MSG – Ajinomoto my any other name.

Mono Sodium Glutamate has many different names. Originally developed in Japan and made with seaweed it is now made in commercial from fermenting sugars. This doesn’t sound too unhealthy right?

Well much research has been done on this food additive and none of the outcomes are good.

Here are some facts of what this does in our systems;

• As early as the 1970’s researchers found that MSG kills brain cells

• It acts as a nerve stimulant and will change how we taste food. Basically even food could normally taste bad would taste good. Think old food or food that is not good for you.

• For those sensitive to MSG it can cause headaches, muscle tightness, tiredness, tingling, itching and weakness.

• It can trigger asthma attacks.

• There are many studies that now link MSG to obesity and weight gain.

I am not sure about you but I don’t think any of this sounds good.

Unfortunately with regulations in many countries either banning MSG or enforcing that products must be labels, those folk in white coats in laboratories have found ways to change the name slightly to get round these laws which means that MSG is now hiding in virtually all processed foods under names such as; Glutamate, Maltodextrin, Malt extract, Yeast Extract (food, nutrient), anything Hydrolysed, Soy protein and Whey protein.

Yes that’s right those “healthy” protein powders also come with a side of MSG!

MSG is commonly found in prepared sauces and ingredients such as;

• Oyster Sauce

• Fish Sauce

• Hoisin Sauce

• Cheap soy sauces

• Curry pastes

• Chicken powder or stock powder

• Cup/two minute noodle flavour packets

Oh no, what can we eat you ask? The answer lies in eating whole foods. Choosing homemade sauces not out of a bottle. Basically try not to eat anything out of a wrapper and keep all those brain cells intact!

What Can a Coconut Be?

What a strange question to ask but it is worth thinking about.

We all know that the coconut tree is the tree of life and I am sure that you know that all parts of the coconut tree are useable. But as we clean up Amilla, our island home, we have all seen that we are very fortunate to have an island that is so rich in these life giving plants.

However as we have seen the vast piles of dried coconuts, palm fronds and other parts of the tree that fall (or are cut by our brave coconut guys) it has made me wonder what can we do with these? Why pay to send them off our island?

So I set to research and here are some interesting uses I have found;

• Wood chips – cutting up the husks we can create wood chips, maybe to use for path ways.

• Coir – coconut coir has for many years been used to create rope for use in boating. It is water resistant so last well around water. It is also used to make doors mats and other household items. Did you know that it is also widely used for making mattresses?

• Coco peat – this can be mixed in with compost for gardens. It is very absorbent and holds water during the dry season. It can also be used for growing vegetables with hydroponics.

• The fibre can also be used for growing mushrooms!

• Shells – the beautiful shells can be used to make many items for round the home such as bowls, spoons and jewellery.

• Trunks – while we wouldn’t cut down a coconut tree, they do sometime fall naturally. The trunks can be used to make all number of items such as furniture and the like.

As we move sustainability into the light here at Amilla we would love your ideas on ways that we could use out bounty of coconuts. Please comment below with your brilliant ideas.


Message from the Resort Manager

Dearest Islanders,

It is not a secret to every islander that although we begin September with some challenges in occupancy and business volume, we kept our positivity stable and optimistic.

Great to see how each leader established stronger teamwork within their own team and other departments, joining our efforts in the Management Huddle is one of the best turnouts this year. Along with these great activities, our seven commercial pillars are all updated and look extremely focused on the tasks to be accomplished for the remaining months of 2019. Well Done!

A special thank you goes to our Engineering team for putting great efforts last month to achieve and complete the long maintenance and repairs list from different departments.

Talking about our Islanders community, we are proud that our Minister of Tourism, visited us for the second time this year. We witnessed a well-played soccer match between the Tourism Ministry team and our very own Amilla Islanders.

In addition, to strengthen our community’s contribution, we joined the most promising Baa Atoll Manta Festival of the year. Our HUB team was able to accompany a total of 15 Students and 4 Teachers from Maalhos School to Hanifaru Bay on 14th September to raise Manta awareness. During this successful trip, teachers and students saw more than 50 mantas in the bay.

On 20th September, we also had a strong presence with the most visited Amilla stall in Eydhafushi along with other participating resorts in Baa. Students, teachers, other Resort’s staff and visitors enjoyed our games and the special prizes that Purchasing, HUB and Recreation Team, jointly prepared for this well anticipated event of the year!

It was for certain a huge success and everyone is looking forward for the next event in 2020!  Truly, the happiness of everyone matters in the end!

On a happier note, let us all congratulate our Javvu Spa team for winning at SATA Awards held in Sri Lanka as the “Leading Wellness and Spa Resort” in Maldives. This definitely highlights our true passion of delivering world class services to all our guests.  Congratulations once again!

 Lastly, I thank each and every islander for the great support in welcoming warmly our new General Manager – Mr. Jason Kruse to our Island Home! We wish him and his lovely wife Victoria, a very rich experience with us!


Jean Noël

Resort Manager

Enhanced EBC Buffet (Daily Rotation)


Scrumptious snacks from the new EBC Menu


Enhanced Food Set-up in EBC

Welcoming Buffet for the new GM


New Barolo menu presented by Chef Nishantha

Kitchen Departmental Training


Deep Cleaning of buggy


Kitchen Deep Cleaning


Bidding goodbye to our dear Stewarding Supervisor “Mayil”


On Wednesday, 11th September 2019, we received 4 students and 2 teachers from Dhonfanu School. They were mainly interested on Front Office operations and skills. Their assignment is about the role and importance of front office in hospitality industry, the responsibilities, purpose and the flow of information between front office and other departments. Thus, they are also eager to find out the different services that front office provides and accommodation provision responsibilities. Riyaz and Hamdhi took them on a Katheeb journey where they were able to experience the guests arrival and view different house categories.

Thank you for visiting our Island Home and best of luck for your studies!


Manta Festival 2019



Our monthly Jalsa was held on 26th September 2019, hosted by Housekeeping department. The beautiful decorations were inspired by Istanbul’s heavenly hanging colourful umbrellas.


Rock Star Winner – Jinnan Li (Hostess)

She always enjoys working along with all kinds of people. She only required minimal supervision from her Managers and she takes full initiative to finish all her tasks. Her customer service is excellent. She possesses the capability of engaging customers in conversation whilst providing them with exceptional dining services. She offered a level of dedication we have rarely seen in the hospitality industry.

One of her best skills is to upsell the F&B culinary activities such as themed nights, destination dining and seafood platters/ lobsters. In one month, she sold US$ 6600 just for seafood platters. She also acted as the liaison between many of the guests. As a native Chinese speaker, she has a major advantage on selling and making all our Chinese guests dine comfortably, enjoying the night’s vibe.

Super Hero Winner – Mohammad Asraful Hossain Miraz (Store Helper)

Miraz played an instrumental role in managing stores operation when his colleague was away for annual leave. There were only two islanders including receiving officer managing the stores. Miraz took initiative to issue and re-order the items as well as posting the issue requests. He is willing to learn other areas in stores and he has a great potential to go further. More than a store helper, he has contributed beyond his call of duty. He delivered all the store items for the steward sales to the Excom and  HODs alone. He has learned how to use MC and do the tasks from the system diligently. He shows his willingness to learn and indeed a very quick learner fellow, one of the great assets in Purchasing department.

Best Up Sellers – August 2019

Amilla Thari – August 2019

Welcome Home New Islanders


Transfers & Promotions


Amilla Fushi – August 2019


jn-1Dearest Islanders,

Welcoming you all to our hectic, challenging, yet promising month of August.

As we continue to build our performance just over half way through the year, here comes August, where the resort welcomed many high profile guests and with many residences occupied during the first half of the month, which obviously dragged our occupancy to its peak.

As we warmly welcome our dear guests to our Island Home, dedicated services and experiences were tailored to go beyond their expectations and create great memories. During this period, our operational departments committed themselves to give their best! Culinary section joined their force to provide all of the residences’ special dining requests, whilst keeping all the dining outlets open for dinner for continuous weeks. Housekeeping team and Front Office were also hit by back to back operations. At one time, we also had to face the challenging weather which affected our operation at some point, yet no one wanted to give up. As a team, we all went the extra mile to provide world-class services to our notable guests which makes me truly thankful and proud of our Islanders’ teamwork! Moving ahead with our positive approach, we organised wine and cheese tasting at our Cellar’s Door for all these high-end guests that turned to be a very successful event.

Related to all the good times mentioned above, farewell has to be also envisaged. But these are not just ordinary farewells, these sweet goodbyes gave us honour, pride and joy as these high profiled guests took time to individually recognise many of our islanders who have been of service to them with personalised letters of recognition.

It is indeed very fulfilling to see that within challenges, we managed to revamp in most effective way.

Our dedication and determination are truly amazing. I truly admire the hard work of each islander and wish that we continue to live and apply these traits as we move forward to flourish on the upcoming high season. 


Jean Noël

Resort Manager 


On 4th of August, we had Eid celebration at WOK. The celebration began with Twilight Affair “guests cocktails” on Baazaar beachfront followed by a special set menu dinner at WOR restaurant with varieties of Arabic and Maldivian cuisines.

Mostly of our guests enjoyed the event and it was a memorable one for them in particular our Arabic guests. Guests staying in Residence 708 had a private Eid dinner at Emperor Beach Club.



On 23rd August, we have introduced a revamped menu in our Emperor Beach Club with a semi-buffet concept with more varieties of international cuisines.

Afterwards, we continued revamping and introduced the new Baazaar Bar snack menu on 15th August which made the menus more accessible to the guests with more varieties of healthy dishes, serving from 1pm to 10:30pm.

Lastly, we have introduced the new Destination Dining menu on 25th August, which gives more tastes of seafood, Japanese and Italian cuisines. A more affordable and worth to share menu that adds into the dining experience.

In order for us to understand thoroughly all these new menus, Chef Nishantha prepared a presentation with its information for us to be familiar with each dish. This information has been very beneficial for us to upsell and promote our menus.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Executive Chef Nishantha made a presentation of the new a la carte menus at Emperor Beach Club and Destination Dining to all F&B service team and Katheebs.







picture43Originally from Kenya, Kemmy grew up in Sweden and moved to London in 2009 to study Osteopathy at the British College where she graduated in 2013 with a Masters in Osteopathy and has continued working in London since then.

Kemmy had the opportunity of working in a chiropractic setting, Chiropractic Biophysics clinic, with long term postural correction and focus on the cranial aspect of osteopathy, having the chance to work also with new born and pregnant women.

She gained a lot of experience in her field and excels in adjustments and reading X-rays, allowing her to confidently work with patients visiting her with various different presentations.

Nutrition and the functional approach to treatment are the areas of osteopathy that Kemmy loves the most:  clean/ healthy eating and the huge impact in the healing process are a fascination to her, together with healing with movement.

Javvu Spa has welcomed Kemmy for a very successful residency of 10 days, during which she was able to offer osteopathic consultations, sport massage, acupuncture and K-Taping to our beloved guests, with great feedback from both customers and staff!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Thursday, 8th August 2019, we received two batches of Eydhafushi Education Center students, from 10th Grade and 12th Grade with their teachers. They were mainly interested about Housekeeping and Front Office operations. For the 12th grader students, their assignment was about the procedure of cleaning and room servicing (Example Bed making, Dusting, using appropriate Cleaning Equipment) while 10th graders focuses on getting some skills when meeting, greeting and dealing with guests (Front Office Operations).

They have been able to visit two house categories: Beach House and Sky House, thanks to Shiyax and his team. They also have been able to experience a guest arrival with the presence of Jean Noël, our Resort Manager and a great introduction of the Amilla Journey with a Katheeb, presented by Riyaz.

Thank you for visiting our Island Home and best of luck for your studies!

A special trip was organized to Eydhafushi on the 12th August 2019 for the Eid Show.  Unfortunately several activities were cancelled due to bad weather conditions.


Eid-Al-Adha, also known as the “feast of sacrifice”, was celebrated on the 11th August 2019. After the morning prayers, a huge selection of breakfast was arranged for our Islanders outside IceGe with the presence of all Leaders to wish “Eid Mubarak” our Muslim Islanders. Special lunch was also set on that day.



Our monthly Jalsa was held on 31st August 2019, hosted by the Human Resources and Finance departments.

The decoration this time was under the brand traits theme with all the designs for the Mystique Garden node competition.

July 2019 Awards and Recognition


Rock Star Winner – Jo Danielle S. Aranas (Bartender)

Jo has been a keeper from the very first day as she knows well all her responsibilities. Being confident is one of her key skills. She looks after 1OAK Bar, providing drinks and the amazing services to our guests for the entire night. She builds a good customer relationship with our guests by happily serving drinks whilst having a small conversation with them. She always makes sure that all guests are fully satisfied. After the service operation, she will do her next task which is closing the 1OAK. On the next day, she will join the EBC team for lunch operation helping out the service operation and drinks order. Jo “never says no” in any task that she was given to. Most of our guests recognise and praise her for her outstanding performance. Jo was also recognised as Rockstar of the week for the 2nd time. 

Super Hero Winner – Mohammad Jahangir Hossain (Gardener/ Island Cleaner)

Mr. Jahangir works in the Gardening team. He makes sure that the guest areas are kept maintained at all times. He involves himself in many tasks and ensures he completed the tasks within the given deadline even if he has to work odd hours. He takes pride in exposing his positive attitude in all aspects of garden and landscaping activities. Always ready to execute one to multiple tasks in a row and update the progress to his supervisor. He is very energetic and a great team player. We appreciate his great attitude.  Moreover, in the absence of the incinerator operator, he took good care of the waste segregation area and incinerator operations.









Amilla Fushi – july 2019


Message from the Resort Manager

jnDearest Islanders,

When we think of July, that definitely rings a bell for the Baa Atoll Summer Festival season!

I proudly recognise the joint effort of everyone involved to make this special annual event, a huge success!

This year from 8th – 22nd July 2019, mostly of our islanders and great leaders were unstoppable in winning the hearts of our nearby resorts including its guests for this event. Few resorts invited their guests and players to witness the volleyball matches played at our home volleyball court at Emperor Beach Club.

As a hosting resort, we made sure everything was perfect as per guests and players expectations. Welcome drinks and refreshments were passionately prepared by our F&B and culinary team whilst Leaders’ presence during these days were highly regarded to welcome everyone.

During the month of July, a good number of training sessions were conducted for the development of our Islanders, with great attendance and participation. Indeed, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Learning and Development Department for their tireless effort in delivering these beneficial modules and tools for our islander’s efficiency. We also launched the long awaited HR system, ‘Fusion’ which was very well embraced by all our leaders. We can now say Goodbye to all the paperwork load!

Talking about amazing leaders, it was with great sadness to see our Chairman Mr. Michael Flynn waved his goodbye to Amilla Islanders on 2nd July 2019. We wish him lots of love and good health.

Similarly, we also witnessed Brinda, the Communications Director taking up new challenges at a different shore in the Maldives, hence we all joined our hearts to wish her success in her new endeavours.

As we turn the page into the next chapter, I gladly introduce Immanuvel who recently joined us as Director of Engineering, whom we warmly welcomed to our Amilla Family on 17th July 2019.

May we continually support and respect each other as we grow together as one community on our Island Home!


Jean Noël

Resort Manager

Baa Atoll Summer Festival

Following the success of last year’s inaugural event, Chef Nishantha and his team have come together to celebrate the second Baa Atoll Summer Festival with a bang! From 8th to 22nd July 2019, twelve resorts have poured out their best for an island-hopping extravaganza in which guests can embark on a unique dine-around voyage.

Feeling Koi, our award winning fine dining Japanese restaurant was featured to showcase the best that it has to offer and have a taste of our exquisite food. We offered a Japanese set menu to all the guests who came to join us on this event.

World Chocolate Day

On Sunday 7th July 2019, we celebrated the World Chocolate Day in Fresh and Emperor Beach Club (EBC) to delight our notable guests on this occasion.

Chocolate fountain was placed in the buffet station in FRESH from 8am to 11am and in EBC from 1pm to 3pm.

In addition, we also offered a “Coffee with Chocolate Doughnut” in EBC from 3pm to 5pm (a la carte style) for every coffee order.

Maldives Independence Day

In commemoration of the 54 Independence Day of Maldives on Friday, 26th July 2019, we arranged a special Twilight Affair with Maldivian theme on the Baazaar Beachfront from 7:30pm to 8:30pm with Boduberu to perform a traditional Maldivian dance to entertain our guests.

A special dinner was set at Wok restaurant with the theme of Maldivian Night (family style concept) with an ambiance of Maldivian culture.

Feeling Koi Baa Atoll Menu

Newly Revised Breakfast A la Carte Menu Presentation

New Gusto of Barolo Menu

New Daily Rotation of Canapes

New Turndown, Arrival and Fruit Amenities


New Skyhouse with Bubble Menu

New H.U.B. Excursion Amenities

Sunset Cruise, Dolphin Cruise, Luxury Sunset, Turtle Safari, Blue Hole Snorkelling etc…

New  Fish & Chips Menu Training with F&B Service team & Katheebs | Facilitated by Chef Nishantha

Daily Training in each outlet for the month of July

Island Cleaning

During the month of July, we had a massive island cleaning project that was extended over few days focusing on particular areas of the island.  To drive this event, a Leader was assigned to a specific area from 10am to 5pm. 

It was really a successful initiative when we look at the amount of garbage that was retrieved.  

We thank all the Islanders who  participated in this activity and look forward for a good participation for the August schedule.  A practice that should be renewed and maintained to show our concern for the environment and to keep our Island Home clean and tidy.



Following the success of last year’s inaugural event, fellow Baa Atoll resorts are once again teamed up to host the second edition of the ‘Baa Atoll Summer Festival’.  From 8-21 July 2019, 12 resorts came together for an island-hopping extravaganza in which guests embarked on a unique dine-around voyage encompassing Amilla Fushi, Anantara Kihavah, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, Dreamland, Dusit Thani Maldives,Finolhu, Four Seasons Landaa, Reethi Beach, Royal Island, Soneva Fushi, The Westin Maldives and Vakkaru Maldives. Over a series of dedicated nights, the Summer Festival showcased the best each resort has to offer in the culinary scene, reaffirming Baa Atoll’s reputation as a must-visit summer destination of distinction.

Officially commenced on Monday, 8 July with a series of exclusive Sunset Cocktail events for guests, the Baa Atoll Summer Festival saw each participating resort welcoming their neighbours’ guests for a special set menu dinner in their featured dining restaurant on designated nights over two consecutive weeks. Each resort showcased its own dining scene via a 3-course set menu priced at $120++ per person including a glass of wine, with special children’s menus also available. Complimentary inter-island transportation was organised by the participating resorts on the featured night. Special arrangements also made on request for those who wish to repeat their experience in a specific resort at $25++ per person for shared boat transfers.

Each resort also offered an action-packed calendar of activities to keep the entire family entertained throughout the festival fortnight, from beach activities, conservation events, water experiences and more. This year, we saw the introduction of a round-robin inter-resort Beach Volleyball Tournament between staff and guests, as well as a Full Moon Island Clean-up Day. Finally, on Monday 22 July, the festival closing ceremony showed the unity of 12 Resorts whereby everyone came together for a day of fun in the sun on a sandbank at the heart of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve; with a beach party for the guests, round-robin volleyball final match and the show-stopping Catamaran Regatta competition.

Watch highlights from the 2018 Baa Atoll Summer Festival here

Stay updated with the latest beach activities, events and menus at or follow @Baa_Atoll_Festival on Instagram.

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Cricket Match

After the busy season and Ramadan, we had interesting sports scheduled in July. One of the ways of keeping good relationship with our Atoll resorts, we welcomed Anantara Kihavah team on the 3 July 2019 for a friendly cricket match. The match ended up with a score of 93/6 in favour of Anatara Kihavah and 83/6 for Amilla Fushi

Fishing Trip

Fishing Trip has become our monthly tradition. We had our July fishing trip on the 8th July followed by the usual barbecue.


Friendly Football Match

Several friendly football matches were organised during the month of July within the resort to get our team ready for the upcoming Baa Atoll Inter-Resort Football competition. We welcomed Kendhoo Team on 4 July for a match with a score of 3 – 2 in favour of Amilla Fushi. Also, our team went to play against Naifaru team on 6 July 2019 with a score of 8 – 1 in favour of Naifaru.


Visiting Hero Jang at Javvu Spa

During her residency, Jang has offered to provide our therapists with training in Chi Nei Tsang and Foot Reflexology to bring additional knowledge and skills to the team!

Originally from Thailand, Jang has been working in the spa industry as  holistic practitioner, for over 19 years and has worked in numerous five star wellness resorts such as Kamalaya Thailand. Soneva Kiri Six Senses Thailand, Jumeirah resorts Maldives, One & Only resorts Australia… She has joined Amilla on 10th July for a one month residency in collaboration with the Spa.

She brings to Amilla and Javvu Spa her passion about training and teaching in wellness and yoga therapies as well as using her knowledge in aligning the body and mind back into balance to help guests find e renewed harmony and healthy energy flow.

She specializes in Chi Nei Tsang (deep abdominal massage with great detox benefits), “Body Alignment” Yoga and massage to restore balance, and healing treatments with crystal bowls and reiki.


On 26th July 2019, we  celebrated the 54th anniversary of  Maldives Independence day at the resort.

To mark the event, a special lunch was organised followed by a combine celebration with our monthly Jalsa.

We had a nicely decorated stage with Maldivian theme and Boduberu performance.

Jalsa – June 2019 Awards and Recognition

Rock Star Winner Ahmed Zareer (Housekeeping Coordinator)

Zareer known as Zara has been working for Amilla Fushi for more than three years in several positions such as house attendant, minibar attendant and present as housekeeping coordinator, who also shows a sincere interest in employees and the solutions to their problems. He initiates and executes creative ideas such as taking full responsibility of department coordination dispatch together with relative departments. Throughout the time he has been counted as one of the valued member in the team who always demonstrate positive can do attitude towards the supervision and team. Zara can be reliable on his job responsibility at all the time with less supervision. He can display strong analytical skills, always be counted and is accountable.

Super Hero Winner Mohamed Ikurim Ibrahim (Security Supervisor)

Mohamed Ikurim is one of the matured and experienced islander in Amilla Security team. He is always punctual and hardworking islander of security team. He shows a great self-motivation and handles responsibilities without any complains and shows respect to other islanders and to his superiors. On day to day operation he is one of the motivated and key team member of our security department and in the absence of Security Manager he takes the full responsibility of a manager and runs the department with confidence and work production is outstanding. In the month of June when Manager was on leave Ikurim was the key element of the department, we appreciate his effort and hardworking.

Best Up Sellers – June 2019

Amilla Thari – June 2019

Welcome Home New Islander

Permanent Islanders – 2 Years Anniversary

Transfers & Promotion