MarcDear Islanders,

Welcome to the month four update of our Roohu island blog.

Wow! A lot of things have happened during the month of July. First, let’s start off with the first ever Baa Atoll Summer Festival 2018, organised by Amilla Fushi, Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru, Dusit Thani, Soneva Fushi, Vakkaru and our very own Finolhu where we are born to play from 20th July to 3rd August 2018. The first-of-its-kind a “Resort Dine Around” concept that will act as a platform to enable Baa Atoll hospitality players to come together, exchange knowledge and learnings, to drive awareness and attract premium clienteles to the off season.

In addition, we are seeing unprecedented occupancy growth in the remainder of 2018 and more so in 2019 due to some higher successful worldwide sales and marketing campaigns.

Another project that we are working on with our Marine biologist, Michaela Richter is the introduction of Parley and the role it plays—not only for the benefit of our island community but also for the betterment of our ecosystem. We aim to become single-use plastic-free resort and therefore, I encourage you all to take the simple steps and do what you can now and be part of our plastic-free campaign.

We look for your support to champion various garbage segregation efforts that we are undertaking. We have many areas in place now and hope to conclude all processes by the end of August.

Lastly, Chinese market is our top leading clientele mix for the off season and with that, we initiated and kicked off “Are We China Ready?” by means of adding variety of foods offered specifically for our growing Chinese market.

I am very proud to lead so many talented islanders who all share a passion for breakthrough innovation. Together, we will work to open doors for our guests so they have access to more business return opportunities for ultimate success. We don’t just simply respond to customers, we try to anticipate trends as well.

And I am honoured to share this wonderful Finolhu journey with you all.

Yours sincerely,

Marc Reader


Our culinary team from pastry, Chef Chamika De Silva was selected to be trained for 1 week in Bangkok with the help of our supplier Elle & Vire and Boiron. It was a meaningful training as he enhanced his knowledge of the techniques and also the brands that we are using in our daily operation.


Our amazing Chef Ahmed Usman had the opportunity to be trained by one of the Chinese Chef in Australia, Chef Guihoi Luo to enhance his skills with dim sim and sort of Chinese cuisines where he can utilize and share to his colleagues in Kanusan for daily operations.

WORLD CHOCOLATE DAY – 7th of July 2018

Finolhu Baa Atoll celebrates World Chocolate Day, which falls on July 7, with a special chocolate making class activity which invites our beloved kids in house to discover new chocolate creations. The event was spearheaded by Chef Arun (Executive Pastry Chef).



Baa Atoll Summer Festival was one of the highlights of July Month as we showcase our signature dish in Kanusan where a guests from other resort experienced the marvelous Kanusan set menu last July 23 and 30, 2018.


The Maldives gained total independence from the British on 26 July 1965. However, the British continued to maintain an air base on the island of Gan in the southernmost atoll until 1976. The British departure in 1976 at the height of the Cold War almost immediately triggered foreign speculation about the future of the air base.

Finolhu celebrated Maldives Independence day on 26 July 2018. The day started with Flag hosting event in Red Carpet by the Resort Manager, Marc Reader.

To celebrate this special day, our kitchen team presented a very Special Dinner. Maldivian food is some of the best. Here are some of our favourite Maldivian dishes. We guarantee that these pictures of Maldivian food will cause some serious cravings.









KITCHEN MONTHLY COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENTAL MEETING –                          28th of July 2018

Every month, kitchen team gather to discuss the updates happened for the whole month such as business updates, newly joined team member, feedbacks on previous events, upcoming events, Food safety audit reports, Guest feedback, etc. to let all the team members aware of the happenings in the operation and the island as well.



How to use All-purpose Cleaner (Oasis 133) by Chok Rana




How to make Coconut Sambal by Chef Nuwan


How to make Chocolate Panacotta by Chef Chamika De Silva



How to make Mesclun Salad by Chef Chouki Dhan Rai


What is Wellness?

Wellness means living in a state of optimal health, well-being, and vitality, and you invest money, time and energy in the things that help you achieve it. That includes a good diet, exercise, and treatments like massage and bodywork that keeps you functioning at your best.

What is massage?

Massage is a manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being.

Some of the benefits of massage are;

  • To reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain.


Dear Finolhu lovers, Kanusan Restaurant (Asian cuisine) has received an award for the “Best Asian Fusion Restaurant “ in the Indian Ocean Continent with World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2018.


Inter-resort Football Tournament commenced on 28 July with 8 resorts in Eydhafushi, divided into 2 groups. Group A with Vakkaru, Dusit Thani Maldives, Soneva Fushi and Amilla Fushi and Group B with Royal Island, Finolhu, Anantara Kihava and Milaidhoo. Finolhu won their first match against Royal Island with a score of 2-1. Semi-final matches are scheduled on 11th and 12 August 2018. Final will be played on 13th August 2018.


Rocksta Winner




Huvafen Fushi – July 2018



It’s our 14th year anniversary and we’re really proud to have you as a valuable part of our Dream Team.

This milestone provides us an opportunity to both reflect on our past and to look forward to what has yet to come. Our past prepared Huvafen Fushi for an exciting future. As we celebrate, we say “Thank You” to all of our team members. At the heart of these accomplishments is a great deal of hard work, dedication, and a willingness to take risks to delight our guests and exceed their expectations.

Although we may be tempted to indulge in a self-congratulatory moment on our 14th anniversary, we remain mindful that the hospitality industry is an ever-changing place, and if anything, we must always be fluid, never static. We must think ahead to what the next years will hold. What will the industry look like in future? One wonders what daring innovative designs and business challenges there might be. We must be fearless and bold, tirelessly reinventing to pursue exquisite new experiences.

While we have come a long way, our work is not done! Our passion for delivering “A Sensory Awakening” culture to our guests is unique. Despite the many changes we will undoubtedly make, it is this passion, and our relationships with you, which will remain the foundation for our next years to come. For this we thank you, and here’s to celebrating the next successful years together!

00 Aerial Huvafen Fushi.jpg



We continue to sharpen our Dream Maker’s product knowledge using the fun online platform, Kahoot! This interactive game is not only a game of wit but a game of speed as well. The team members only have 20     seconds to answer each question using their smart phones. A prize is given to the top 3 team members who get the highest scores.



The day has begun anew, with a group discussion to produce brilliant ideas on how we can deliver our culture A Sensory Awakening. After which, the leadership team had a fun energy draining water polo game.



The new menu features a variety of new entrées and appetizers that is guaranteed to usher your taste buds on a culinary journey around the world.

With this wide variety of dishes to choose from, our new menu is created with great care to cater the individual tastes of our guests profiles.

Our wonderful team of dream chefs are at all times, on their feet creating their magic to deliver the best of the culinary world to you, and with this new menu, it would add a more refined and contemporary modern touch to our Main Restaurant, Celsius.



We are committed to developing and enhancing Huvafen’s reputation and appeal as a brand. This is a top priority for Huvafen Fushi. Earlier this year we’ve embarked on a journey to reposition Huvafen Fushi globally, to restore the brand’s relevance to current and future guests and to reinvent and differentiate the experience we deliver. Our goal is to be the best hotel for guests who want a hotel that will give them curated  experiences – something that they can only get in Huvafen Fushi Maldives.

The main objective of the Brand Culture Awareness Sessions is to learn and understand more about how and why Huvafen Fushi is changing, we need to know what’s important to our target guests when they stay with us. Knowing who our guests are helps us to make sure that our   products, processes and people combine to create an experience that adds value to our guests because it’s based on what’s important to them.


EOY – SOY 2017/2018 Nominees gathering with Leaders

Appreciation is a reminder that sticks way far along the road than a reward.

Today, we held a small gathering in recognition of the excellent service our well deserving team members has provided within the last one year.

An organized meeting with afternoon tea was placed at our grand PlayPen, inviting the management, leaders, HODs and our wonderful nominees for Employee of the Year and Supervisor of the Year to share their wonderful experience through 2017 till date.

The gathering was opened by our GM, JC, and every department head was given an equal chance to sell their nominated department team member to the management, followed by a brief speech from each team member. It was a very successful gathering with major highlights to how each of the nominated team member had contributed to an excellent service and how deserving each team member is.


Every nominee stands out on their own and specific way, giving the management team a very difficult decision to make.

As our GM highlighted during this meeting, reaching to this level today, makes every one of the nominated team member a winner, but at the end of the day, we can only have one from Face and Heart of the House for the EOY and one SOY.

May the best team member win, and we applaud each one of you for a job well done. Keep up the good work, and many congratulations to all the nominees and thank you for your wonderful service.


Role Model Workshop – July 2018

Huvafen organised a two days role model workshop for the middle management leaders. A total of twenty four Middle Management Leaders attended this workshop which mainly focused on presenting themselves as a better role model for the Dream Team.

Opened with an inspirational speech by our General Manager – Jean-Christophe Nager, and Director of Operations – Ibrahim Inaz, the workshop targeted a lot of leadership quality based activities as well as covered topics about Huvafen Brand Culture, the service chain and their different personality types.


We would like to convey a very special thank you to Imelda Sutisna-Francisco who took her valuable time to attend and provide training for our leaders.

A successful workshop that all the leaders actively participated was finally brought to a conclusion again by our GM, issuing certificates to all the leaders.


 53rd Independence Day of Maldives – 26 July 2018

“As we remember our national heroes today, let’s renew our pledge to always uphold our national unity so that we can live together in peace and harmony.”


Huvafen Celebrated the 53rd Independence Day of Maldives today, our wonderful team of chef’s prepared a very special lunch menu at Malaafaiy.

The buffet was opened after all team members took part in a moment of hoisting the National Anthem of the Maldives. A beautiful cake representing the National Flag, made by our talented pastry team was then cut by GM along with our Dream Makers.

Dream Team send you and your families very warm wishes of the 53rd Independence Day of Maldives.



TOWN HALL MEETING  – 10th July  2018

Town Hall Meeting is one of our regular monthly activities. During this event recognition’s, awards and  certificates are given to the nominees and winners of the Team Member of the Month for the month.





Nigesh has done lot of improvements on the ordering, receiving, storing, distributing etc.

He has attended night supplies very well and made an attendance sheet that every team member coming to supply unloading has to sign while he is in the jetty. This was an easy reference for us to communicate with department heads.


How do feel winning the tittle Team Member of the Month? 

Feeling very happy & excitement, this is best chance to drill my dedication & attitude level one step more.      

 What is the best thing about your role? 

Attending and fulfilling all the resort requirements day to day basis.

Working with great teams  it helps to gaining my knowledge and also it will helps to creating  good results

 What is the most challenging about your role?

 Handling critical decision and solving problems with resort requirements but it helps my confidence for next step so like this challenges

 How do you deal with difficult situations?

I will be more responsible and conscious at difficult situation so just think the matter and will take cool in mind and will observe to solve smoothly.

 What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

In next 5 year I need to achieve higher position regarding to may work ,and it will reflect to  my life growth

 If your job gave you a surprise three day paid break to rest and recuperate, what would you do with those three days?

I will travel any local island and will enjoy.

 What outdoor activity haven’t you tried, but would like to? 

Beach volley I like

 If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

Now a days should travel any poor country where people can’t get food & shelter for survival. While watching this  can  realize how lucky we are having proper food & shelter even we are criticizing for negligible things

 If you were given a time machine, would you travel back to your past or to your future? Why?

I will not use that. If any changes will occur it’s only for me no one can’t afford it. If it is past or future

 What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or  believing?

I think your 9th question is the best answer for this.


Picture19Manon is one of the best up seller who sold most of the Krug champagne and Seafood platter in Feeling Koi. This helped us to generate a good revenue and increase the average check of the restaurant. She is the one who updates and designs all the new menus for the whole F&B and does all the   internal posters, not only related to F&B but also to other departments. Because of this we save lots of money instead of asking a third party company to do it for us. 




How do feel winning the tittle Team Member of the Month? 

It feels amazing to be recognized for the work you’re doing with passion and professionalism.

 What is the best thing about your role? 

Learning. In F&B department, there are always opportunities to learn; about food, wine, sake, service, cooking methods, bartending etc… Learning is so important for me, and I always try to learn at least one thing every day. Either about my job, or about the nature around me, astronomy, self-development, etc… I do think that learning keeps you motivated in life and avoid you to fall into a routine that will make you nut.

 What is the most challenging about your role?

Being both side administration and operations. It needs a lot of organization to not get overloaded with work.

 How do you deal with difficult situations?

I try to take things easy and always remember that there is no point of worry and getting stressed if you can’t change the situation. And if you can, then why stressing and worrying?

 Gaur Gopal Das, motivational speaker, is a great inspiration for me and the chart below is from him. I always remember this when I have to handle difficult and stressful situations.


What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

I would love to travel around the world, discover everything I can. I am actually planning a trip of few months around India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. On the professional side, I would like to follow a management trainee in F&B after this trip, and eventually become Assistant F&B Director in a luxury resort somewhere in Asia.

If your job gave you a surprise three day paid break to rest and    recuperate, what would you do with those three days?

 I would go to a local island with my friends, as I already did, to learn more about Maldivian culture and habits.

 What outdoor activity haven’t you tried, but would like to? 

I would love to try wakeboarding, wind surfing but also diving that I haven’t done in Maldives yet. I am dreaming about seeing turtles and whale sharks.

 If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I would go to France first, to see my family and friends.

 If you were given a time machine, would you travel back to your past or to your future? Why?

I would go back to the past to enjoy some moments that I didn’t enjoy enough on the right time.

  What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?

I’ve been told that I couldn’t be anything by myself and that the only way I could succeed was by following this someone. Luckily, now, I think that we all are whole without someone else, we are not a fraction but a complete masterpiece all by ourselves. The only person you really need is you.


You have proven to everyone what quality work is all about. The wheels of your career are spinning in full speed. Congratulations! Keep going and don’t hit the brakes now.



This month’s Departmental Theme party was unlike the other parties we have had in the past months. The Spa Team organized amazing activities from morning till evening.


During the day from 11:00 pm – 12:00 pm spa team open underwater viewing and where the team members get a back-neck and shoulder massage of 5mins.


Giguni Beats by Xubba from 5:00 pm to 5:45pm.

Giguni beats is a global journey through dance techniques, Giguni Beats blends sounds, rhythms and movements from across the continents.


Yoga Session by Kamal from 5:45pm to 6:30pm


It was a wonderful day and the evening for all our team members. Especially this evening has been a success with the help of a lot of team members and other departments as well! So, thank you each one of you who supported our wonderful Spa team to make this event ‘WOW’.



Message from Resort Manager

Dearest Islanders,Resort Manager

In the blink of an eye, the month of July vanished and the great news is that we have managed to fit in so much day by day.

Among our achievements, as one family with countless hours of hard work and dedication …

We proudly launched the Baa Atoll festival, the first ever in this part of the world

We celebrated the Maldives Independence Day for our dear islanders and guests

We welcomed many media, blog influencers and top agents/partners from Russia and other countries

We organized an exhibition rematch of France vs Belgium in honour of our notable guest and professional footballer, Tim Cahill

We lived the FIFA world cup tournament at the Bazaar Bar with our dear guests

We focused on our Guest Experience Mid-Year Review

We successfully introduced the WIFi Access Log-in procedure for guests… and most importantly we positively closed our room revenue targets – Congratulations!

The overall guest experience and feedback have been amazing, the Residence occupancy is gaining interest with families and our beautifully appointed water houses were almost on a back to back mode for the whole month. From the dining experience, the HUB to Jaavu Spa, all the teams were engaged to deliver our promise to our guests, without forgetting our dear counsellors at the Sultan’s Village, who have attentively accommodated over 20 kids on a daily basis!  In a nutshell, Amilla has lived up to her reputation as #IslandBliss.

On a more wonderful note, our heartfelt congratulations go to Feeling Koi Team for successively winning the Luxury Waterside Restaurant Award and Japanese Cuisine Continent Award during the World Luxury Restaurant Award 2018. Our hats off also to our dear Jaavu Spa islanders who also was acclaimed 2018 winner for Luxury Beach Resort Spa.

Business on the books for August is going well, we shall be busier than July and hence another great opportunity to create rich experiences for our guests. Good to mention as well, that our training room is back on rail with its training calendar – kindly ensure that all our new islanders join the orientation program and lastly our beloved Amilla Football Team has begun the inter-resort tournament, we wish them the best of luck!

Thank you all for your continuous effort and let’s make August, a month filled with fun and rich experiences!




Our Managers woke up early on Monday morning to attend a UFC session with our trainer Genevieve from Finolhu and get ready for some brain teaser games followed by a breakfast full of energy to complete a brand traits brainstorming about how to implement new ideas into the resort and among the islanders: How can we keep our workplace safe, clean and tidy? How to overcome negativity in the work place and turn it into a positive? How to recreate/ enhance islander engagement for increased retention and motivation? Enhancing marketing around the resort to ensure better up and cross selling of guest experiences?

Keep the work up!


School Visit -09th July

On Monday July 9th 2018, we received 13 students from Baa Atoll School with their teacher Dr. Gunston David and parent for a school visit of the resort. They were mainly interested in Rooms Division, F&B Service, Kitchen and Sales. All departments gave them a warm welcome and shared their skills in order to offer them the best service highlighting our brands traits.

Thank you Haisham and Naufa for the Natural Allure houses tour, Upul, Anthony and Azizbek for the mocktails and Intuitive Generous service, Shifaz and Ekaterina for the explanation of the F&B outlets, Chef Ruben and the Kitchen team for the Rich lunch Experience and cooking class, and Alia for the sales presentation and souvenirs. We will certainly organize a future Idyllic Escape in our sister property – Finolhu – for them to experience other Groovy facilities.

[Dr. Gunston David – “First I personally thank you and the whole team of the resort in giving such an opportunity. The visit, training from chef, and all are useful for our students“]


Friendly Football Match – Preparing for the Upcoming Inter-Resort Football Tournament

As a part of preparing on the upcoming Inter-Resort Football Tournament, Amilla Football team played a Friendly Match against Kihaadhoo team on 10th July 2018 in Kihaadhoo football pitch.

The match was won by Amilla Team by Score of 2-1

This is a good start for the Amilla Football Team since we have some great teams participating in this year’s Football Tournament.

Amilla Fushi played their first match of the tournament on 30th July against Dusit Thani. Although, we were not lucky for our first match, the team is determined to advance to the final. Best of Luck Amilla Team!


Exhibition Match – Amilla World Cup Match Final Re-Match

Amilla Fushi has organized an Exhibition Match (Re-Match) of last Amilla World Cup Final on 14th July 2018, including a “Twilight Affair”  in Amilla Arena. The event was organized in honour of a famous in-house VIP guest “Tim Cahill”, Australian National Team football player.

This Exhibition match was a rematch of the final match of Amilla World Cup, “ Belgium vs France”. The match was won by Belgium with a score of 5-3 and the boys of Tim Cahill played in both of the team.  After the match, teams received certificates and trophies from our guest of honour, Tim Cahill. Islanders got the chance to take pictures with a famous footballer, which was a memorable event for us.


53rd Maldives Independence Day Celebration

unnamedAmilla Fushi has celebrated the 53rd Maldives Independence on 26th July 2018.

The program commenced in the morning with the Republic of Maldives Flag hosted by our CEO- Mark Hehir, in the Sultan’s Village.  Both islanders and guests participated in this event.



Followed by a special traditional dress up “ Twilight Affair” for our guests organized by F&B Team and special meals were prepared for islanders in IceGe by the Kitchen Team.

The evening was engaged with the Monthly Communication Meeting “Jalsa” hosted by the Engineering Team with a beautiful traditional setup. Islanders were welcomed with a Maldivian Coconut “ Kurumba” drink and performance from Local Boduberu Group for the occasion.

In addition, each islander received a decorative cup cake from Management as a special amenity of Maldives Independence Day.



Presidential Election Re-registration Day

As part of preparing the upcoming presidential election this year,  Amilla Fushi has registered in Maldives Election Commission to keep a vote ballot box in the resort.

To get the maximum number of islanders to re-register under Amilla Fushi ballot box, we took the initiative by organizing a vote pre-registration day outside the IceGe on 28th July 2018. As per the Circular from Maldives Election Commission, Amilla should have at least 100 islanders registered under the resort to keep the ballot box vote on the island.


Karaoke Night at Kobabaa

Amilla Fushi organized a Karaoke Night for the Islanders on 29th July 2018, in Kobabaa

Participants really enjoyed the show  in different languages, as many were able to join the evening after a busy schedule of work.

We look forward to welcoming  more participants for the upcoming event, where a competition will be held, to select the best talented artist.




Welcome 1Welcome 2Welcome

Jalsa – June 2018 Awards and Recognition

Rockstar Winner –  Ahmed Mu’uthazzu (Assistant Katheeb) 


Reason for Nomination: Mr. Mu’thaz (Longey) is a very flexible and hardworking employ in our team. Longey look after a group of friends (total 27 pax) who stayed in Residence and beach houses nearly a month. He fulfill all the guests request on time and the requests are very high demand and tough.

What he has done:

Looked after the guest from 15th Jun – 12th July 2018 a total of 27 Pax

Upon arrival guest had multiple requests which he organized in a professional manner.

Additional TV’s  to the living room

Printer setup in the house

Re-arranging the rooms according to their specification

Assisted them while they cooked in the residences and cleaned after them

Started working in the morning 08:30 and remain at their side until they go to sleep.

Arranged transfer for guest who was always going to airport to pick up someone and return which was always last minute.

Escorted them where ever they go (in and out of the island)

Also his effort to maintain the conditions of residences is a great example for other Asst. Katheeb/a. He always check all the vacant residence and conditions of residence buggy’s and inform seniors or Residence operations manager if there is anything needed to be completed

Jalsa – June 2018 Awards and Recognition

Superhero Winner – Koshila I. Liyanage (Reservations Agent) 


Koshila performs very well and with great confidence dealing with customer requests and putting extra effort on pushing direct bookings while doing her own follow-ups. During this challenging and heavy booking period, she was always willing to help and take additional tasks such as handling the daily check lists of 1 resort on her own, when her supervisor is away.

She contributes a lot for the department in terms of volunteering to work longer hours without affecting her assigned working hours. She supports her seniors very well and takes directions very effectively and positively. Therefore, Koshila is nominated as a Super Hero for the month of June 2018 in reservation department for her continuous excellent performance, her friendly attitude with all the islanders and valuable contribution to the company during this healthy booking period.

Best Up Sellers – June 2018

Best Up Seller


Amilla Thari – GM Service Charge June 2018

Amilla Thari.JPG

Text Neck / Tech Neck & iHunch / iPosture

If the above words sound totally weird to you, wecan assure you they are far closer to your daily life than you can imagine!

Take a moment to think of how many hours you spend looking down at your phone during the day…

A recent study shows that 79% of the population between the ages 18 and 44 have their cell phones with them almost all the time—with only 2 hours of their waking day spent without their cell phone on hand!!

Ever wondered what happens when you use your phone?

The human head weighs about 10 pounds. The more you tilt your head forward and down, the more the weight felt by your neck increases. So tilting your head 30 degrees is like making your neck lift 40 pounds. A 60-degree tilt is equivalent to 60 pounds of force.

You wouldn’t put a 60-pound weight on your neck every time you look at your phone, would you?


But that’s the force you’re putting on your cervical spine when tilting your head down every time you use your phone!

Text / Tech neck is the term used to describe the neck pain and damage sustained from looking down at your cell phone, tablet, or other wireless devices too frequently and for too long.


iHunch / iPosture are terms used to describe the common spinal problem of an excessively hunched thoracic spine with forward head and poking chin posture.

Symptoms of these conditions include:

·Muscle soreness and spasm

·Chronic muscle pain and fatigue along the neck and the mid-back
·Movement loss
·Nerve root irritation
·Referred pain down the arm
And many more…


As these conditions are worryingly getting more and more popular among our young generations, here are 5 easy tips that can help reduce the risk of back and neck problems:

Practice some kind of movement and stretch daily – Yoga is great!

Massage your shoulders, your neck, and the area between your shoulder blades or visit Javvu Spa for a massage with the specialists J

If you use your phone for more than ten minutes, make sure to periodically move your head slowly in all directions, stretching your muscles.

Be mindful of your posture when using your phone: hold it at your eye level so that you don’t have to tilt your head Forward

Use your phone less and mingle with people more!!!


Monday, 09 July 2018

A cupcake decorating class was arranged for lovely little guests and students of Baa Atoll School who visited Amilla Fushi

on 9th July 2018. The kids enjoyed learning our cupcake secrets in a fun way.



To celebrate 4th of July America Independence Day and FIFA World Cup Finals between France and Croatia,

our pastry team has made special turndown amenities for all in-house guests.

America Independence Day

As part of America’s independence day celebration, our IceGe Islanders dining café culinary team prepared special American dishes, which were truly enjoyed by the team.

14th of July Bastille Day (France National Day)

Bastille Day is a day of celebrations of French culture and we at Amilla celebrated 14th July with a special Lunch a la carte menu in Emperor Beach Club prepared by Culinary Team, led by Executive Chef Lucas such as Tournedos Rossi, Quiche Lorraine, Beef Tartare, Foie Gras to commemorate France National Day.



Saturday, 07 July 2018

Chocolate lovers had the time of their lives at Amilla Fushi on World Chocolate Day on 7th July. We have invited

guests of all ages in Emperor Beach Club for an afternoon tea delight with variety of best chocolate desserts prepared by Culinary Pastry Team.


Apart from Afternoon Tea Delight, we have also invited our little guests for chocolate making class.

A great introduction to the kids who were so passionate to enter the world of chocolate making.

Baa Atoll Summer Festival


“Co-Hosted Together By Six Resorts namely Soneva Fushi, Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru, Dusit Thani, Vakkaru Maldives and Finolhu, It’s About To Be “Better In Baa” With A Two-Week Long Summer Festival In Baa Atoll”

This first ever and one-of-its-kind festival started on 20th July till 3rd August 2018, bringing the best of each resort that has to offer in the dining scene.

Amilla Fushi presents our award-winning signature restaurant FEELING KOI  for other resorts to experience the flavours with us.

20th Opening day cocktails on the beach

28th Evening cocktails with live music by Filza  and Izakaya dinner with 33 pax

21st Evening cocktails with live music by Filza cocktails and Izakaya dinner with 24 pax

3rd August is the closing ceremony at the sand bank.

Baa Atoll Summer Festival Celebration

“IZAKAYA Dinner at Feeling Koi” | Saturdays, 21st July and 28th July

Executive Chef Lucas brought forth Izayaka menu boasting a variety of traditional and modern Japanese dishes made for sharing. A fabulous dining experience!

“Italian Themed Night at Barolo Grill” | Tuesday, 24th July 2018

We strive to give our guests an authentic Italian dining experience and we didn’t fail. Guests enjoyed the restaurant’s atmosphere and scrumptious Italian set menu, crafted and inspired by Chef de Cuisine Ruben.

FIFA World Cup

Commencing from 14th June, we have been telecasting all the FIFA world cup matches at the Baazaar bar for our guests  and at Imax for our islanders. The final match was on 15th July, when France was acclaimed as World Champion, over Croatia.

Congratulations to all Supporters!



Feeling Koi was the winner of World luxury Restaurant Awards

Luxurious Maldives home-from-home, Amilla Fushi Resort, has launched Feeling Koi, a breath-taking new overwater signature restaurant that offers authentic modern Japanese dining presented in playful, Latin-influenced style. Shared dishes are prepared using the finest quality ingredients, with simple, exquisite presentation given a Latin twist.

Brainchild of The Small Maldives Island Co. CEO and Curator Mark Hehir, Feeling Koi was inspired by Mr. Hehir’s extensive culinary adventures and experience, including several years as a chef in Tokyo.

Bringing informal, laid-back Izakaya-style dining to the Indian Ocean archipelago, Feeling Koi infuses the Japanese gastro-pub concept with warm service and a generous pinch of signature Amilla pizzazz.




Full Moon/ Blue Moon/ Blood Moon Dinner on the Beach

Special dinner was arranged on the  fish and chips beach for guest in house with Expedia FAM trip was a successful evening with total of 43 pax.

Full MoonFull Moon1Full Moon2


Huvafen Fushi – June 2018


Welcome to the 4th edition of our Island Roohu Blog.

0EA1EBF2-4766-4FA3-A615-EF54985EE80BHere we are in the midst of the summer season, a relatively quiet period in terms of number of guests staying with us but a busy time to catch up with all the maintenance and projects to be completed before the start of the busy season. Meanwhile, our Sales & Marketing team is reaching out to the trade and our partners to consolidate and secure business for the months to come. On the property, a large number of travel agents are visiting us and these familiarization trips are essential for our image and for us to be considered as their favorite hotel to send their clients to.

It is always a pleasure to read that they love the vibes at Huvafen Fushi and this is a tribute to all of you. You are the ones creating the “feel good factor”. It is the intangible, a smile, a kind word, the desire to make people happy that make the difference. This is our strength amongst all the new resorts which have great product but have yet to develop a soul.

For all of this, I would like to extend all my thanks and gratitude.


Product knowledge is essential to all the team members of Huvafen Fushi. Understanding our hotel ’s features, products and services allow every team member to accurately and persuasively inform our guests.  Guest responds to enthusiastic team members who are eager, passionate and knowledgeable about our people, products, process, and services.

To make the Product Knowledge campaign fun and exciting, we incorporated          technology. Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform that makes learning fun. The team members use their smart phones to answer the questions and compete to get the first place.  It’s not just a game of knowledge but also a game of speed. Prizes are given to team members who wins the first, second and third place.



Town Hall Meeting is one of our regular monthly activities.  This month’s town hall was held in Malaafaiy, the new staff restaurant.  During this event recognitions, awards and  certificates are given to the nominees and winners of the Team Member of the Month for the month.



Picture2.pngHQ is one of  example team member in the  Engineering Department. He attends and organizes most of the early morning supply unloading for the past month. He helps motivate and   encourage his team members to work during the fasting period. HQ is also involved in many kinds of HR activities and participates to do events with the team. He has also made a plan to help reduce the cost for this 3 months whilst managing project materials and spares that we have in-house.




Tell us something about yourself?

Hi, my name is Hussain Qasim & Friends call me HQ, I’m from South Huvadoo atoll. I have a lovely wife, unfortunately no kids yet. I have studied only up to O’ level. Here in Huvafen Fushi is my first experience working in a resort life and its wow! So, Make sure I am very friendly… & I love to respect colleagues as by understanding their passions.

What is the best thing about your role?

I am not sure about the best thing on my role here, but always I talk, discuss and try to complete the tasks on time or will find the solution! And I have noticed that all the staffs’ trust me on regarding coordinating any work issues.

What is the most challenging about your role?

Sometimes it seems some requested materials were receiving by too late, it was due to supply / logistics issues or unavailability. Anyhow in such cases we have to find other alternative solutions to fix the problems, so it’s little challenging issue in order to coordinate the Engineering and Maintenance defects.

What is your proudest moment here in Huvafen Fushi?

Every day in every duty I am happy to be on time, and attend as much as earlier to any request and to be done the tasks ASAP, When the day-to-day works were done by daily is a pleasure for me!

How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

It’s a dream to fill the post of Maintenance Manager or Project Manager here in Huvafen,  And also I wish if I change my  department I can think of Purchasing Assistant within few years.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

The interesting thing I have seen in this week was that news about SATA Awards from a local newspaper saying that SATA awards 2018 Evaluation for Maldives completed and headed to Sri Lanka on 23rd June. And the Most interesting part is that        Evaluation Panel was an all women Expert Panel. & Huvafen Fushi was Nominated in 3 categories!

If you will be stranded alone in an island and you can only bring 1 thing, what would that be and why?

A Knife! Because I believe that a knife is most helpful thing me to survive if just I can choose 1 thing.

 If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

If I could travel anywhere, I will TRY travel to the Moon, just make sure that Neil Armstrong or America was wrong!

If you could possess one superpower, what would that be and how are you going to use it?

Once I got such a chance, I would like to be the President of North Korea, and make my people happy and free, to the world!

Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with five million dollars inside? Why?

Of cause Money, because I don’t believe in true love on the other hand money can BUY many TRUE loves & We all are working for Money!


Picture3.pngSince joining on board the team, Vicky has proven himself to be a great all rounder in and outside his department. A humble individual with the passion to strive beyond his limits. He not only assists but also plays an active role by being     present whenever needed. His genuine and sincere commitment to undertake any task handed in his care is outstanding.






Tell us something about yourself?

I am person who is very friendly and wants to travel a lot. I like to dance, draw and wants to keep occupied myself at all the times. 

What is the best thing about your role?

Dealing with people that I have never met in my life, answering their calls and fulfilling their needs.

What is the most challenging about your role?

 I don’t have any challenges. I have an amazing team we look out for each other .

 What is your proudest moment here in Huvafen Fushi?

Fifa World Cup 2018 arena set up for our guests.

How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I see myself in a senior position managing important portfolio of this company.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

Ellen DeGeneres show

If you will be stranded alone in an island and you can only bring 1 thing, what would that be and why?

Quran because it will keep me company and fearless

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

Australia. It was a dream when I was studying school.

If you could possess one superpower, what would that be and how are you going to use it?

A time traveler because I can travel anywhere anytime I want.

Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with five million dollars inside? Why?

I would prefer the suitcase with five million dollars  because I don’t believe in true love and I can continue my life with starting  a good business with the money. Hehehe


You have proven to everyone what quality work is all about. The wheels of your career are spinning in full speed. Congratulations! Keep going and don’t hit the brakes now.



RAMADAN FUTSAL CUP  –  4th June 2018

Ramadan Futsal Cup is an event that Huvafen Fushi organizes for all the team members every year during the Ramadan Month .This year we have 8 participating teams with a  total of 75 players. All the matches were played in the evening after Tharaweeh prayer.

The first round was played between 4 teams in group A & B and the best 2 teams from each group A and B went to the semi-final. The Semi-Final 1st match was played between Team Heena and Team Nine Two and semi-final second match was played between Team Wadde and Team Aiman.


The champion, Team Aiman received a Gold Medal, Certificate & cash voucher worth  MRF 5000.  While the runner-up, Team 92 received a Silver Medal, certificate & cash voucher worth MRF 1000.  Five team members were also awarded and recognized as Promising Players. They are Aiman and Idhham from Team Aiman, Nine Two and Ameen from Team 92, and  Appy from Team Wadde.



Picture6The Ramadan fishing competition (masreys), is one of the competition that has been carried out every year for the team members.  This year, three exciting teams led by their enthusiastic foreman joined the competition . Team leynaaru, Team Femunu, and Team Marlin.

After a very competitive race, Team Leynaaru took a huge lead with an amazing catch of 18.75kg and thus taking the championship for this year!

They were awarded with the winning trophy and  a sandbank trip.

Team Femunu being the runner up, won themselves a wonderful BBQ night.

Unfortunately Team Marlin had no catch at the time of weighing.


DIGU COMPETITION – 11th June 2018

One of the famous games Maldivians like to adhere specially during the after hours of Ramadan, is a card game known as Digu which literally means ‘Gin’ and is a 10-card Rummy game.

This competition was held for 3 consecutive nights starting on the evening of June 7th. The competition was carried between two members of each team by a knockout system. Semi final of two matches were played between the four teams who scored the     highest in the first round. The final and deciding round was held between, Team Dhonbe with Putin and Team Ibbe with Nazim, where Team Dhonbe won the championship with an amazing score.



Held between a group of 8 team members, the PlayStation Competition was one big success yet again for our Ramdan activities!.

A total of 12 matches were held in the first stage of the competition, qualifying 4 team members to the semifinal round. With a very competitive atmosphere, the final match was held between, Huthy from Business Department against Rishwaan from F & B Service. The match ended in a score of 2 – 0 giving this Ramadan PS Championship to Huthy.



The 2018 FIFA World Cup is the 21st FIFA World Cup, a quadrennial international football tournament where everybody is excited to watch and cheer for their favorite teams.


Our colleagues from Front Office went the extra mile to  decorate Lair and turn it into a FIFA World Cup fanatic lounge for our guests.

Great artwork and creativity from the team!  

worldcup setup staff area.jpg


Champion Team “Team Aiman”, arranged a party for all the team members to celebrate winning their victory of year’s  Ramadan Futsal Cup 2018.

The celebration party was held in Dream Café where the winning team decorated the place with balloons and lights, and prepared snacks for everyone.


GALA NIGHT –  29th June  2018

This month’s party was hosted by the F&B Kitchen team. The dinner was held at Stingray beach where other departments’ also helped to set up the place.


The dinner was such a hit to all the team members! The menu was a mix of local and        international dishes and everything from the soup to the dessert were really delicious. To add up to this special night, the F&B Kitchen team also had 5 live stations for the team. A sushi and tempura station, Fry station, Kotu station, Noodles & pasta station,  and a Grill station. The team members couldn’t help but get seconds and thirds of servings!


Aside from the delicious food, the F&B Kitchen team also opened a bar for the team and live music courtesy of Nemi. Our chef by day, Dj by night team member.


Kudos to the F&B Kitchen team!


MANAGEMENT HUDDLE –  18th June  2018

The morning Management Huddle was all about the Brand Trait, Fearless Imagination. The leaders were asked to come up with ideas on how we will  demonstrate this brand traits to our guest.

Before the brain storming activity, the leaders had an fun Maldivian Guguni dance led by Xubba, Spa Manager. The Guguni is a traditional Maldivian dance where little bells are wrapped around the anklet that makes a jingling sound with every movement.


Global Wellness Day 2018

Huvafen Fushi celebrated the Global Wellness Day with its stunning in-house guests .


International Yoga Day

Celebration of “International Yoga Day” on Thursday 21st of June at Huvafen Fushi, with many different complimentary yoga sessions around the day from sunrise till sunset.



Getting to Know: Ailish O’Rourke, Talent Development & Quality Assurance Manager at TSMIC

Mark Hehir, the Chief Executive Officer at The Small Maldives Island Company and General Manager of Amilla Fushi & Finolhu Resorts sat down with his Talent Development & Quality Assurance Manager, Ailish O’Rourke for a brief chat of her new role with the company. With over 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, let’s hear what Ailish would like to share with the passionate islanders of TSMIC.

MH: So, what previous experience are you bringing on board to TSMIC for your role?

AOR: Well, I have worked in 5-star properties in London for 5 years, Dubai for 6 years and Seychelles for 6.5 years and over those years, I have had a mix of operational, training and quality roles. All of these positions and experiences of working for international companies with international teams providing amazing experiences for international guests will be able to add additional 5-star outlooks on different areas of the overall concepts we’re promoting at our Resorts here in the Maldives.

MH: What got you interested in moving from Front Office to a Training Manager position?

AOR: I was fortunate in London to have a dual role of Front Office Training Manager and Reception Manager for 16 months with my company, which allowed me to get a feel for training in a full time role, moving on from being a departmental training, and using my first-hand experience to prepare new joiners in the department for what they might expect from our guests as well as ensuring our PMS, SOPs and procedures were all known. I really enjoyed that chance to pass on my knowledge to others and then had the chance in Dubai after 3 years with my company there to become Training Manager for our 2 properties full time.

MH: What is the main role of training do you think?

AOR: Training is all about support. We support all departments in their training and development needs. This can be anything from on the job training on technical skills where we can give one-to-one or group sessions to full development programmes for departmental and individual enhancement. We are the ones who help leaders of departments in all aspects of their ongoing journey of development whether it’s through the running of the training ourselves, growing the training talent at department level or helping coordinating the external training needs for different areas. We’re all about helping and supporting each and every department and therefore the resort as a whole.

MH: What can training add to the guest experience?

AOR: In my experience, training can add so much to the guest experience. It can maintain and enhance the service standards in front line and backstage areas, it can add value to the experience through more confident interactions and can help create emotional connections with our guests, who will hopefully become repeat guests as well as our word of mouth marketers when they go home. Everyone can have an impact in this, if the islanders are motivated through development, increased skill development and enriched personal experiences in the work place that will shine through in their service delivery.

MH: Where does Quality fit in?

AOR: It applies to everything we do, from how we set the villa/house/residence for an arrival guest, to how the F&B service is consistent to how we present ourselves whilst on duty. Quality standards are the foundation for creating the experiences we all have, and that can be back stage too. My philosophy is “if you want to have quality, you have to do training; if you want to know what to train, check the quality”. We need to be passionate about quality and standards for them to mean something to us otherwise we all end up doing our own thing, our own way, and in the end, it is usually the guest (internal and external) who loses out.

MH: What impact can quality really have?

AOR: When quality standards are in place, we all have guidelines to follow, the basic direction that will tell us how a service or interaction should progress. Then add to that, the personality and character of the individual providing the service or involved in the interaction and you are really able to create memorable experiences. I am not for a moment suggesting that we all apply robotic approaches to what we do, in fact the reverse, we know the standards that the company expects us to implement and we then take it to the next level. That’s when we make a lasting impression on our guests and we stand ahead of the crowd / competition.

MH: How can training and quality together move us forward as a company / department / individual?

AOR: Training and quality go hand in hand. Quality is the gauge we use to check gaps in our service delivery and standards. We track using quantitative measures and have data to analyse and refer back to showing us the direction we need to be heading in. It also shows us what we’re doing well and should maintain at a high standard. Training then can use this data as a very useful tool for forward planning training sessions for individuals and teams where gaps have been identified. When we’re all playing from the same rule book, there is better understanding and cohesiveness in and across departments for smoother operations and better interdepartmental relations.

MH: What should we expect from you in this new combined role?

AOR: I hope moving forward that the departments will be so familiar with seeing me out and about in their areas for visits for training and quality that they count me as one of them. The Training and Quality role can be a challenging one, however I have learned over the years to ensure that the approach is the right one, in that I listen twice as much as I talk, I visit to congratulate as well as correct and I am actively involved with all of the departments in their journey for excellence.

MH: What key words / characteristics would you assign to the new role?

AOR: Active listening, collaboration, constructive feedback, continuous improvement, dual respect and always a fun, friendly approach with a positive outlook.

MH: Give us some idea of what we can expect to see in the coming months, any hints of what’s up and coming?

AOR: I’ll just say that I will be working hard on ensuring the company mission, vision, values, Brand Traits, and Golden Behaviours are forefront and in line with everything we roll out. Programmes for development at both properties will be enhanced and departmental visits will become a normal practice of my daily routine so see you soon, out and about, in Amilla Fushi and Finolhu.