Message from Resort Manager

Dearest Islanders,

Blissful Greetings to you all!

It’s been a great journey and at the same time exciting to know that we are embarking on our final days of 2018 with less than 3 weeks till we start our Festive celebrations! I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and for keeping the island spirit going especially with all our notable guests.

I sincerely appreciate each one of you who have taken some of your precious time to partake on our recent ‘Islanders Engagement Survey’- 100% completion for the resort. It’s been so rewarding to read your constructive feedback and insights about our company. On behalf of Amilla Fushi and The Small Maldives Island Co, a HUGE THANK YOU for your valuable contribution.

On another note, I am very much delighted to see so many of you participating and enjoying the Brand Traits Activities. We are encouraging each and every islander to join and experience the amazing fun challenge wonderfully prepared by our hosted brand traits houses. The more we are to participate, the more we become acquainted and stronger as a community. Be proud to wear your colourful branded t-shirt and support your team!

One more week to go till we start our 4th Year Anniversary Activities! Committee Members and the Management team have been very busy preparing for this very special occasion. I personally invite all our dedicated Amilla Islanders and other supporting colleagues to join and celebrate this remarkable milestone!

December, for sure our business activities will grow, our valuable guests and many returning families, will visit with high expectations. We count on your full commitment and dedication to ensure they all have a very rich experience. Please support each other, be healthy and safe and let’s altogether deliver our promise.

Wishing you all a joyous festive season ahead!


Jean Noël
Resort Manager

Halloween– 1st November 2018

There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by midnight”

Halloween, combined with Jalsa for the month of October were celebrated on 1st November 2018.  A wonderful evening was prepared for our Islanders along with a  breathtaking decoration from Recreation who turned the party area into a graveyard, not to mention the great zombie dance and haunted tunnel for everyone to enjoy. 

Dharavandhoo – School Visit – 3rd November 2018

On November 3rd we have been invited for the examination of 5 students from the DRV school on how they set up and serve customers. They have thus been able to show us what they have learnt from their previous visit in both of our properties. We also had the opportunity to visit their new hospitality lab and facilities.

Katarina’s Farewell – 04th November 2018

A farewell note to Katarina, our Talent Resources and Retention Manager, who left us after 11 months of service on 4th November 2018.

We will like to thank her for her hard work and dedication company and wishing her all the best in her future plans.

Servsafe Training – 5th to 7th November 2018

On November 5th till 7th we welcomed Babli from NSURE for 3 half days of Servsafe training for 15 Managers from Amilla and 1 from Finolhu. This is a crucial part of our HACCP certification requirements.

Eventually, after having the re-sit exam of Servsafe for Managers training, we now have a total of 14 managers and supervisors fully certified! Congratulations to all and well done for your hard work! Next step the HACCP certification!

Huddle – 8th November 2018

We ran Management Huddle on Thursday November 8th with great turn out from all 4 Brand Trait Houses – main focus of the morning was Hot Customers and how to care for them as a team as well as TSMIC Tree of Life.

Angelique Kerber in Amilla – Tennis Clinic & Cocktails

On Saturday November 10th, Angelique Kerber, a German professional tennis player and former World No. 1, honored Amilla Fushi with a visit. Angelique made her professional debut in 2003 and has since then won 12 singles titles across all surfaces on the WTA Tour. She is a three time Grand Slam Champion, including the 2016 Australian Open, the 2016 US Open and the 2018 Wimbledon Championships. Angelique is currently ranked No. 2, which makes her the top-ranked left-handed player on the WTA Tour.

Angelique came to Amilla to help our guests improve their tennis skills and to show us her top performance in the form of a tennis exhibition versus our in-house Tennis Pro’s. Many guests came to watch her play and took the opportunity to get a photograph or signature from the current World No. 2 Tennis Pro. Overall, it was a very successful tennis exhibition where guests got the chance to meet with Angelique and get some Tips and Tricks.

Gregory Burns – Resident Artist

From the 9th to the 16th of the month, our resident artist Gregory Burns was staying in Amilla Fushi. His works consist of original paintings, but he also focuses on mixed media paintings. He was here to give art classes and group workshops to the big and small artists in-house and to work on his portfolio with the beautiful island Amilla as his inspiration.

Gregory is connected to Amilla Fushi as the resident artist and works with individuals and families to help them bring out the artist within. He holds an MFA in painting and has exhibited in 17 countries throughout the world for over 30 years already. In 2016 he was named the Sports Artist of the Year by the US Sports Academy. Gregory has published two books, one in English and one in Mandarin, and has been featured on CNN, BBC, CNBC, ESPN, CNA, CCTV and in The AWSJ, Time and The China Daily.

We want to thank Gregory for his amazing art classes and if you want to get inspired by Gregory’s collection of paintings, pass by the Artist’s Studio or take a look around in EBC, and you can maybe even find one in your own Residence or House.

16 Snorkelling Equipments donated to Kendhoo School – 14th November

Pastry Training by Chef Dean Hatward Gibson


Consultant Pastry Chef from Australia “Chef Gibson” was really an amazing trainer, created fantastic cake decorations and delicious dessert presentations

Island Cleaning – 14th November 2018

Our monthly Island Cleaning was held on 14th November 2018.  This time we focused more on volleyball court area to get ready for our 4th anniversary party.

We kindly invite more islanders to participate in that monthly event to keep our island home clean.

Sake Dinner at Feeling Koi

Amilla Fushi’s signature restaurant Feeling Koi present a special sake matching dinner with Sake Sommelier Chizuko Niikawa – Helton alongside with the owner of Feeling Koi exclusive sake producer Mr. Shoji on 17 – 18th November 2018

General Orientation – 17th & 18th November 2018

19 more Islanders have attended General Orientation on November 17th and 18th. Program wise: mainly corporate information, policies and procedures from HR, and Security, but also a lot of fun! Quizzes, ice breaking activities, coffee breaks, resort visit… Check out the pictures and warm welcome to all new Islanders to your Island Home!


Evenings of enchantment and wonder await as the daring ‘Amilla Tribe’ descend on the island from 19th December 2018 to 10th January 2019 with more than 3 weeks of unlimited fun and activities for couples, kids and families. 

Christmas is always special for the guests as the entire island jingles all the way, kids participate in various activities and look forward to Santa‘s visit. Dance to the beat of the drums as the sun sets over the endless horizon, while fire performers turn up the heat with jaw-dropping displays. 

Guests at Amilla Fushi can expect show stopping performances from lead singer of B*witched Edele Lynch, pyro performers The Fuel Girls as well as the violinist Collette Colette Anne Hazen, topped off by the biggest highlight of the evening, an intimate performance by the UK singles chart’s most successful British female artist of all time, Rita Ora. Taking place two months before the start of the Phoenix World Tour, which kicks off in Melbourne on 1 March 2019, the Amilla ‘tribe’ could be amongst the first to experience the her new material live.

Welcoming Top Brazilian Actress & Model – Ms. Deborah Secco & Mr. Hugo Moura

During the month of November Amilla Fushi welcomed Brazilian Actress & Model

Ms. Deborah & Mr. Hugo.
Special dinner are arranged by Chef Lucas & Culinary team

with special touch of magic ingredients 

Media Visit of Brazilian Actress Deborah Secco & Hugo Mourag

Amilla Fushi recently invited and hosted brazilin actress Deborah Secco & her husband Hugo Mourag to experience our idyllic escape. Deborah Secco is a famous actress in Brazil with over 12 million followers on Instagram, and is travelling with her husband Mr Hugo Mourag.

During the stay they had a number of special visits, excursions and culinary experiences prepared for them in order for them to get the best possible experience while with us.

They had the most blissful time with us, and thanked each and every islander who had made their stay extraordinary for them. We hope to welcome them back to Amilla Fushi in the future.

World Children’s Day – 20th November 2018

On Tuesday November 20th, we celebrated Children’s Day in Amilla Fushi.

Kids from Dharavandhoo School, we hope to see you again soon!

For this Children’s Day celebration, 34 kids from the Dharavandhoo School came to Amilla Fushi to participate in fun activities. They were welcomed by our Recreation Department and our Managers and then divided into different teams, the Manta’s, Turtles, Dolphins and Crabs. They took part in several games, such as the ‘Cup Water Rally’ and ‘Tail Fishing’ that tested their teamwork. At the end of the day, every child got a special gift and we said our goodbyes.

Manta Festival, Baa Atoll – 24th November 2018

Baa Atoll was chosen as the first UNESCO Biosphere reserve due to its globally significant biodiversity. It’s the home to 250 species of coral, teaming with over 1,000 species of fish, including iconic mega-fauna and it’s also one of the best places in the world to see manta rays. These cartilaginous elasmobranch fish are filter feeders of the smallest animals in the ocean, plankton. They spend most of their time, looking for the plankton as they must consume 12% of their body weight in plankton per week.

From June to November, Mantas love to spend their time in Hanifaru, one of the only places in the world where the enigmatic reef manta rays (Manta alfredi) aggregate by the hundreds to gorge on plankton rich waters during high tide.

With 4,400 individuals recorded, the Maldives has one of the largest populations of Mantas in the world. It’s important to preserve, celebrate these ‘gentle giants’ of the ocean and to awareness the new generations about the beautiful sealife and threats.

On the initiative of Manta Trust, an organization which works for the conservation of Manta Ray, Baa Atoll has been chosen to be the place of the 1st Manta Festival. This event took place on November 24th 2018 at Dharavandhoo and brought together over 12 resorts, 11 local schools and different actors of the protection of environment such as Atoll Marine Centre, Olive Ridley Project, Marine Saver, Parley for the Ocean, Environmental Protection Agency and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The aim of this festival was to get schools involved and gathered for a day to sensitize and educate them about mantas and more generally about the environment and marine issues. Guest of honor, former president Mr. Mohamed Nasheed gave an important speech on the importance of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Baa Atoll and sustainable development in the Maldives and enjoyed visiting the stalls.

As part of the festival organization, each Resort was in charge of a school for their participation to the festival. Amilla took in charge of Kendhoo and donated 16 snorkeling sets to the school for the students in order to organize snorkeling excursions to observe the beautiful underwater world.

During the festival, each stakeholder was represented at one of the Twenty-two marine-themed stalls where marine biologists and environmental activists invited the children to their stand to actively participate in games and discussions on mantas and more generally about the ocean and its preservation. Different competitions for kids as photography, arts and sculptures challenges animated this festival which attracted a lot of people. We want to congratulate Kendhoo School who won the sculpture competition with an impressive 16 x 13ft sculpture of the spottiest manta in the Maldives “Mr Spotty”.

Throughout this successful day, snorkeling excursions was organized and led by official guides who shared their knowledge with everyone.

This festival was successful with over 200 students and 1000 visitors. It allowed to create strong relation between stakeholder and local schools. On behalf of Amilla Fushi we would like to thank all the participants of the festival for their involvement and their dynamism, we look forward to participate to the next Baa Atoll manta festival.

Fun Challenge Hosted by Natural Allure on 25th November 2019

Natural Allure Fun Challenge, November!

Slipping & sliding…soapy fun,

Great way to start your morning…on a Sunday…Thanks to all those who got out of bed to support!

Congratulations to  Green (Intuitive Generosity) & Yellow (Rich Experiences) teams – tie with 6 points & Blue (Natural Allure) team 2nd with  5 points &  Pink (Idyllic Escape) team with 4 points!

Healthy Tips – Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking water and staying hydrated is great for maintaining hydration and helps improve the function of your heart, brain and muscles!

Our bodies are composed of about 60% water and we constantly lose fluid in warmer climates and during strenuous activities.

Here below are 5 top benefits of drinking water:

1. Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue

Since your brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you think, focus and concentrate better and be more alert. As an added bonus, your energy levels are also boosted!

2. Promotes Weight Loss

Removes by-products of fat, reduces eating intake (by filling up your tummy if consumed prior to meals), reduces hunger (hello natural appetite suppressant!), raises your metabolism and has zero calories!

3. Flushes Out Toxins

Gets rid of waste through sweat and urination which reduces the risk of kidney stones and UTI’s (urinary tract infections).

4. Improves Skin Complexion

Moisturizes your skin, keeps it fresh, soft, glowing and smooth. Gets rid of wrinkles. It’s the best anti-aging treatment around!

5. Maintains Regularity

Aids in digestion as water is essential to digest your food and prevents constipation.

Make sure to always stay hydrated and healthy!

Jalsa – October 2018 Awards and Recognition

Rock Star Winner – JhoanVilleza Dominguez (Kids Club Coordinator)


I am pleased to nominate Jhoan for Rock Star of month October 2018 for her being flexible, team spirit, passion and extra efforts that she put into the business.


From the day one, Jhoan focused on various tasks and created/produced Halloween activities and decoration items by using recycle items collected from Garbage area, These productions  we used in guest and islanders Halloween party, she worked voluntarily till late nights to form a ghost dance group & practiced them for stage show

The main reason for this nomination is because of her positive support to our golden behaviors and the support received to the entire department including islanders by presenting an amazing and successful Halloween party for guests and islanders,

With her coordination, all the Halloween activities for kids and adults went very smooth and successful. She was the main supporter for her managers to achieve the success. She produced tasks and delegated to team members and most of the time she went beyond expected level.  Jhoan is the Rock Star winner for entire Recreation department team.

Super Hero Winner – Ahmamedbasheer Mohamed Ali (IT Supervisor)

Best Up Sellers – October 2018

Amilla Family is delighted to share the “Amilla Thari (August)” to our dedicated and passionate islanders from Recreation!

Welcome Home New Islanders

Permanent Islanders – 2 Years Anniversary

Huvafen Fushi – October 2018

Message from General Manager

JC.JPGThe end of the year is approaching fast and we are getting ready with the activities, entertainment and all the goodies to ensure a memorable festive season for our guests. In the meantime the month of November is ticking at a sound occupancy and rate with more guests coming from Europe. We are also putting the final touch in refreshing our product. The renovation of the last 4 deluxe beach bungalows will be completed by 18 November, in time to delight our guests for the high season.

Most of you are enjoying playing now futsal in our new field. This will be completed by the end of the month with the fence. It will become then a true multi-purpose playground with cricket, volleyball and tennis on offer as well. I wish you all the fun at trying these games and putting teams together in friendly matches.

All the best and good continuation at delighting our guests, as always

Jean-Christophe Nager

General Manager


Engagement Survey 2018

Opinions and feedback of all our team members is of extreme importance at Huvafen for the development of our dream team and island. For the sole purpose of this, HR organized and carried out an engagement survey for all the team members on 29th to 31st of October.


All permanent team members who has completed their time of probation was eligible to participate and provide their feedback anonymously to ensure a reliable feedback.

The survey was based upon two segments; engagement and leadership, and was carried on through out all the team members, including line staff’s, supervisors and managers to HOD’S and Directors. An online survey platform, survey monkey was used to conduct this important research for the beneficiary of our dream island.


After the completion of the survey and the results were generated, HR ensured a discussion meeting with the leadership team to finalize and implement an action plan based on the outcome of the survey.

It is vital here at Dream Island that we generate a feedback from our team members, and manifest and value their opinions and perspectives to improve the working environment and for an efficient development for a better productivity and a safe work place.


We thank all the team members for their constructive feedback and taking time from their busy schedule to complete the survey. Your opinions are very much appreciated and valued, and will be considered to bring about the necessary changes.

Halloween Dinner @ Huvafen

Not only in our Huvafen do we give an importance to mark and celebrate the festive of Maldives, but we also highly value the festive’s of our beloved expat team members.


Halloween being among one of these festive’s, HR took an initiative to bring a little bit of the horror aura for our team members. Henceforth, with full support from our kitchen team as always, A Halloween themed dinner was organized and set for all the team members on 30th November.

Our chefs displayed their curving skills for the decoration, pulling up horrifyingly beautiful curved pumpkins for the setup. Dinner included numerous variations of food to compliment the theme, and it was a wonderfully delicious buffet as always.


Thank you chef’s for exceeding the expectations, and giving us a WOW dinner!.

Your attention to detail always makes such celebrations a mark for our Huvafen history.


FIFA PS Competition – October 2018

As part of team building and recreation, Huvafen organizes various activities for its dream makers.

PS Competition being among one of these activities, this was the second competition that had taken place this year, and as always, a huge excitement was built among the team members.


Played between 3 groups of 12 members, the competition was played on alternating four nights after our daily operations at our games and recreation room.

After several competitive matches played between the three groups, Sharie De Haccan from HR and Junaan from F&B qualified into the finals which was played on 30th Oct. supporters cheering for their player, the game took an even more exciting aura. Nevertheless only one can the game, and for this competition, Junaan took the lead by Sharie (1-0) and owned the championship.

Unfortunately, last Champion Huthy Ibrahim had to play the third place match against Ricsh Richie and won the third place of the competition.


Congratulations Junaan for the amazing win, and thank you team members for the support and team spirit you always display for all the team activities that gets organized.

Lets look forward to the next competition soon again.

Weekly Fire Team Practical Sessions

Huvafen always gives a critical importance to the safety and security of its staff and guests.


To ensure this our Safety & Security Manager, Shakir takes initiative in arranging a practical sessions to the Fire Team of Huvafen on every Saturdays.


The sessions takes an hour and is mainly designed to raise awareness of fire hazards in the workplace and how to respond in the event of a fire emergency, including selection and the usage correct fire extinguisher depending on the type of fire.

Reef & Lagoon Cleaning

on 17th October, our Dream Team Members gathered around for the often kept regular lagoon cleaning of our beautiful Dream Island.


Your support and enthusiasm helps us maintain this exemplary scenery of the lagoon surrounding us.

International Chef’s Day

The Heart of the House. The master behind the curtain everyday choreographing the harmony of cinema we witness on our Island, our chefs, are not just cooking up a storm, but telling a tale with every dish crafted out of each kitchen.


Chefs being the earnest and most dedicated of professions, spends their life on their feet, bent over a pit of fire, sweat rolling off their brow, blisters and cuts from the tip of their fingers to the edge of their elbows, and smelling of today’s catch or yesterday’s garlic. They are the warriors of the kitchen, focused and passionate about what they do sacrificing a “normal” life for one dedication, creating wonderful tasting dishes for each of us to savor and enjoy.

It is this commitment to creativity and service that makes today an important time to pause and give them thanks.

Happy International Chef’s Day to all our Dream Team of Chef’s. Appreciation in words is not enough to show the gratitude.

Inter-Department Kayak Competition

Inter-Department Kayak Competition was arranged by the HR Department with the help of Float Team on Tuesday, 16th October 2018 afternoon at 4:30pm.


Total of 16 kayakers participated and the competition was carried among 8 teams with 2 kayakers from each department.

Our Judge Inthi, calculated the timings to see the best 3 teams among the participants who finished the race quicker in order to qualify in the final round.

After the 3rd Round of the competition, the final round competing department names was announced (Engineering, Housekeeping & Transport).


Congratulations Housekeeping Department for winning the title of the Inter-Department Kayak Competition, Engineering won the second place and Transport being in the 3rd place of the competition.


Once again thank you HR and Float team for the arrangements and well done to all the participants.

Town Hall Meeting – September 2018

Huvafen holds its Monthly Town Hall Meeting at Malaafaiy on Saturday, 13th October late afternoon.

Opening the Town Hall with a word from our GM Jean-Christophe Nager (JC), the Town Hall meeting had a little bit more of specialty added to it than other months.


A total of 14 new Dream Makers were welcomed into the team at the meeting, congratulating and encouraging everyone for their hard work and effort that has always been shown. In addition to this, we had a team member who with pride we had announced the promotion, congratulations Muja, Now Senior Spa Therapist cum Trainer.

As always we appreciate and award the hard work from our dream makers in every Town Hall, this month also we had a good number of deserving nominees for the Face of the House and Heart of the House. Congratulations Jameel from HR and Muzah from Front Office for winning the title of Heart and Face of the House for the month of September 2018.

This Town Hall we had a special award made especially on behalf of our team members, dedicated to none other than our Director of Sales, for winning his name in the 20 most influential Sales & Marketing Personnel in Maldives on Corporate Maldives. It is a very humble and prideful moment for the whole of dream Island that our Director of Sales has been nominated for this title. A very huge Congratulations to Nuas for this wonderful success, and being a role model to all our dream makers!

image 2.png

Hotel Asia Culinary Challenge representatives from Dream Team, Certificates and Medals was issued by our GM to all the individuals who took part in this prestigious event for the year 2018 from F & B Kitchen and F & B Service.


The very first time in Maldives, HR professionals day was celebrated on the 13th of October and Huvafen Pastry team has prepared a special cake to our wonderful HR Team to cut during the Town Hall Meeting in order to mark this special day.


Few changes to the Town Hall Meeting for this month, Raffle Draw was included to the agenda and two items in the raffle draw was taken among all the team members. Congratulations to the lucky two winners, Mama – Front Office and Javiz – Transport, and of course every Town Hall meeting, we end with a sweet note of cutting a wonderful birthday cake from our pastry team for the birthday babies of September.


Congratulations all the winners once again, and thank you dream makers for your amazing services.

Team Member of the Month – Face of the House (September 2018)

muzah.pngMuzah is consistently striving for excellence in all that he does. His dedication to his position is evident in his actions every day. Always goes above and beyond to help out. Offers help when he notices an opportunity, not just in his department but other departments as well. He consistently provides compassionate care for his guests and is extremely dedicated. Muzah is a great communicator and pushes himself to be the best that he can be.


Briefly describe what you do all day.

After I wake up, I make myself available for all the guests I look after. Follow up on daily activities of all the guests. During my free time, I watch series and play video games.

What is the best thing about your role?

I get the chance to meet new people everyday, and I always learn something new from them. 

What do you value most about your employment in Huvafen Fushi?

All my colleagues who works around me.

What’s been one of your proudest moments working at Huvafen Fushi? Anytime when I get a good feedback from the guests I look after.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

End up watching series.

What are 3 words you’d use to describe Huvafen Fushi?

Perfect place to work.

What’s the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life thus far? To be positive all the time.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? Cooking

Tell us about a time when you had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best. I don’t recall any such thing happened so far.

What are your future career development plans?

Taking new challenges in current position. Get more training’s, and get ready for next position.

Team Member of the Month – Heart of the House (September 2018)

jameel.pngDuring the month of September Jameel has shown very good performance. Whenever a person asked to be assisted, he is ready to do the job. During the last month he took initiative and assisted on other department operations by releasing his colleague to assist Spa operations. Moreover, he is involved in all our extra activities and never say NO to his works. Jameel took lead on assisting Multi-purpose Court project during the last month.


Briefly describe what you do all day.

Maintaining and cleaning staff area

What is the best thing about your role?

Being able to work and  assist together with all the team members

What do you value most about your employment in Huvafen Fushi?

The good relationship  built on my 15 years of career here at Huvafen Fushi with the Dream Makers.

What’s been one of your proudest moments working at Huvafen Fushi? Being selected as the Employee of the Year 2016

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Watching movies

What are 3 words you’d use to describe Huvafen Fushi?

Friendly, Inspiring, Fun

What’s the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life thus far?

Handling the village area tasks and welfare activities alone for a period of one month which taught me taking lead for leadership.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I want to learn office admin works into work in HR Office.

Tell us about a time when you had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best.

So far I haven’t had anything like that.

What are your future career development plans?

Improve my communication skills and take the part in HR Welfare Coordinations.

HR Professionals Day Celebration

13th October being commemorated as HR Professionals Day in Maldives, Huvafen with the whole team, took time to acknowledge the exceptional work our own HR team does for all the Huvafen team members.


Working closely as one team, the HR department never fails to do what is righteous for all team members. With a group photo session of all available HR team members, like every other day, our HR department showed their fellowship in even celebrating this special day.


At town Hall meeting held at Malaafaiy a special cake made by our Pastry team was cut by the available team members of HR.


Thank you Management Team for always supporting HR in working for a safe and productive environment for all team members.

Huvafen Representing @ Hotel Asia Culinary Challenge 2018

Hotel Asia Culinary Challenge is a Prestigious Event where all Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Food and Beverage Associations participate and share their experiences.

The objective of the competition is to provide channels promoting culinary excellence, the skills and abilities of chefs, cooks, pastry chef and apprentices from near to far. The Competition was held in Male’, Dharubaaruge from 09th October to 12th October 2018.

Huvafen Fushi participated in the Culinary Challenge for the year 2018 in 6 categories and nominated 5 chefs (Sam, Nemy, Jahir, Abu and Shivam) from our wonderful Kitchen team and Ammu from F & B Service to showcase their talent and represent Huvafen Fushi at this prestigious event.


On the first day of the competition (9th October 2018), Chef Sam & Chef Abu, took part in the Hot Cooking Lamb category. Our heartfelt congratulation to Chef Sam, who won the Bronze Medal under this category.

Chef Nemy along with Ammu, represented on the second day of the competition for the category of Dessert and tea making respectively. Much gratifying congratulations to Ammu, for winning the bronze medal in his category and for being selected in the top three for the Creative tea challenge.


On the third day of the competition Chef Jahir represented for the category of Hot cooking, Poultry, and Ammu for the category of Iced Mocktail.

Chef Shivam, cooked on the final day in young Chef category, winning a prestigious bronze in his challenge as well.




Our participants showed an outstanding performance along with the help of their departments full support, bringing honored value to our Huvafen Fushi. Thank you for your dedication to all the hard work put in for this competition and bringing Such a big success for Huvafen Fushi.

Well done to all our participants and Dream Team is really proud of you all.

Celebrating Breast Awareness Month at Huvafen

The Breast Cancer Awareness Month is marked across the world every October. It aims to help increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection, and treatment as well as palliative care of this disease.   Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide.  According to statistics, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.


Resident doctor, Wilma Corpus invited the women of Huvafen Fushi to a session of Breast Cancer Awareness where she explained the signs and symptoms associated with breast cancer. Signs and symptoms can vary widely from person to person. Dr. Wilma also emphasized the importance of knowing how to do a Breast self-examination (BSE), a screening method used in an attempt to detect early breast cancer.


With Doctor Wilma clarifying any questions surfaced, it had been an informative and supportive session for all our Huvafen ladies.

To further increase the team bond between our ladies, along with the information session, a night for the ladies was also arranged by the HR team. With fun activities, such as Karaoke to keep the night alive, and with a variation of snacks and pizzas from our F & B team it had been made sure that Huvafen shows support to this cancer awareness as well as takes in detail to the well fare of our ladies.


Breast cancer being a disease yet with no cure, we Huvafen, as an organization always dedicate our full support to the cause, and along with the rest of the world, we believe in the fighters of this disease, we applaud the strong survivors, and we hope for a cure.

Monthly Healthy Lunch

Every month Huvafen Marks one day to detoxify our Dream Makers with a Healthy Lunch Day.


on 08th October, Wednesday with the help of our Island Doctor, the Kitchen Team displayed, a healthy lunch, balanced right to cater to the need of our Dream Makers Health.


With an array of dishes, with the freshest ingredients with amazing flavors, our team of chefs delivered health with taste.


Thank you so much, Kitchen Team, and Doctor, for arranging this beneficial and much required lunch for our dream makers.


ELITE TRAVELER -Mark Hehir on making Small Maldives Island Co different

Read more

8th November 2018 // By Lauren Hill

Encompassing three distinctly unique island resorts—romantic Huvafen Fushi, family-oriented Amilla Fushi and the lively retro-chic resort Finolhu—Small Maldives Island Co places the focus firmly on giving each place a clear identity and curating the experiences you have there. With the recent relaunch of Huvafen Fushi, we talk to the CEO, Mark Hehir, to find out what it is that makes Small Maldives Island Co so different.

What drew you to join Small Maldives Island Co?

The founders and owner have been known to me for years. They invited me to join them and I took over as CEO in 2015. Since then I’ve led the company’s entire direction and focus, from the design and interiors of the 2016-opened resort Finolhu, to a villa’s styling and defining who the target guest is. The group started with Amilla Fushi, then Finolhu opened, then the family behind Huvafen Fushi asked if I could take it over and bring it into our group. I had been the GM of that resort before, so I could bring it back to life in the right way and with the right spirit.

The three islands are very different. How would you define each of them?

We define them by key experiences people can move between. Amilla Fushi speaks to a family who wants a chic high-quality experience. It’s got great water and land sports and ticks the box of the spa in a beautiful way, but in a broad stroke it’s a family resort with a series of multi-room residences. The Maldives has always had that base honeymoon market but the honeymoon market doesn’t repeat – families do. So, Amilla lives that life. Finolhu then celebrates multi-generational travel. It’s a very fun five-star retro resort, with 60s and 70s influence, and emotional connections through the music, architecture and design. Different generations have a different take on it, and it’s bigger so there’s a lot of movement and vibrancy. Every night there’s live entertainment and a lot of quirky twists, so we host a lot of celebrations.

For Huvafen Fushi, when I worked there before we were always thinking about that beautiful couple who wants to escape and indulge, eat and spa, do some diving and slow down for a bit. We thought about that a lot, but with new operators coming and going, the idea got lost. When I went in, I had to clean it out and think about who our guests are. In this most beautiful immaculate place with dolphins coming past, you don’t want kids running through throwing sand as you’re having a croissant and coffee. It’s supposed to be this zen place. So I made it adults only. And Huvafen Fushi is a grande dame of the Maldives. It’s timeless. So, with the re-imagination, it was all refreshed and brought back to life. Huvafen is built in a way that has integrity so I wanted to honor that.

That’s how the islands define themselves, but the same people do go to all three. I don’t think it’s a different guest. It’s more the mind-set. When you define a concept that well, it stands out and that eventually gives you the longevity. If you try to be everything to everybody, you inevitably become nobody. It’s been great for us to make that decision. Overarching though is our people who have been on the journey for many years. Without them, none of this works.

What are the biggest differences at Huvafen Fushi since its relaunch?

We now have the overwater Japanese restaurant, Feeling Koi. That’s been a huge success. We have a Japanese chef in Hokkaido who acts as consultant chef. He comes to the Maldives throughout the year and we send our chefs over there to train with him. That defines the authenticity of it, then we put a twist on it with our Peruvian-Brazilian chef. We had a healthy eating restaurant there before but we’ve moved that to the relaxation area of the spa, and we’ve worked on the spa facilities, establishing new partnerships with people like Teresa Tarmey the facialist and Pure Massage by Beata Aleksandrowicz. We then reworked our two-story villa, The Playpen, to make it feel like a London penthouse. It’s not something that’s been done before in the Maldives – it has a burgundy pool, steam room and sauna, and a raised bed so you see more of the ocean view.

How do you think luxury travelers’ expectations are changing?

Over the last six or seven years it’s been on my mind that it’s the person’s experiences and stories that matter most. The product isn’t the most important part – it’s what you do in it. It’s really important that we keep ahead of that by creating stories, curating those experiences and showcasing them in a way that makes people want to engage. Now more than ever, people want to know who’s there, what the culture is like and how it’s going to make them feel.

Do you have any other islands planned?

I do – in detail. We want to eventually have five resorts and alongside that work on other experiences within the Maldives and ways to champion all of that. I created a club to speak to our customer through called Maldives Aficionado, with a rewards program and experiences threaded through it. We want to grow our loyalty through gifting experiences and also engaging people in their own country with events. That’s critical for our growth. I also want to develop another island that’s close to my heart and how I feel about the environment, while relating to mind, body and spirit in a creative way through design and installations. It will be 100 percent solar powered and free from first- and single-use plastic, but we’ll still give you that luxury, design-led experience. I’ve created the concept and I’m now working on making it happen. Another island would focus on a different customer profile, and we’d like to have boats people can stay on that also connect the islands. These are the things we can do as a small company, which is the dream.

Find out more by going over to

Images: Huvafen Fushi; Finolhu; Amilla Fushi

AMILLA FUSHI – October 2018



Dearest Islanders,

Blissful Greetings to all!

We’ve finally approached the last quarter of the year and started to feel the busy festive season. It’s with great enthusiasm that our leaders are adding their final touches to the festive calendar activities to mark the celebrations with higher notes. This year it’s going to be more rich and amazing for all of us!

Exciting moments ahead, as we look forward to welcoming our guests, many for the first time and aficionados returning to celebrate this very special occasion with us.

Recently, Amilla was also privileged to host the King of Nepal and family with close friends. A reward and a great sign of trust from such high level and notable guests! They were all impressed by our dedication and commitment. Each and every Islander have been an essential part to make this happened, of course with great service and intuitive generosity of all Amilla islanders.

It is also our great pleasure to welcome our TVEC students for their practical engineering exercise at the resort, first batch of students have successfully completed their 3 weeks course exclusively trained and assisted by our well talented Amilla Engineers. Let’s wish them a great success on their journey!

Join me in congratulating our award-wining Chefs and Bartender who participated in the recent Hotel Asia Culinary Competition in Male. The Amilla family has been very proud for your achievements! Well done Champions!

Islanders were also engaged in different activities, such as Huddle, TSMIC Tree of life sessions, Fun Challenge, Friendly football match and cricket match with our sister property-Finolhu as we wish to optimize on our islanders activities before we approach the busy Festive Season.

The preparation for our Amilla Islanders yearly event is also underway.. It’s going to be a Disco Night and let’s get ready to party soon!

My sincere appreciation for all your genuine efforts and participation in making Amilla shines as usual!

Let’s keep the hard-work going!


Jean Noël
Resort Manager


Rockstar WinnerRock Star Winner – Saji Peter (Demi Chef)

Uncle Saji as every guest calls him. He works at Joe’s Pizza in Baazaar Restaurant. He is  consistent in his pizza quality not only to guests but to the islanders as well. He always shows great smile and professionalism at work (rain or shine) either with guests or islanders and regardless if he is loaded with orders (6 pizzas) at the same time. He produces average of 50 to 70 pizzas a day, non-stop and in full speed and yet the consistency of pizza quality remains the same. He has so many great stories from Amilla and Finolhu guests that he normally shares to the team when visiting him at Pizzeria.

Super Hero Winner

Super Hero Winner – Ayu Sukeryini (Kitchen Coordinator) 

Ayu is the heart of kitchen department. She treats all our team with respect and grace, and has a sympathetic ear for all the drama of the daily life in the kitchen (64 islanders). She is truly a heart of gold when it comes to our team. She expects nothing in return, just do it with professionalism and quickly. She did an amazing job when she created a tracking sheet for all accumulated leave days,  which helped the kitchen team to reduce their leave days. She supports the team anytime, even midnight in case there’s an issue with flight, boat movement and vacation. She makes the transfers every day with the correct figures, generating a proper control of expenses and strongly helping the department to reduce food cost. She communicates all the information that is needed for the kitchen to flow the operation smoothly.

Gm Service Charge - Sept

Amilla Family is delighted to share the “Amilla Thari (September)” to our dedicated and passionate islanders from Gardening Team!


In the first week of October, we were proud to host the King of Nepal, his family and some friends on our Island Home.

During the stay they had a number of special visits, excursions and culinary experiences prepared for them in order for them to get the best possible experience while with us.

They mentioned on departure what a great stay they had and how happy they were to have come to Amilla Fushi – we certainly hope to be able to welcome them back again in the future.


IMG_4762During the month of October, we had the pleasure of welcoming as a visiting hero Toby Maguire who brought along his expertise in Chinese Healing and Medicine.

The traditional Chinese medicine is based on the belief that the Qi, our body’s vital energy, flows in the body through channels, called meridians, connected to bodily organs and functions.

Using various mind and body practices, Toby works on his clients to treat or preventIMG_4763 health problems and to bring harmony between two opposing yet complementary forces, called yin and yang, and therefore supports health and reduce the disease resulting from an imbalance between the two.

Toby’s most popular treatments in Amilla were the Acugraph analysis (a computerized tool able to assess the energetic status of the meridians through touching various acupuncture points with a moistened tool) and the Auriculatherapy (stimulation of specific points of the body using an electrical stimulation applied onto reflex points of the ear).

Together with these, Toby has been performing Hypnotherapy, Chi Abdominal massage and Qi Gong too, all practices that aim at bringing awareness and balance in the body.

Toby’s intuitive approach and effective techniques raised great interest among the staff and many islanders took the opportunity to experience his work!


We are very grateful to Toby for the knowledge that he brought to the team and for leaving us with few good tools and tips to a healthier lifestyle!!


In October for 6 days, October 7th to 14th, we invited all of our islanders from all departments and all levels to come and have their say in this year’s Islander Engagement Survey. For the survey, everyone was asked to grade their ranking on areas of engagement and leadership and share suggestions and ideas of what more we could be doing at Amilla Fushi as a business and community.

Over the 6 days we achieved 100% participation from everyone who was on the island over that time and we’re looking forward to seeing the results and moving forward as a team with some great new ideas on creating even more engagement within our Amilla Fushi Family.


So on October 11th the Brand Traits House Rich Experiences hosted this month’s Fun Challenge with 3 teams and all 4 Brand Trait Houses participating. The afternoon started with Walk the Plank, with the teams having to walk the course at Amilla Arena in sync in order to beat the other teams. Following this the teams were showing their speed in the Football Challenge.

We followed this with a fun activity of filling the bucket using only domestic sponges – fastest teams as well as water absorption were the elements necessary to win this round. The Flour Game got everyone messy – teams had to pass the flour from one to another over their heads to be the ones to fill their containers and as you can imagine more flour ended up on the participants than in the containers. And the final game of the day for the teams saw them competing in a relay race of sack race, 3-legged race, stepping stones and wheelbarrow race.

The victors for the day were TEAM IDYLLIC ESCAPE, scoring the highest points of the day, the joint team of RICH EXPERIENCES AND NATURAL ALLURE coming second with INTUITIVE GENEROSITY coming in 3rd place.

November we will see NATURAL ALLURE host the games, let’s see what they have in store for us.


Our sister resort, Finolhu Football Team visited us on 17th October for a friendly football match with our Amilla Team. Finolhu Team won the match with scores 2 – 0.


Another Blissful Management Huddle happened on October 18th morning with some balancing movement and Qi Gong with Toby Maguire, our visiting practitioner and a Brand Traits Photo Scavenger Hunt around the resort! But that’s not forgetting the healthy breakfast and the brainstorming session to keep improving our Idyllic operations!

Great participation from all departments as well as having all Brand Trait Houses represented. See you in November for more Huddle Fun.


On 15th and 16th of October, 21 more Islanders have attended General Orientation. Program wise: mainly corporate information, policies and procedures from HR, and Security, but also a lot of fun! Stretching activity from Kamal, quizzes, ice breaking activities, coffee breaks, resort visit… Check out the pictures and warm welcome to all new Islanders to Island Home!


0-02-06-0b6ac6aa620b18df47ea6900e39c9d776cce9b38db1a2d3853712c38c01c3491_67561058On October 23rd we hosted a fun day of product knowledge quizzes between the departments from 10am until 6pm. Open to all members of the team from line level to AHOD (levels 10 to 5) while HOD and Executive levels went to cheer and support their teams! Teams were quizzed on product knowledge related to Amilla Fushi, Finolhu, Huvafen Fushi and TSMIC using the Kahoot! App for all of the quizzes.

0-02-06-22c6b4287bad0a2a8eb89a247b62fe7e179b9f1dd67193edc4dc802b7e2c27f7_33389e49In round 1 teams played in knock out rounds answering 10 questions, the Quarter Finals saw the teams facing up against 15 questions, in the Semi Finals they had to make it through 20 questions as well as picture questions in this round, and the Grand Final to see who would be crowned the Amilla Masterminds saw the last 2 teams of the day answering 25 questions to try to win.

Well done to all participant for this great brain teamwork and Congratulations to ADMIN team for their win, to RECREATION for making it to the final and to all of the teams who really worked hard and made the day a wonderful event!


During October, for 3 weeks, we were delighted to welcome 5 students from Kihaadhoo TVEC school for their practical training with our engineering team. We welcomed Mohamed Faruhaan, Musab Abbas, Ali Najih, Mohamed Yanaal and Ali Shafeeg for the 3 weeks where they experienced real life application of their area of study with our team of AC technicians, Mechanics and Electricians.

They quickly started adding value to the team and being of great help in the different areas where they were training and have become, in a very short time, a part of the Amilla Fushi Family.

We wish all of our wonderful students the very best of luck for their future and hope to see them back in Amilla Fushi with us in the future.


In blissful Amilla, 2018 Halloween we have started to prepare for this scary season since the beginning of October. And we are in the final week before the celebration is in full swing, we’re celebrating a very fun colorful Halloween from October 30th to 1st November for both our guests and islanders.


Great achievement recently by Amilla Fushi Culinary Team especially “Chef Don, Chef Subhajit, Chef Novia” who won medals in 5 categories of cooking challenge at Hotel Asia Culinary Competition.

Winner 1st place Gold Medal – Hot Cooking Fish Fillet
Silver Medal – Hot Cooking Beef
Bronze Medal – Hot Cooking Poultry
2nd place Bronze Medal – Hot Cooking Fish Fillet
Bronze Medal – Young chef Challenge




Dear Islanders,Marc Reader

Tropical greetings to all of you from our Island Playground!

The month of October has started splendidly with so much highlights and happenings from both front and back of the house starting with the TVEC (Technical Vocational Education Center) student sponsorship— a vocational training institute established at Kihaadhoo, Baa Atoll, international housekeeping week, the first islander’s engagement survey, the first HR professional’s day, Medtronics incentive group and not only that, our three island resorts as well as TSMIC has been shortlisted in a various categories for the MATATO awards (Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators). Again, a very big thank you to all of you who took the time to vote for us and spread the word. This award measures feedback, reviews and comments from our guests who stayed in Finolhu. We are nominated as the Leading Family Resort, Leading Dive Resort, Leading Surf Resort and Leading Dive/Watersports Centre.

In the meantime, we are engaging in the final preparations for the spookiest and most thrilling party of the year! And for our islanders, on 3rd November, Fill n Chill transforms into the eeriest place to celebrate Halloween! Join us for a fun evening to dance the night away amongst ghosts and glowing skeletons.

We are also advancing with great strides into the last quarter of the year, which means being engaged in planning, discussing and organizing the Festive Season Programme for our guests. You all will see and experience our Island Playground Finolhu—where we are born to play at it’s very best, beautifully decorated to the occasion and we have scheduled many events befitting this Festive time of the year. The programme will be soon out for everyone to have a sneak peak of how we will celebrate the upcoming Festive Season.

I wish all of you a great month ahead and thank you all for your continuous and invaluable support.


Yours sincerely,

Marc Reader







Medtronic Group – Certificate of Excellence

For the 2nd time around, we have Medtronic group back in our groovy island. The medical device company based in the Middle East was here at Finolhu last year to treat 30 of their well performing staff. This year, they have treated 28 of their staff with different activities such as Turtle Snorkeling, Sunset Cruise, and a Watersports day. The group had different team dinners including two dinners at Kanusan. They even had a preview of our new menu items that they liked very much. Same as last year, the trip ended with a gala dinner at the Fish & Crab Shack.

Guests left happy and are planning to be back for the next coming years.


Finolhu celebrated the very first Oktoberfest last 29th of October 2018. Islanders at Baa Baa Beach Diner & 1 OAK Bar dressed up with dirndls and lederhosen (traditional attire in Munich).

The guests were treated to a theatrical entertainment by Munchner Oktoberfest Blosn band at 1 OAK bar where people got to dance all around and munch on some German snacks



A Pulse check on islanders feedback, the Islander’s Engagement Survey was opened from 16th of October 2018 to 22nd of October 2018. The survey is managed by Survey Monkey.

Our Islanders responded well in the survey with 100% attendance. It was a fun and successful event as everyone got lollipops as a thank you and took funky photos after completing the survey!


On October 25th we had the last Groovy Management Huddle of the month happening in the Movement Pavilion, with an energetic warm up with Gen and some fun brain teasers about the corporate culture of the company: Rebus, Product Knowledge Prisoners, Memory game… Do not forget to grab your cup of coffee and some muffins to be awake the full day!

GENERAL ORIENTATION0-04-06-f88bdb592f29c3036426798d91b46132dd1fb103a2efc622bfe9990da0e24af0_aba60645

October 27th and 28th were another 2 days of General Orientation in order to welcome onboard 16 new groovy islanders in Finolhu. After some corporate culture information and presentations from HR department, Security as well as resort information, they were able to visit the guest areas – the Cove Club, Thunderball, F&B outlets, Oceaneers and HUB. As always we had great support from the departments in introducing their areas and answering any questions the group had. And then at the end of the second day, they were able to show off what they had learnt over the 2 days by taking part in the famous pop quiz at the end! Well done Team #2 (Caroline from F&B Service, Imam from HR, Shakib from Stewarding and Fawwaz from Transport)



Last 7th of October  2018, Six (6) students namely Yaamin Aboobakur, Mohamed Anil, Abdhulla Nazim, Ali Anees, Inaz Adam and Mohammad Munavvar from Technical and Vocational Education Centre(TVEC) came to Finolhu Baa Atoll Resort for their 90 hours Industrial Training. The students were supervise by the Engineering Department headed by Mr. Lalith and Mr. Prasad. During their training, the students were expose in three (3) specialization, the Electrical, Mechanical and A/C maintenance. The student’s Industrial training ended last 22nd of October and their Certificate of Completion was presented during their Career Day at TVEC Campus.



Our islanders took a break form their busy schedules to visit our sister property Amilla Fushi for a friendly Football and Cricket match. Our Groovy islanders won both cricket and football matches played against Amilla teams. Go Finolhu Teams !!


A fun filled Halloween celebration on 31st October at Finolhu was an amazing event that no one want miss this fun with your loved ones and family.1A full day fun activities such as Pumpkin Curving, Frankenstein Art and Craft, Face painting and the most highlight event of the day is the Trick or Treat Portion.

Family Cocktail happened the same time, kids were busy playing activities while the Family enjoyed the short-eats such as canapes, sweet cake and more served by the culinary department not to mention the Champagne and cocktails from our F&B Team.

Some of our guests observed it while some taking Videos, pictures and others fully dressed up and makeup by the help of special Halloween Artists.



As Finolhu celebrates World Food Day, it was about time to enlighten our islanders with a delightful Lunch menu in The Diner. Our groovy islanders were thrilled to try the Special cuisines prepared by our culinary team.


housekeeping week

Every year, a week is set aside to honor our hardworking Housekeeping associates. We had a pleasant successful  Event on 01st October 2018 to Celebrate International Housekeeping week at Finolhu. the events shows Bed decoration, Bed Making & Towel art skills from our housekeeping Islanders. The aim of the competition is to engage, appreciate, train and develop among whole our housekeeping staffs. from the judges marks Irufaan Mohamed got the first place ,  Hussain Shiyan got the second place & Ali Amir got third place from the competition held at Finolhu.

We would like to thank our Management of Finolhu & whole our Housekeeping team to made this event as successful event. – HK Department