feedback anonymously to ensure a reliable feedback.

The survey was based upon two segments; engagement and leadership, and was carried on through out all the team members, including line staff’s, supervisors and managers to HOD’S and Directors. An online survey platform, survey monkey was used to conduct this important research for the beneficiary of our dream island.


After the completion of the survey and the results were generated, HR ensured a discussion meeting with the leadership team to finalize and implement an action plan based on the outcome of the survey.

It is vital here at Dream Island that we generate a feedback from our team members, and manifest and value their opinions and perspectives to improve the working environment and for an efficient development for a better productivity and a safe work place.


We thank all the team members for their constructive feedback and taking time from their busy schedule to complete the survey. Your opinions are very much appreciated and valued, and will be considered to bring about the necessary changes.

Halloween Dinner @ Huvafen

Not only in our Huvafen do we give an importance to mark and celebrate the festive of Maldives, but we also highly value the festive’s of our beloved expat team members.


Halloween being among one of these festive’s, HR took an initiative to bring a little bit of the horror aura for our team members. Henceforth, with full support from our kitchen team as always, A Halloween themed dinner was organized and set for all the team members on 30th November.

Our chefs displayed their curving skills for the decoration, pulling up horrifyingly beautiful curved pumpkins for the setup. Dinner included numerous variations of food to compliment the theme, and it was a wonderfully delicious buffet as always.


Thank you chef’s for exceeding the expectations, and giving us a WOW dinner!.

Your attention to detail always makes such celebrations a mark for our Huvafen history.


FIFA PS Competition – October 2018

As part of team building and recreation, Huvafen organizes various activities for its dream makers.

PS Competition being among one of these activities, this was the second competition that had taken place this year, and as always, a huge excitement was built among the team members.


Played between 3 groups of 12 members, the competition was played on alternating four nights after our daily operations at our games and recreation room.

After several competitive matches played between the three groups, Sharie De Haccan from HR and Junaan from F&B qualified into the finals which was played on 30th Oct. supporters cheering for their player, the game took an even more exciting aura. Nevertheless only one can the game, and for this competition, Junaan took the lead by Sharie (1-0) and owned the championship.

Unfortunately, last Champion Huthy Ibrahim had to play the third place match against Ricsh Richie and won the third place of the competition.


Congratulations Junaan for the amazing win, and thank you team members for the support and team spirit you always display for all the team activities that gets organized.

Lets look forward to the next competition soon again.

Weekly Fire Team Practical Sessions

Huvafen always gives a critical importance to the safety and security of its staff and guests.


To ensure this our Safety & Security Manager, Shakir takes initiative in arranging a practical sessions to the Fire Team of Huvafen on every Saturdays.


The sessions takes an hour and is mainly designed to raise awareness of fire hazards in the workplace and how to respond in the event of a fire emergency, including selection and the usage correct fire extinguisher depending on the type of fire.

Reef & Lagoon Cleaning

on 17th October, our Dream Team Members gathered around for the often kept regular lagoon cleaning of our beautiful Dream Island.


Your support and enthusiasm helps us maintain this exemplary scenery of the lagoon surrounding us.

International Chef’s Day

The Heart of the House. The master behind the curtain everyday choreographing the harmony of cinema we witness on our Island, our chefs, are not just cooking up a storm, but telling a tale with every dish crafted out of each kitchen.


Chefs being the earnest and most dedicated of professions, spends their life on their feet, bent over a pit of fire, sweat rolling off their brow, blisters and cuts from the tip of their fingers to the edge of their elbows, and smelling of today’s catch or yesterday’s garlic. They are the warriors of the kitchen, focused and passionate about what they do sacrificing a “normal” life for one dedication, creating wonderful tasting dishes for each of us to savor and enjoy.

It is this commitment to creativity and service that makes today an important time to pause and give them thanks.

Happy International Chef’s Day to all our Dream Team of Chef’s. Appreciation in words is not enough to show the gratitude.

Inter-Department Kayak Competition

Inter-Department Kayak Competition was arranged by the HR Department with the help of Float Team on Tuesday, 16th October 2018 afternoon at 4:30pm.


Total of 16 kayakers participated and the competition was carried among 8 teams with 2 kayakers from each department.

Our Judge Inthi, calculated the timings to see the best 3 teams among the participants who finished the race quicker in order to qualify in the final round.

After the 3rd Round of the competition, the final round competing department names was announced (Engineering, Housekeeping & Transport).


Congratulations Housekeeping Department for winning the title of the Inter-Department Kayak Competition, Engineering won the second place and Transport being in the 3rd place of the competition.


Once again thank you HR and Float team for the arrangements and well done to all the participants.

Town Hall Meeting – September 2018

Huvafen holds its Monthly Town Hall Meeting at Malaafaiy on Saturday, 13th October late afternoon.

Opening the Town Hall with a word from our GM Jean-Christophe Nager (JC), the Town Hall meeting had a little bit more of specialty added to it than other months.


A total of 14 new Dream Makers were welcomed into the team at the meeting, congratulating and encouraging everyone for their hard work and effort that has always been shown. In addition to this, we had a team member who with pride we had announced the promotion, congratulations Muja, Now Senior Spa Therapist cum Trainer.

As always we appreciate and award the hard work from our dream makers in every Town Hall, this month also we had a good number of deserving nominees for the Face of the House and Heart of the House. Congratulations Jameel from HR and Muzah from Front Office for winning the title of Heart and Face of the House for the month of September 2018.

This Town Hall we had a special award made especially on behalf of our team members, dedicated to none other than our Director of Sales, for winning his name in the 20 most influential Sales & Marketing Personnel in Maldives on Corporate Maldives. It is a very humble and prideful moment for the whole of dream Island that our Director of Sales has been nominated for this title. A very huge Congratulations to Nuas for this wonderful success, and being a role model to all our dream makers!

image 2.png

Hotel Asia Culinary Challenge representatives from Dream Team, Certificates and Medals was issued by our GM to all the individuals who took part in this prestigious event for the year 2018 from F & B Kitchen and F & B Service.


The very first time in Maldives, HR professionals day was celebrated on the 13th of October and Huvafen Pastry team has prepared a special cake to our wonderful HR Team to cut during the Town Hall Meeting in order to mark this special day.


Few changes to the Town Hall Meeting for this month, Raffle Draw was included to the agenda and two items in the raffle draw was taken among all the team members. Congratulations to the lucky two winners, Mama – Front Office and Javiz – Transport, and of course every Town Hall meeting, we end with a sweet note of cutting a wonderful birthday cake from our pastry team for the birthday babies of September.


Congratulations all the winners once again, and thank you dream makers for your amazing services.

Team Member of the Month – Face of the House (September 2018)

muzah.pngMuzah is consistently striving for excellence in all that he does. His dedication to his position is evident in his actions every day. Always goes above and beyond to help out. Offers help when he notices an opportunity, not just in his department but other departments as well. He consistently provides compassionate care for his guests and is extremely dedicated. Muzah is a great communicator and pushes himself to be the best that he can be.


Briefly describe what you do all day.

After I wake up, I make myself available for all the guests I look after. Follow up on daily activities of all the guests. During my free time, I watch series and play video games.

What is the best thing about your role?

I get the chance to meet new people everyday, and I always learn something new from them. 

What do you value most about your employment in Huvafen Fushi?

All my colleagues who works around me.

What’s been one of your proudest moments working at Huvafen Fushi? Anytime when I get a good feedback from the guests I look after.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

End up watching series.

What are 3 words you’d use to describe Huvafen Fushi?

Perfect place to work.

What’s the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life thus far? To be positive all the time.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? Cooking

Tell us about a time when you had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best. I don’t recall any such thing happened so far.

What are your future career development plans?

Taking new challenges in current position. Get more training’s, and get ready for next position.

Team Member of the Month – Heart of the House (September 2018)

jameel.pngDuring the month of September Jameel has shown very good performance. Whenever a person asked to be assisted, he is ready to do the job. During the last month he took initiative and assisted on other department operations by releasing his colleague to assist Spa operations. Moreover, he is involved in all our extra activities and never say NO to his works. Jameel took lead on assisting Multi-purpose Court project during the last month.


Briefly describe what you do all day.

Maintaining and cleaning staff area

What is the best thing about your role?

Being able to work and  assist together with all the team members

What do you value most about your employment in Huvafen Fushi?

The good relationship  built on my 15 years of career here at Huvafen Fushi with the Dream Makers.

What’s been one of your proudest moments working at Huvafen Fushi? Being selected as the Employee of the Year 2016

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Watching movies

What are 3 words you’d use to describe Huvafen Fushi?

Friendly, Inspiring, Fun

What’s the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life thus far?

Handling the village area tasks and welfare activities alone for a period of one month which taught me taking lead for leadership.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I want to learn office admin works into work in HR Office.

Tell us about a time when you had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best.

So far I haven’t had anything like that.

What are your future career development plans?

Improve my communication skills and take the part in HR Welfare Coordinations.

HR Professionals Day Celebration

13th October being commemorated as HR Professionals Day in Maldives, Huvafen with the whole team, took time to acknowledge the exceptional work our own HR team does for all the Huvafen team members.


Working closely as one team, the HR department never fails to do what is righteous for all team members. With a group photo session of all available HR team members, like every other day, our HR department showed their fellowship in even celebrating this special day.


At town Hall meeting held at Malaafaiy a special cake made by our Pastry team was cut by the available team members of HR.


Thank you Management Team for always supporting HR in working for a safe and productive environment for all team members.

Huvafen Representing @ Hotel Asia Culinary Challenge 2018

Hotel Asia Culinary Challenge is a Prestigious Event where all Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Food and Beverage Associations participate and share their experiences.

The objective of the competition is to provide channels promoting culinary excellence, the skills and abilities of chefs, cooks, pastry chef and apprentices from near to far. The Competition was held in Male’, Dharubaaruge from 09th October to 12th October 2018.

Huvafen Fushi participated in the Culinary Challenge for the year 2018 in 6 categories and nominated 5 chefs (Sam, Nemy, Jahir, Abu and Shivam) from our wonderful Kitchen team and Ammu from F & B Service to showcase their talent and represent Huvafen Fushi at this prestigious event.


On the first day of the competition (9th October 2018), Chef Sam & Chef Abu, took part in the Hot Cooking Lamb category. Our heartfelt congratulation to Chef Sam, who won the Bronze Medal under this category.

Chef Nemy along with Ammu, represented on the second day of the competition for the category of Dessert and tea making respectively. Much gratifying congratulations to Ammu, for winning the bronze medal in his category and for being selected in the top three for the Creative tea challenge.


On the third day of the competition Chef Jahir represented for the category of Hot cooking, Poultry, and Ammu for the category of Iced Mocktail.

Chef Shivam, cooked on the final day in young Chef category, winning a prestigious bronze in his challenge as well.




Our participants showed an outstanding performance along with the help of their departments full support, bringing honored value to our Huvafen Fushi. Thank you for your dedication to all the hard work put in for this competition and bringing Such a big success for Huvafen Fushi.

Well done to all our participants and Dream Team is really proud of you all.

Celebrating Breast Awareness Month at Huvafen

The Breast Cancer Awareness Month is marked across the world every October. It aims to help increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection, and treatment as well as palliative care of this disease.   Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide.  According to statistics, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.


Resident doctor, Wilma Corpus invited the women of Huvafen Fushi to a session of Breast Cancer Awareness where she explained the signs and symptoms associated with breast cancer. Signs and symptoms can vary widely from person to person. Dr. Wilma also emphasized the importance of knowing how to do a Breast self-examination (BSE), a screening method used in an attempt to detect early breast cancer.


With Doctor Wilma clarifying any questions surfaced, it had been an informative and supportive session for all our Huvafen ladies.

To further increase the team bond between our ladies, along with the information session, a night for the ladies was also arranged by the HR team. With fun activities, such as Karaoke to keep the night alive, and with a variation of snacks and pizzas from our F & B team it had been made sure that Huvafen shows support to this cancer awareness as well as takes in detail to the well fare of our ladies.


Breast cancer being a disease yet with no cure, we Huvafen, as an organization always dedicate our full support to the cause, and along with the rest of the world, we believe in the fighters of this disease, we applaud the strong survivors, and we hope for a cure.

Monthly Healthy Lunch

Every month Huvafen Marks one day to detoxify our Dream Makers with a Healthy Lunch Day.


on 08th October, Wednesday with the help of our Island Doctor, the Kitchen Team displayed, a healthy lunch, balanced right to cater to the need of our Dream Makers Health.


With an array of dishes, with the freshest ingredients with amazing flavors, our team of chefs delivered health with taste.


Thank you so much, Kitchen Team, and Doctor, for arranging this beneficial and much required lunch for our dream makers.


Huvafen Fushi – September 2018


Dear Dream Makers,

JC.JPGWe are in the final quarter of the year with the preparation for the festive season and in the meantime we are  busy with an occupancy of over 70% for September and looking at 80% for October.

In the heart of the house our new shop has just recently opened with a nice range of goodies. We are also putting the final touch for the ground of the multipurpose court and the laying of the grass is scheduled for mid-October.

Thanks to our dynamic team there is constant innovation, improvement and better ways to delight our guests and islanders.

My very best wishes for the months to come.

Jean-Christophe Nager
General Manager

MNU Business School – Industrial Visit

Twenty-two students from MNU Business School accompanied by 2 lecturers, had an industrial visit at Huvafen Fushi. These students are undertaking International Business as part of their HR degree.


The industrial visit of MNU Business School at Huvafen Fushi plays an integral part in the professional degree of the students. It is part of their college curriculum and the objectives of the visit are to provide students an insight regarding practices and the workings of the hospitality industry. This lets the students know things practically through interaction, working methods, and employment practices. Moreover, it gives exposure from an academic point of view.


HR Manager Hassan Shareef welcomed the students upon arrival. General Manager JC Nager gave them an insight of the day to day operations and what are the challenges that come across in this type of industry. Talent Development Manager Elleine Tactay shared information about Huvafen Fushi; it’s products, facilities and the different career opportunities available in the hospitality sector. Asst. Sales Manager, Afrah Abdulla was also present to tell the students about the business and marketing side of Huvafen Fushi. These interactions gave the students an opportunity to ask questions and have a better understanding of current work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge being taught at the school.



After lunch, the students were taken for a tour around the island to expose them to the products, facilities, and services of Huvafen Fushi thereby honing their industry understanding. Spa Therapists Muja and Suranga toured the students in the award-winning Huvafen Spa. Asst. Front Office Manager, Mohamed Nafiu, showed them the different room categories and Restaurant Managers, Abdulla Jaleel, and Ahmed Nashid showed them the different food & beverage outlets whilst explaining the concept of each restaurant. The students also got a glimpse of the Heart of House operations of the resort giving them a better picture of how a tiny resort operates flawlessly.


The lecturer and course coordinator Ms. Aminath Sudha says, “Industrial visits provide an excellent opportunity for the students to interact with hotels and know more about the hospitality environment.” The students were thankful and were pleased to know they too can have a career in the hospitality industry.


MNU Business School gave Huvafen Fushi a plaque of appreciation for the warm hospitality extended to them during their industrial visit. Likewise, before their departure, the students were given a souvenir to make their Dream Island experience an even more memorable one.

Leader in You Supervisory Workshop

The Leader in You Workshop was created for the supervisory team members and those with a similar job title or senior in position.  The workshop aims to develop the essentials of getting results through people, which will help build engagement and performance within teams, which will help deliver great results from our Dream Makers to support Huvafen Fushi to recapture its seductive allure.


Two sessions were conducted for this month. The first session had 12 participants while the 2nd session had 6 participants. In both sessions, General Manager, JC Nager was present to personally share his experience during the time when he also was in the shoes of the participants giving emphasis that the supervisor level is very much the start of a management leadership journey.


The 3 hour session covered topics about Why Managing People is Important, Learning Cycle,  3 Circles of Responsibility, 702010 Principle and The Shadow of a Leader.

It can be easy to think that if you’re in a supervisory role, you have people to do things for you. Actually, it’s the other way around! You now have people you need to do things for. One way of thinking about your role of being a manager is to think of your team as the people doing the important work, and your role is to make sure they have what they need to do it as well as possible.


L-R (Back to Front) Hussain Rasheed (Housekeeping Supervisor), Hussain Joodh (HR Coordinator), Mohamed Adam (Engineering Supervisor), Mohamed Imran (Speedboat Captain), Anushka Prasad (Engineering Supervisor), Nalin Pushpakumara (Sous Chef), Abdulla Saeed (Restaurant Supervisor), Zaid Mohamed (Jr. Sommelier), Raufath Saeed (Captain), Aboobakur Mohamed (Garden Supervisor), Ahmed Adul Rahman (Purchasing Manager) and Roger Joseph Heyn (Head Bartender).


L-R: Ahmed Aiman (Housekeeping Supervisor), Mohamed Fahud (Airport Supervisor), Mohamed Jameel (Village Attendant), Priyantha Gomes (Laundry Supervisor), Manon Jeanne Moutet (F&B Service Coordinator), Abdul Latheef Hassan (Captain)

Participants were also asked to reflect on what they want to Start, Stop and Continue to make the most of their leadership.


23rd September 2018

13The national Maldivian Presidential Elections happens every five years. This year, the election is held 23rd September 2018.  Incumbent President Abdulla Yameen from Progressive Party of Maldives will run for re-election against Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of the Maldivian Democratic Party.

Hufaven Fushi supports every Maldivian team member to practice their Right to Vote but does not influence their political views and opinions. The Training Room was set-up and  managed by the team from Election Commission for our team members to cast their vote.15.png

Political views and opinions expressed by the team members are part of their Human Rights. It does not necessarily state or reflect those of Huvafen Fushi, and shall not be used for any marketing or business purposes.


Amongst the busy schedule our team members follow each day, Huvafen tries to create an environment to provide some stress relief and enjoyable moments for its dream makers.


As such, a Billiard Tournament was held between Team Members on this September. Competing in doubles, it has been a very exhilarating tournament.

The teams took part in group categories, with each winner from the category moving forward to the next round, and after a two day of competence, Team Zaid and Roger from F&B service moved to finals, played between, Asanka from F&B Kitchen and Anushka from Engineering.


After a very heated match, team Zaid and Roger took the title of the winners of billiard doubles for this Tournament, giving the other team the title of Runner Ups.

Certificates were issued to all the participants for their out-coming interest and enthusiasm for the tournament, and of course Huvafen never lets the winners go empty handed.


It is imperative that we try to give our Dream Makers the balance between work and stress free fun time.


Thank you team members who joined this Tournament, we hope you all take one moment out of every day to hang out with your friends, and have a good time a part from just the hard work that you all put in.


You have proven to everyone what quality work is all about. The wheels of your career are spinning in full speed. Congratulations! Keep going and don’t hit the brakes now.



 In the recent articles published by Corporate Maldives two of our Strategic Leaders were selected in their annual Top 20 Most Influential Awards. Corporate Maldives is the leading business & hospitality magazine of Maldives, providing business, financial and industry news, as well as events and information.


The Top 20 Most Influential General Managers in the Maldives was published September 5, 2018, on the website of Corporate Maldives.

Our very own General Manager, JC Nager was selected in this prestigious category.  According to Corporate Maldives, the criteria for the selection was based on long-serving career whilst continuously sharing knowledge and experiences with fellow associates.  Corporate Maldives also took in to consideration the number of years they have contributed to the hospitality industry.

The Top 20 were taken from a collection of 148 operating resorts in the Maldives and are listed annually.

Corporate Maldives presented the 20 Most Influential Sales & Marketing Professionals in the Maldives of 2018 on their website last  September 13., 2018.


Nuas Mohamed, our Director of Sales, was one of the selected professionals in the field of Sales & Marketing. The selection criteria were based on their long-standing service in the tourism industry of Maldives.

Top 20 Most Influential Sales & Marketing Professionals in the Maldives are listed annually on the Corporate Maldives website.

New Hire Orientation – 17th & 18th September 2018

The New Colleague programme is designed to provide information about Huvafen Fushi that will help our new team members transition smoothly into their roles.


Nine new team members recently completed their 2 days New Hire Orientation Programme. During the Orientation, the new team members also had a chance to tour our beautiful island and see its stunning facilities. Let’s all welcome them to our Dream Team and wish them a wonderful career here at Huvafen Fushi.


Healthy Lunch – 23 September 2018

Every month Huvafen Fushi marks one day to detoxify our Dream Makers by providing them “Health Day”. This reminds them that healthy food need not be bland!


Who said healthy food can’t be tasty? Nutritious and delicious lunch menu was prepared by the kitchen team of Malaafaiy in consultation with the Island Doctor.

The menu was carefully crafted to ensure that the variety of every dish from the appetizers to the desserts is not only full of vitamins and minerals but appealing as well.


An array of fresh salads, fiber rich starch, lean protein, fresh fruits and low calorie desserts were enjoyed by the Dream Team.

Housekeeping Presents “SPARKLE” – Monthly Theme Party

International Housekeeping week has been celebrated at a resort level at our Dream Island.


Our Housekeeping heroes were lucky that they had to organize the Monthly Theme Party for the team members in the same month where the entire team celebrated the International Housekeeping Week.

Housekeeping Team started decorating the Dream Café area place where the party was to be hosted on the 16th of September, place where the party was to be hosted. The team opted for a creative decoration for the grand monthly party.

With DJ Ivan to entertain the dance floor, housekeeping made sure the party was alive, with good music, including performance by the very talented dance group “Guldhastha”.


Housekeeping never ceases to let a party go without including our dream team, likewise the team arranged a Raffle Draw among all team members and distributed worthy prizes for the winners.

The highlight of the party was the beautiful cake made by our very talented pastry team, with the help of housekeeping heroes.


Thank you housekeeping team for the well-organized celebration of International Housekeeping week, every bit of this special celebration was enjoyed by all our dream makers and it was a wonderful celebration of the bond between each housekeeping team members.

Well done team, thank you and keep up the exemplary service that you continue to provide our dream island with.

Housekeeping Week – (09th to 15th of September 2018)

Every year Huvafen set asides a special week to honor and recognize the year around heroes of the housekeeping department on International Housekeeping week which is from 09th of September to 15th of September 2018.


This year Huvafen housekeeping heroes like always hosted various activities through the whole week. Starting on 10th of September, with a uniform dress code made by themselves with hand printed letters on shirts to be used for the week of recognition, the department heads have made sure of a well-planned week for their team. Moreover a banner to make sure all our dream makers were aware of the week was also handmade and railed on staff area by the department.


The whole week has been planned just for our hardworking team to enjoy and be delivered a little bit of the huge appreciation our dream island has for the dream makers. A special BBQ night was held at our beach pavilion, after an adventurous late afternoon of octopus hunting and reef fishing trip on 13th September 2018. Following a water-sports day was held the next day with various outdoor fun games planned including some of the water-sport activities from float as well. It was bewildering to see our dream makers taking time from their busy schedule to celebrate the bond and the hard work that they share among themselves for reaching the same goal for Dream Island.


On 15th of September 2018, our Dream Makers visited Baros Maldives to play a Friendly Futsal Match between the two housekeeping department of both islands, and with much pride we say, that our Dream Team won the match with a score of 5 – 2, Congratulations and well played team!



Until now the week has been made special for the housekeeping team, but the team plans on dedicating the last two days for the whole Dream Team and we are looking forward to the wonderful surprise housekeeping team has in store.


The true heroes of our building operations are our housekeeping team, so on behalf of the management and our whole Dream Team, we take a minute to thank and honor our housekeeping team for keeping our Dream Island well maintained and clean, and for all the other hard work that you do every day!. Thank you guys, and your work doesn’t go unrecognized.

Heart of the House Cleaning

Keeping our surroundings clean is a very important part of our lives. At Huvafen Fushi, it is an essential part of healthy living.

Island cleaning is one of the resorts’ regular activity that promotes awareness to keep our environment clean and safe for a smell and disease-free life on the island. This month, the focus area is the Team Village.


Volunteers of the clean-up drive gathered in the afternoon to take a step and lead by example in helping keep dust and litters from accumulating in the resort.

This activity together makes cleaning enjoyable and a lot less like a chore.

After having a long shift, coming back to a clean room, is one of the easiest ways to deter stress, relax and have a peace of mind.

Town Hall Meeting – August 2018

Like clockwork every month, Huvafen holds its Monthly Town Hall Meeting at Malaafaiy yesterday (Monday, 10th September) late afternoon.

IMG_5002Opening the Town Hall with a word from our GM Jean-Christophe Nager (JC), the Town Hall Meeting had a little bit more of specialty added to it than other months.

A total of 17 new Dream Makers were welcomed into the team at the meeting, congratulating and encouraging everyone for their hard work and effort that has always been shown. In addition to this, we had two team members who with pride we had announced their promotions, congratulations Hassan Amir, Now Pavilion Attendant, and Ahmed Aiman, HK Supervisor.

As always we appreciate and award the hard work from our dream makers in every Town Hall, this month also we had a good number of deserving nominees for the Face of the House and Heart of the House.  Congratulations Heena from HR and Jinky from Spa for winning the title of Heart and Face of the House for the month of August 2018.


Supervisor of the 1st Quarter was won this month by Sahadev from our Food & Beverage, Kitchen Team. Congratulations guys and thank you for your outstanding services.

This Town Hall we had a special award made especially on behalf of our team members, dedicated to none other than our GM, for winning his name in the 20 most influential General Managers in Maldives on Corporate Maldives. It is a very humble and prideful moment for the whole of dream Island that our JC has been nominated for this title. A very huge Congratulations to our GM for this wonderful success, and being a role model to all our dream makers!


Finally we had a little bit of fun with the Kahoot quiz of brand awareness with the attended team members, distributing prizes to the winners, and of course every Town Hall meeting, we end with a sweet note of cutting a wonderful birthday cake from our pastry team for the birthday babies of August.



Congratulations all the winners once again, and thank you dream makers for your amazing services.


23.pngHeena is such a huge help helped to the team. He has been key to the success of  the 14th Anniversary Celebrations plus Eid Preparation activities. Heena is very positive team player who never says NO to the job whenever requested, even if it is out of his daily tasks, he is ready to assist us at all the time. In addition to his daily tasks, he is currently assisting the Spa Team for 4 hours a day.  Heena is one of the hardest working and positive team player not only in the department but in the whole island.


Briefly describe what you do all day.

Cleaning and maintaining the staff area to make it a safe and convenient place for all the team members.

What is the best thing about your role?

The satisfaction of being able to assist other team members.

What do you value most about your employment in Huvafen Fushi?

Flexibility and recognitions.

What’s been one of your proudest moments working at Huvafen Fushi? Being nominated and selected as Employee of the Year

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Mostly I spend my free time in recreational activities. Playing futsal, volleyball, etc.

What are 3 words you’d use to describe Huvafen Fushi?

It’s a cool fun place which makes me wow! Even after 9+ years of service.

What’s the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life thus far?

So far I haven’t had any challenge that was too difficult for me.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I want to become a speedboat captain.

Tell us about a time when you had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best.

Getting rejected to a position which I applied and later found out that place was not that convenient.

What are your future career development plans?

To develop skills in administration and become HR Welfare Coordinator 🙂 


24Jinky has been very flexible with her working hours and always happy to help when there is guest booking. She  always takes initiative in organizing the Spa and her attention to detail is impeccable. Helpful to the team during busy operation and even will wait after duty hrs. if she is the next day opening shift so she can organize her tasks. Always come early to duty to organize her schedule and treatments for the day. She has been very helpful to the new team members and also took initiative to show them what is needed.


Briefly describe what you do all day.

Giving treatment to the guest to make them happy

What is the best thing about your role?

The best thing about being  a therapist is to help the guest feel relax and comfortable ; it depends on their  body needs.

What do you value most about your employment in Huvafen Fushi?

Became most excellent therapist in Huvafen Fushi

What’s been one of your proudest moments working at Huvafen Fushi? I achieved and done the training of Pure Massage Method

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I doing the set up of my bed, clean my room, take time to clean my small garden and contact my family and friends.

What are 3 words you’d use to describe Huvafen Fushi?

It’s a magical island.

What’s the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life thus far? The greatest challenge that I had so far is to finish a job well done with happy and satisfied customers even if we had a very busy day and a back to back schedule.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would like to learn more about cooking things.

Tell us about a time when you had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best.

When we had an extensive Pure Massage Training, I almost gave up because it was to intensive and hard, but at the end I am so proud  that I am certified to do Pure Massage.

What are your future career development plans?

To be trained more, to learn more, to do some managerial job and to open my own spa in the future.



25.pngSahadev has truly proven his skills not only as a chef but also a leader. Sahadev has been running the kitchen operations of Feeling Koi with great perfection. During the absence of his direct manager, he is in charge of the kitchen.


Aside from ensuring that every food that is served to the guests are of top quality, he is also proactive in upselling products to the guests. He ensures that this will add up to the overall dining experience of the guests at our signature restaurant, Feeling Koi.


What is the most CHALLENGING part of being a Supervisor?

Depending upon individual strength and weaknesses

What is the most REWARDING part of being a Supervisor?

To give correct decision in time of need and implement new ideas.

What is your motto or personal mantra in life?

Take challenges and achieve goals to become a successful Chef

Tell us about a time when you had to develop a plan/ strategy for your team.

When we have less occupancy I conduct training’s which will help them anytime.

How do you help a team member understand how their role contribute to the success of Huvafen Fushi?

I give them training’s and coaching which help them to contribute in their career as well

What does true leadership mean to you?

Understanding the staff, inspiring them and giving them opportunity to share their ideas as well.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years?

I have learned different skills and knowledge from my superior which helped me in culinary section and also became confident enough to manage my operation.

What do you always want to try and never did?

I would like to do sky diving which is one of my dream in my life.

Given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?

If I am given a chance I would like to become General Manager for a day.

If you could change one thing about working here, what would it be?

Everything is perfect for me.



Unforgettable romance. Unmatched settings. Surrender to the beauty of the Maldives. Drift over serene waters on a traditional dhoni. Indulge in transcendent treatments in the Maldives’ only underwater spa. Savour delicate flavours and textures over a romantic private dinner and Champagne breakfast. Huvafen Fushi offers wonderful locations to say ‘I do’ or renew your vows. Our wedding and vow-renewal experiences are intended to allow you to express your passion and love for each other in a magical destination; they are ceremonial rather than legal commitments.


27Different Wedding Packages are available for the guests to choose from. Some of the inclusions are fruit platters, a bottle of wine, wedding ceremonial pavilion decorated with flowers, bridal bouquet of fresh tropical flowers, four flag bearers, complimentary Maldivian sarongs on the wedding day, Two-tier wedding cake, 40 digital photos on a USB stick .

Awaken Romance in the Passionately Discreet Dream Island of Huvafen Fushi.

Huvafen Fushi – August 2018


Dear Dream Makers,

I am pleased to share great news on the progress of the business that we are experiencing now and for the forthcoming months.


As you may remember, in the previous months of May, June, and July, we were struggling to get guests in the resort and the occupancy was extremely low. A number of projects had to be postponed or delayed due to financial challenges. Through consistent hard work from our sales team, keeping the faith and reconnecting with our trade partners, we have turned the situation around. Huvafen Fushi is becoming once again a favorite among the other resorts in the Maldives, not forgetting all the newly opened properties. The occupancy has increased dramatically and this trend is continuing for the forthcoming months. All departments are busy and generating good revenue.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for your hard work and dedication in ensuring that our guests go back home with very fond memories of their stay and spread the word among their friends and family.

Keep up the great work.


9th—10th August 2018


L-R: Mohamed Atheed (Landscape Attendant), Hussain Joodh (HR Coordinator), Hussain Saeed (security Officer), Ashen Himal Ranawera (Steward), Samarathunga Harsgan (Commis), Shiusu Rasheed (Day Auditor) and Ibrahim Khaleel (Landscape Attendant)

The New Colleagues Orientation Programme is designed to provide information about Huvafen Fushi that will help our new team members transition smoothly into their roles.

Seven new team members recently completed their 2 days New Hire Orientation Programme.

During the orientation, the new team members also had a chance to tour our beautiful island and see it’s stunning facilities.


Seven new team members recently completed their 2 days New Hire Orientation Programme.

During the orientation, the new team members also had a chance to tour our beautiful island and see it’s stunning facilities.


We go back to basics and    understand that we all have a preferred way to learn.

During the morning briefing of the HODs they were asked to answer a questionnaire to find out their Learning Style. They later on did this activity in their own departments.Picture3.png

Because most people have a preferred way to learn, it is important to understand the type of learning that best suits others. Some learn best by listening, some have to observe every step, while others have to do it to learn it. The fact is that individuals need all three modalities to truly commit information to memory: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

There is no right or wrong learning style. The point is that there are types of learning that are right for every individual in our team.


14th August  2018

Town Hall Meeting is one of our regular monthly activities. During this event recognitions, awards and  certificates are given to the nominees and winners of the Team Member of the Month for the month.



 Face of the House


Rishwan is one of best waiter from Celsius & Forno team. He has  always shown a great  performance, leading the team by example. He is  proactive, reliable and careful about his job. His efficiency in handling guests have been evident in our guest feedback. Rishwan never raised his voice to  complain about any  issues instead he welcomes more  challenges.


What’s the best thing about winning the tittle Team Member of the Month?  The best thing about winning is that I know I have given by the best and its being recognized by the islanders. 

What has been your favorite project/experience in Huvafen Fushi thus far? Every single day working with wonderful team of Huvafen Fushi is my favorite part of the job. 

What would you like to develop so you can be better in your role?  Knowledge is the biggest part that I want develop in my career because I believe a person never stop learning.

 What projects/tasks/responsibilities are you looking to do MORE of in the next coming months? I want to be present in every training that Huvafen Fushi has been given so that I can implement those skill and knowledge in my job.

 What projects/tasks/responsibilities are you looking to do LESS of in the next coming months? I don’t want to do any less in my job, I want to do more in my career and I believe so far I have been doing great and I will keep doing that.

 What drives & motivates you? Just a simple my manager simply the definition of motivation, always given me challenge and at the same time given advise how to overcome problems. 

 What are three career lessons you’ve learned thus far? Respect, Punctuality, Patience the three words in my heart when I am working with my team, that my manager has taught me with the flow. 

 What are your biggest professional challenges? Difficulty working with multi-cultural colleagues with different style, but over the few moths I have learnt how to overcome or just say I am going

 What is your motto or personal mantra? To be the very best in what I do and giving a good challenge to the very challenge itself.

 What advice would you give to our new team members? Don’t get    demotivated, don’t lose hope look at me few months ago I was just waiter but today I am the proud Employee of the month in Huvafen Fushi      Maldives. So dream come true and keep dreaming.  


 Heart of the HousePicture6.png

Shafee has been doing  breakfast shift without any complain and maintains the standard. He is always  available for destination dining, sandbank lunch, etc. He is flexible with the time and work designated


What’s the best thing about winning the tittle Team Member of the Month?  The feeling of appreciated for the work.

 What has been your favorite project/experience in Huvafen Fushi thus far?  Every day in Huvafenfushi is a day to highlight for me.

 What would you like to develop so you can be better in your role?  Learn more about pastry.

 What projects/tasks/responsibilities are you looking to do MORE of in the next coming months?  To be more flexibility in work and be thorough with our upcoming new menu.

 What projects/tasks/responsibilities are you looking to do LESS of in the next coming months? I am looking forward to take more responsibilities rather than less.

 What drives & motivates you? Work with my supportive good team every day.

 What are three career lessons you’ve learned thus far? Not to cheat on work. Always do the best in what you do. Have confidence to drive your work .

 What are your biggest professional challenges? Until date I have not faced any big challenges with my co-operative team who is always there in time of need..

 What is your motto or personal mantra? Respect time , be always      punctual at your work.

 What advice would you give to our new team members? If you work with strong will without any shortcuts than you can climb up your career ladder without any ease.


You have proven to everyone what quality work is all about. The wheels of your career are spinning in full speed.  Congratulations! Keep going and don’t hit the brakes now.


MOST POPULAR LEADER OF THE YEAR 2017/2018 VOTING – 13th August 2018

As part of the yearly recognitions Huvafen Fushi introduced a brand new award,  “Leader of the Year” which will be selected every year here after.

All the Management Level Team Members (Excluding Huvafen Strategic Team) are entitled for this esteemed award. Our dream team have a total of 19 Management Level Team Members who has been nominated for the past year until up to date.

An equal chance to all the nominees was opened to do their campaign among the team members, as this is an award to see how popular the leaders are among the team members and is not based solely upon their work performances.


HR developed an online voting poll for all the team members to caste their votes for their most favorite leader among the nominees which was opened this morning starting 10am till 5pm.

75% of the Team Members casted their votes. The whole team is looking forward to know the result of the poll, the winner is going to be announced during our upcoming Annual Party, which is scheduled on the 30th of August 2018.

A very Special thank you need to be conveyed to JOODH / HR Coordinator who brought live the idea to an online voting which was first brought to us by our Director of Operations, Mr. Ibrahim Inaz and developed the online voting poll for an unbiased voting for our team members.

The voting was finished with much support from all team members, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere created.


We wish all the nominated Leaders all the very best, and may the most popular leader win.


21st August 2018

With Eid overhead, along with a very busy day to day operations, Huvafen dream team has been planning, and preparing for the day of Eid.

Starting from the detailed decoration covering our Malaafai and staff walk way, the eid prayer, and to the special breakfast and lunch buffet to the late afternoon cultural parade, every event showcased how much effort and preparation our team members has put into making this Eid a memorable celebration.


The Eve of Eid, our team put in valuable hours of time to decorate Malaafai for the following day, with almost all hand crafted decors by the team members.

After Eid prayer, our leaders distributed an Eid welcome drink of Kurumba to all the attendees of Eid Prayer, along with a special breakfast by our dream chefs.

Lunch was again well organized by the chefs, with a sumptuous menu, and carvings of vegetable displays, and creative bread displays as well as a delicious dessert buffet to end the lunch with a sweet note for our dream makers.

It was a delightful start to the day of Eid, and let’s look forward to the next chapter of the day.


21st August 2018

The very Auspicious and distinctive Eid al-Adha, has welcomed upon us today.

Our Dream makers had planned and created a  wonderful mark of this celebration for our guest’s and the whole dream team today. Eid al-Adha being the biggest celebration observed in Maldives, it has since era’s been making a presence in Maldivian Culture and tradition.Picture14.png

Huvafen’s wonderful team has therefore made a  humongous effort, to showcase a little bit of this tradition to our in-house guests as well as the whole dream team.

The late afternoon event was started with music, dancing to the beat of Boduberu, which is a traditional Maldivian drum, that is used to play a mix of songs and dance beats and music for both men and women to perform. Followed by the drummers, the team presented ‘Bodumas’, which is a big Tuna made entirely out of coconut leaves that highlights the rich fishing waters around the Maldives. Bodumas as like tradition was joined by another traditional game, ‘Maali Erun’, a costume parade with people dressed as devils and legends.Picture15.png

And of course we had an amazing group of talented dancers, dancing to the beat of the ever  famous boduberu of Maldives.


The parade was taken to our beautiful stingray beach, where the team displayed the art of all these cultural dances and games, with a lot of fun dance moves, opened for our guests to join as well.


The dance group presented a synchronized dance of ‘Langiri’, a traditional dance performed with wooden sticks, which was organized just for this Eid.


It was a joyous and celebratory day for all our dream makers, and providing a little insight into our tradition for the guests to enjoy and participate as well.




Celebration of Eid is not a one day function for us Maldivians!.. Likewise, on 22nd August the second day of Eid, our team enthusiastically accepted the invitation to play a friendly volleyball match against Baros Maldives.


Inaugurated by our Director of Operations Mr. Ibrahim Inaz and General Manager of Baros Maldives, Mr. Ahmed Jihad, the friendly match was played at the Multipurpose Court of Baros Maldives. With two strong teams to compete, it was a contest of luck to be gambled. Unfortunately our dream team lost the match 3-1, to Baros Maldives, but our players showed an exceptional sportsmanship like always.


Congratulations Baros Maldives for winning this title for the Eid, we look forward to the next match, and until then team, lets keep our spirit up, and build up our game one notch high for the next one!. Well played team, and thank you all the supporters who joined to encourage our players!



23rd August 2018, Yesterday being the third and final day of Eid Celebration in our dream island, HR and float organized a special water sport evening open for all our team members. Available team members took their time to come and join the float team in a horrifying but amusing ride on the fun tube. It was a beautiful day for an evening out in the sea, and like always water-sport had their gears available for our team members enjoyment.


Thank you float for taking your time to provide our team members with a fun evening. And with this fun ride, we wrap this years Eid al-Adha here at Huvafen Fushi, but we wish once more, a very happy and prosperous Eid for you all.


Mini Olympics – 14th Anniversary Celebrations 

We Are finally in the wonderful start of our 14th Anniversary celebrations of our dream island.

The start-has been a very exhilarating 4 hours of gathering with our dream makers at stingray beach, conducting the arranged Mini Olympics between the four selected teams with names given from Huvafen Fushi Brand Traits, #DynamicConnoisseur#SeductiveEmbrace#PassionatelyDiscreet and #FearlessImagination.


It was a sight to behold at the Mini Olympics at how much our team members had encouraged and supported each other, to take part and give their best in each game, but mostly to enjoy themselves.


Mini Olympics included various fun activities such as beach relay, dance on the cloth, water color, finding the coins, turn around and score a goal and finally the deciding round of tug of war to finalize the winning team.


As informed before, between each game, the raffle draw has been taken with of course prizes worthy of value distributed among the draw winners. With 130 draws taken at sting ray beach, our team members, enjoyed a very thrilling afternoon with much competency among the four teams. The rest of the 55 draws was taken at dinner time at our canteen Malaafaiy.40269999_2247721141924428_1215174396977610752_o.jpg

As for any competition there can only be one winner, and the winning team for this celebratory Mini Olympics will be announced at our Anniversary party on 30th of this month.

The team spirit that has been shown today has been applaudable! It always is a pleasure to see the enjoyment and team spirit between our dream makers!

Team, Thank you for your time and support in making this a very very successful start to out celebration!.

Congratulations to all the raffle draw winners, and lets look forward to the event on 30th night.

14th Anniversary – Annual Party

What a splendid celebration has it been for the 14th Anniversary of our Dream island!…


From 28th August till the night of 30th August Huvafen celebrated its 14th year anniversary, with colors, music, and especially with the exemplary togetherness of our dream makers, showing an example of the bond between every department for the success Huvafen has today.

The Anniversary party was set up at our beautiful stingray beach, decorated to match the theme of the party ‘black and white’. Starting with a very special Gala Dinner arranged by our masterminds behind the kitchen, our wonderful team of chefs’, it was the perfect start to the evening. With variety of live cooking stations, of cuisines from around the globe, our chefs managed to deliver the best of dinners our team could have.


With an exciting countdown from our Director of Operations, Mr. Inaz, the party was opened with enthusiasm into the night for all the items on the agenda. Our MC’s for the night with much gratification need to be said was again two of our dream makers, Elleine from HR and Afrah from BD, who showed amazing talent and made sure the party was hosted to perfection.


On stage, director of operations gave a report about the updates of the previous year and an insight into the upcoming year, which was then followed by a presentation from BD highlighting the major sales at the moment into the next year. The moment our team members was waiting was then hosted next following the presentations.

DSC_4715.jpgThe awarding ceremony! For the mini Olympics and the deserving team members of the previous year. A total of seven grand awards were given, which included longs service award, most popular leader of the year, team member of the year for face the house, and team member of the year for heart of the house, supervisor of the year, guest excellence award and finally top seller award.

All the nominees for these awards were called on stage and certificates issued recognizing their tremendous dedication to Huvafen’s success. Congratulations all the nominees and the winners of all the awards!. you all are well deserving, and as mentioned before, deciding the winner for the management has been a challenge this year, as none of you left any space for error in your role. Congratulations again!.


Following awards, the departmental performances were then started, in which every department show cased their wonderful talent. It’s such a pleasure to see the team members enthusiastic energy that has been delivered even through such a busy operation currently.

In between these performances 10 grand prizes wire given through a raffle draw to 10 lucky dream makers. Thank you sponsors for your support in providing us with these prizes!


Like any competition of course one department can only win for their performance, and this year front office shot the ball right out of court with their amazing story behind the performance!

Congratulations guys, and teams well done for all the effort everyone has put in for their acts!.

The last on agenda for the night was opening the dance floor to the team which hosted by none other than DJ Paidey!. It was the perfect end to the night with a good DJ to fill the mood with!

The Anniversary celebration would not have been a success without the help from the dream makers. So an immense thank you to all and every department for making the celebration happen with so much success.


Congratulations to all the winners of the night once again and Thank you dreamers for the amazing work that you do for our dream island!.

Appreciation Gathering for the Dream Makers at Beach Pavilion   

Appreciation is the greatest reward that stays along the line of work.

A great deal of hard work and great minds were behind the success of our 14th Anniversary Celebration. Human Resource Department with the support from Management arranged a gathering In order to appreciate the work of our Dream Makers who excelled beyond expectation during this celebrations.



Our General Manager JC himself with some of the leaders attended this gathering to address these Dream Makers and distribute appreciation letters at our beach pavilion.


Unfortunately not every team member could attend because of the very busy operation, however none of your hard work goes unnoticed.


Thank you each and every individual who took time from their busy schedule and put an amazing effort to make the celebration of the anniversary a grand success.





Huvafen Fushi – July 2018



It’s our 14th year anniversary and we’re really proud to have you as a valuable part of our Dream Team.

This milestone provides us an opportunity to both reflect on our past and to look forward to what has yet to come. Our past prepared Huvafen Fushi for an exciting future. As we celebrate, we say “Thank You” to all of our team members. At the heart of these accomplishments is a great deal of hard work, dedication, and a willingness to take risks to delight our guests and exceed their expectations.

Although we may be tempted to indulge in a self-congratulatory moment on our 14th anniversary, we remain mindful that the hospitality industry is an ever-changing place, and if anything, we must always be fluid, never static. We must think ahead to what the next years will hold. What will the industry look like in future? One wonders what daring innovative designs and business challenges there might be. We must be fearless and bold, tirelessly reinventing to pursue exquisite new experiences.

While we have come a long way, our work is not done! Our passion for delivering “A Sensory Awakening” culture to our guests is unique. Despite the many changes we will undoubtedly make, it is this passion, and our relationships with you, which will remain the foundation for our next years to come. For this we thank you, and here’s to celebrating the next successful years together!

00 Aerial Huvafen Fushi.jpg



We continue to sharpen our Dream Maker’s product knowledge using the fun online platform, Kahoot! This interactive game is not only a game of wit but a game of speed as well. The team members only have 20     seconds to answer each question using their smart phones. A prize is given to the top 3 team members who get the highest scores.



The day has begun anew, with a group discussion to produce brilliant ideas on how we can deliver our culture A Sensory Awakening. After which, the leadership team had a fun energy draining water polo game.



The new menu features a variety of new entrées and appetizers that is guaranteed to usher your taste buds on a culinary journey around the world.

With this wide variety of dishes to choose from, our new menu is created with great care to cater the individual tastes of our guests profiles.

Our wonderful team of dream chefs are at all times, on their feet creating their magic to deliver the best of the culinary world to you, and with this new menu, it would add a more refined and contemporary modern touch to our Main Restaurant, Celsius.



We are committed to developing and enhancing Huvafen’s reputation and appeal as a brand. This is a top priority for Huvafen Fushi. Earlier this year we’ve embarked on a journey to reposition Huvafen Fushi globally, to restore the brand’s relevance to current and future guests and to reinvent and differentiate the experience we deliver. Our goal is to be the best hotel for guests who want a hotel that will give them curated  experiences – something that they can only get in Huvafen Fushi Maldives.

The main objective of the Brand Culture Awareness Sessions is to learn and understand more about how and why Huvafen Fushi is changing, we need to know what’s important to our target guests when they stay with us. Knowing who our guests are helps us to make sure that our   products, processes and people combine to create an experience that adds value to our guests because it’s based on what’s important to them.


EOY – SOY 2017/2018 Nominees gathering with Leaders

Appreciation is a reminder that sticks way far along the road than a reward.

Today, we held a small gathering in recognition of the excellent service our well deserving team members has provided within the last one year.

An organized meeting with afternoon tea was placed at our grand PlayPen, inviting the management, leaders, HODs and our wonderful nominees for Employee of the Year and Supervisor of the Year to share their wonderful experience through 2017 till date.

The gathering was opened by our GM, JC, and every department head was given an equal chance to sell their nominated department team member to the management, followed by a brief speech from each team member. It was a very successful gathering with major highlights to how each of the nominated team member had contributed to an excellent service and how deserving each team member is.


Every nominee stands out on their own and specific way, giving the management team a very difficult decision to make.

As our GM highlighted during this meeting, reaching to this level today, makes every one of the nominated team member a winner, but at the end of the day, we can only have one from Face and Heart of the House for the EOY and one SOY.

May the best team member win, and we applaud each one of you for a job well done. Keep up the good work, and many congratulations to all the nominees and thank you for your wonderful service.


Role Model Workshop – July 2018

Huvafen organised a two days role model workshop for the middle management leaders. A total of twenty four Middle Management Leaders attended this workshop which mainly focused on presenting themselves as a better role model for the Dream Team.

Opened with an inspirational speech by our General Manager – Jean-Christophe Nager, and Director of Operations – Ibrahim Inaz, the workshop targeted a lot of leadership quality based activities as well as covered topics about Huvafen Brand Culture, the service chain and their different personality types.


We would like to convey a very special thank you to Imelda Sutisna-Francisco who took her valuable time to attend and provide training for our leaders.

A successful workshop that all the leaders actively participated was finally brought to a conclusion again by our GM, issuing certificates to all the leaders.


 53rd Independence Day of Maldives – 26 July 2018

“As we remember our national heroes today, let’s renew our pledge to always uphold our national unity so that we can live together in peace and harmony.”


Huvafen Celebrated the 53rd Independence Day of Maldives today, our wonderful team of chef’s prepared a very special lunch menu at Malaafaiy.

The buffet was opened after all team members took part in a moment of hoisting the National Anthem of the Maldives. A beautiful cake representing the National Flag, made by our talented pastry team was then cut by GM along with our Dream Makers.

Dream Team send you and your families very warm wishes of the 53rd Independence Day of Maldives.



TOWN HALL MEETING  – 10th July  2018

Town Hall Meeting is one of our regular monthly activities. During this event recognition’s, awards and  certificates are given to the nominees and winners of the Team Member of the Month for the month.





Nigesh has done lot of improvements on the ordering, receiving, storing, distributing etc.

He has attended night supplies very well and made an attendance sheet that every team member coming to supply unloading has to sign while he is in the jetty. This was an easy reference for us to communicate with department heads.


How do feel winning the tittle Team Member of the Month? 

Feeling very happy & excitement, this is best chance to drill my dedication & attitude level one step more.      

 What is the best thing about your role? 

Attending and fulfilling all the resort requirements day to day basis.

Working with great teams  it helps to gaining my knowledge and also it will helps to creating  good results

 What is the most challenging about your role?

 Handling critical decision and solving problems with resort requirements but it helps my confidence for next step so like this challenges

 How do you deal with difficult situations?

I will be more responsible and conscious at difficult situation so just think the matter and will take cool in mind and will observe to solve smoothly.

 What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

In next 5 year I need to achieve higher position regarding to may work ,and it will reflect to  my life growth

 If your job gave you a surprise three day paid break to rest and recuperate, what would you do with those three days?

I will travel any local island and will enjoy.

 What outdoor activity haven’t you tried, but would like to? 

Beach volley I like

 If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

Now a days should travel any poor country where people can’t get food & shelter for survival. While watching this  can  realize how lucky we are having proper food & shelter even we are criticizing for negligible things

 If you were given a time machine, would you travel back to your past or to your future? Why?

I will not use that. If any changes will occur it’s only for me no one can’t afford it. If it is past or future

 What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or  believing?

I think your 9th question is the best answer for this.


Picture19Manon is one of the best up seller who sold most of the Krug champagne and Seafood platter in Feeling Koi. This helped us to generate a good revenue and increase the average check of the restaurant. She is the one who updates and designs all the new menus for the whole F&B and does all the   internal posters, not only related to F&B but also to other departments. Because of this we save lots of money instead of asking a third party company to do it for us. 




How do feel winning the tittle Team Member of the Month? 

It feels amazing to be recognized for the work you’re doing with passion and professionalism.

 What is the best thing about your role? 

Learning. In F&B department, there are always opportunities to learn; about food, wine, sake, service, cooking methods, bartending etc… Learning is so important for me, and I always try to learn at least one thing every day. Either about my job, or about the nature around me, astronomy, self-development, etc… I do think that learning keeps you motivated in life and avoid you to fall into a routine that will make you nut.

 What is the most challenging about your role?

Being both side administration and operations. It needs a lot of organization to not get overloaded with work.

 How do you deal with difficult situations?

I try to take things easy and always remember that there is no point of worry and getting stressed if you can’t change the situation. And if you can, then why stressing and worrying?

 Gaur Gopal Das, motivational speaker, is a great inspiration for me and the chart below is from him. I always remember this when I have to handle difficult and stressful situations.


What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

I would love to travel around the world, discover everything I can. I am actually planning a trip of few months around India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. On the professional side, I would like to follow a management trainee in F&B after this trip, and eventually become Assistant F&B Director in a luxury resort somewhere in Asia.

If your job gave you a surprise three day paid break to rest and    recuperate, what would you do with those three days?

 I would go to a local island with my friends, as I already did, to learn more about Maldivian culture and habits.

 What outdoor activity haven’t you tried, but would like to? 

I would love to try wakeboarding, wind surfing but also diving that I haven’t done in Maldives yet. I am dreaming about seeing turtles and whale sharks.

 If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I would go to France first, to see my family and friends.

 If you were given a time machine, would you travel back to your past or to your future? Why?

I would go back to the past to enjoy some moments that I didn’t enjoy enough on the right time.

  What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?

I’ve been told that I couldn’t be anything by myself and that the only way I could succeed was by following this someone. Luckily, now, I think that we all are whole without someone else, we are not a fraction but a complete masterpiece all by ourselves. The only person you really need is you.


You have proven to everyone what quality work is all about. The wheels of your career are spinning in full speed. Congratulations! Keep going and don’t hit the brakes now.



This month’s Departmental Theme party was unlike the other parties we have had in the past months. The Spa Team organized amazing activities from morning till evening.


During the day from 11:00 pm – 12:00 pm spa team open underwater viewing and where the team members get a back-neck and shoulder massage of 5mins.


Giguni Beats by Xubba from 5:00 pm to 5:45pm.

Giguni beats is a global journey through dance techniques, Giguni Beats blends sounds, rhythms and movements from across the continents.


Yoga Session by Kamal from 5:45pm to 6:30pm


It was a wonderful day and the evening for all our team members. Especially this evening has been a success with the help of a lot of team members and other departments as well! So, thank you each one of you who supported our wonderful Spa team to make this event ‘WOW’.


Huvafen Fushi – June 2018


Welcome to the 4th edition of our Island Roohu Blog.

0EA1EBF2-4766-4FA3-A615-EF54985EE80BHere we are in the midst of the summer season, a relatively quiet period in terms of number of guests staying with us but a busy time to catch up with all the maintenance and projects to be completed before the start of the busy season. Meanwhile, our Sales & Marketing team is reaching out to the trade and our partners to consolidate and secure business for the months to come. On the property, a large number of travel agents are visiting us and these familiarization trips are essential for our image and for us to be considered as their favorite hotel to send their clients to.

It is always a pleasure to read that they love the vibes at Huvafen Fushi and this is a tribute to all of you. You are the ones creating the “feel good factor”. It is the intangible, a smile, a kind word, the desire to make people happy that make the difference. This is our strength amongst all the new resorts which have great product but have yet to develop a soul.

For all of this, I would like to extend all my thanks and gratitude.


Product knowledge is essential to all the team members of Huvafen Fushi. Understanding our hotel ’s features, products and services allow every team member to accurately and persuasively inform our guests.  Guest responds to enthusiastic team members who are eager, passionate and knowledgeable about our people, products, process, and services.

To make the Product Knowledge campaign fun and exciting, we incorporated          technology. Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform that makes learning fun. The team members use their smart phones to answer the questions and compete to get the first place.  It’s not just a game of knowledge but also a game of speed. Prizes are given to team members who wins the first, second and third place.



Town Hall Meeting is one of our regular monthly activities.  This month’s town hall was held in Malaafaiy, the new staff restaurant.  During this event recognitions, awards and  certificates are given to the nominees and winners of the Team Member of the Month for the month.



Picture2.pngHQ is one of  example team member in the  Engineering Department. He attends and organizes most of the early morning supply unloading for the past month. He helps motivate and   encourage his team members to work during the fasting period. HQ is also involved in many kinds of HR activities and participates to do events with the team. He has also made a plan to help reduce the cost for this 3 months whilst managing project materials and spares that we have in-house.




Tell us something about yourself?

Hi, my name is Hussain Qasim & Friends call me HQ, I’m from South Huvadoo atoll. I have a lovely wife, unfortunately no kids yet. I have studied only up to O’ level. Here in Huvafen Fushi is my first experience working in a resort life and its wow! So, Make sure I am very friendly… & I love to respect colleagues as by understanding their passions.

What is the best thing about your role?

I am not sure about the best thing on my role here, but always I talk, discuss and try to complete the tasks on time or will find the solution! And I have noticed that all the staffs’ trust me on regarding coordinating any work issues.

What is the most challenging about your role?

Sometimes it seems some requested materials were receiving by too late, it was due to supply / logistics issues or unavailability. Anyhow in such cases we have to find other alternative solutions to fix the problems, so it’s little challenging issue in order to coordinate the Engineering and Maintenance defects.

What is your proudest moment here in Huvafen Fushi?

Every day in every duty I am happy to be on time, and attend as much as earlier to any request and to be done the tasks ASAP, When the day-to-day works were done by daily is a pleasure for me!

How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

It’s a dream to fill the post of Maintenance Manager or Project Manager here in Huvafen,  And also I wish if I change my  department I can think of Purchasing Assistant within few years.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

The interesting thing I have seen in this week was that news about SATA Awards from a local newspaper saying that SATA awards 2018 Evaluation for Maldives completed and headed to Sri Lanka on 23rd June. And the Most interesting part is that        Evaluation Panel was an all women Expert Panel. & Huvafen Fushi was Nominated in 3 categories!

If you will be stranded alone in an island and you can only bring 1 thing, what would that be and why?

A Knife! Because I believe that a knife is most helpful thing me to survive if just I can choose 1 thing.

 If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

If I could travel anywhere, I will TRY travel to the Moon, just make sure that Neil Armstrong or America was wrong!

If you could possess one superpower, what would that be and how are you going to use it?

Once I got such a chance, I would like to be the President of North Korea, and make my people happy and free, to the world!

Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with five million dollars inside? Why?

Of cause Money, because I don’t believe in true love on the other hand money can BUY many TRUE loves & We all are working for Money!


Picture3.pngSince joining on board the team, Vicky has proven himself to be a great all rounder in and outside his department. A humble individual with the passion to strive beyond his limits. He not only assists but also plays an active role by being     present whenever needed. His genuine and sincere commitment to undertake any task handed in his care is outstanding.






Tell us something about yourself?

I am person who is very friendly and wants to travel a lot. I like to dance, draw and wants to keep occupied myself at all the times. 

What is the best thing about your role?

Dealing with people that I have never met in my life, answering their calls and fulfilling their needs.

What is the most challenging about your role?

 I don’t have any challenges. I have an amazing team we look out for each other .

 What is your proudest moment here in Huvafen Fushi?

Fifa World Cup 2018 arena set up for our guests.

How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I see myself in a senior position managing important portfolio of this company.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

Ellen DeGeneres show

If you will be stranded alone in an island and you can only bring 1 thing, what would that be and why?

Quran because it will keep me company and fearless

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

Australia. It was a dream when I was studying school.

If you could possess one superpower, what would that be and how are you going to use it?

A time traveler because I can travel anywhere anytime I want.

Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with five million dollars inside? Why?

I would prefer the suitcase with five million dollars  because I don’t believe in true love and I can continue my life with starting  a good business with the money. Hehehe


You have proven to everyone what quality work is all about. The wheels of your career are spinning in full speed. Congratulations! Keep going and don’t hit the brakes now.



RAMADAN FUTSAL CUP  –  4th June 2018

Ramadan Futsal Cup is an event that Huvafen Fushi organizes for all the team members every year during the Ramadan Month .This year we have 8 participating teams with a  total of 75 players. All the matches were played in the evening after Tharaweeh prayer.

The first round was played between 4 teams in group A & B and the best 2 teams from each group A and B went to the semi-final. The Semi-Final 1st match was played between Team Heena and Team Nine Two and semi-final second match was played between Team Wadde and Team Aiman.


The champion, Team Aiman received a Gold Medal, Certificate & cash voucher worth  MRF 5000.  While the runner-up, Team 92 received a Silver Medal, certificate & cash voucher worth MRF 1000.  Five team members were also awarded and recognized as Promising Players. They are Aiman and Idhham from Team Aiman, Nine Two and Ameen from Team 92, and  Appy from Team Wadde.



Picture6The Ramadan fishing competition (masreys), is one of the competition that has been carried out every year for the team members.  This year, three exciting teams led by their enthusiastic foreman joined the competition . Team leynaaru, Team Femunu, and Team Marlin.

After a very competitive race, Team Leynaaru took a huge lead with an amazing catch of 18.75kg and thus taking the championship for this year!

They were awarded with the winning trophy and  a sandbank trip.

Team Femunu being the runner up, won themselves a wonderful BBQ night.

Unfortunately Team Marlin had no catch at the time of weighing.


DIGU COMPETITION – 11th June 2018

One of the famous games Maldivians like to adhere specially during the after hours of Ramadan, is a card game known as Digu which literally means ‘Gin’ and is a 10-card Rummy game.

This competition was held for 3 consecutive nights starting on the evening of June 7th. The competition was carried between two members of each team by a knockout system. Semi final of two matches were played between the four teams who scored the     highest in the first round. The final and deciding round was held between, Team Dhonbe with Putin and Team Ibbe with Nazim, where Team Dhonbe won the championship with an amazing score.



Held between a group of 8 team members, the PlayStation Competition was one big success yet again for our Ramdan activities!.

A total of 12 matches were held in the first stage of the competition, qualifying 4 team members to the semifinal round. With a very competitive atmosphere, the final match was held between, Huthy from Business Department against Rishwaan from F & B Service. The match ended in a score of 2 – 0 giving this Ramadan PS Championship to Huthy.



The 2018 FIFA World Cup is the 21st FIFA World Cup, a quadrennial international football tournament where everybody is excited to watch and cheer for their favorite teams.


Our colleagues from Front Office went the extra mile to  decorate Lair and turn it into a FIFA World Cup fanatic lounge for our guests.

Great artwork and creativity from the team!  

worldcup setup staff area.jpg


Champion Team “Team Aiman”, arranged a party for all the team members to celebrate winning their victory of year’s  Ramadan Futsal Cup 2018.

The celebration party was held in Dream Café where the winning team decorated the place with balloons and lights, and prepared snacks for everyone.


GALA NIGHT –  29th June  2018

This month’s party was hosted by the F&B Kitchen team. The dinner was held at Stingray beach where other departments’ also helped to set up the place.


The dinner was such a hit to all the team members! The menu was a mix of local and        international dishes and everything from the soup to the dessert were really delicious. To add up to this special night, the F&B Kitchen team also had 5 live stations for the team. A sushi and tempura station, Fry station, Kotu station, Noodles & pasta station,  and a Grill station. The team members couldn’t help but get seconds and thirds of servings!


Aside from the delicious food, the F&B Kitchen team also opened a bar for the team and live music courtesy of Nemi. Our chef by day, Dj by night team member.


Kudos to the F&B Kitchen team!


MANAGEMENT HUDDLE –  18th June  2018

The morning Management Huddle was all about the Brand Trait, Fearless Imagination. The leaders were asked to come up with ideas on how we will  demonstrate this brand traits to our guest.

Before the brain storming activity, the leaders had an fun Maldivian Guguni dance led by Xubba, Spa Manager. The Guguni is a traditional Maldivian dance where little bells are wrapped around the anklet that makes a jingling sound with every movement.


Global Wellness Day 2018

Huvafen Fushi celebrated the Global Wellness Day with its stunning in-house guests .


International Yoga Day

Celebration of “International Yoga Day” on Thursday 21st of June at Huvafen Fushi, with many different complimentary yoga sessions around the day from sunrise till sunset.