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Message from the Resort Manager

Dearest Islanders,

Welcome to the last month of the year 2019! An amazing journey indeed!

As previously mentioned, we are so proud that the Amilla Family have made it thus far and now ready to unfold our next chapter of a blissful journey ahead.

Series of remarkable events were lined up and thoroughly enjoyed by our notable guests.

I take this opportunity to extend our sincerest appreciation to all our dear Islanders, for their continuous effort towards making all these events possible! 

December is the most challenging month of the year, high-end guests from all over the world who need special, detailed and personalised attention came to celebrate festive with us and it is with great joy to witness the teamwork that was displayed and well executed. Your full support is undeniable! Every action and special touch we gave, truly left a humble mark in everyone’s heart and mind. Big Thank You to all of you!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!


Jean Noël
Resort Manager

Mystery Box Culinary Challenge

As part of the activities for the 5th Anniversary of Amilla Fushi, a Mystery Box Culinary Challenge was organized on the 10th December 2019 in IceGe. Four teams under the Brand Traits colours, four judges and one hour to prepare a Maldivian dish with the ingredients provided.  A show that we really enjoyed with teamwork, tension, excitement, motivation and creativity from the team. Rich Experiences excelled in the competition by winning the first prize.

5th Year Anniversary Party

We celebrated a century in one night on 12th December 2019 on the occasion of our 5th Year Anniversary.  Music, food, drinks, brand traits performances, Tiger Lilies, awards and DJ were all on the list of production numbers to grace the night. Rockstar of the Year 2019 was awarded to Jo Danielle from F&B Service, Superhero of the Year goes by Hassan Abdulla from HR and Guest Excellence award was given to Amnee from Front Office team.

Joyful Mood of Culinary Team During the Staff Party

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay had a wonderful time of the year at Amilla specially at Feeling Koi

We even quoted him saying that he and his family had a great dinner experience in Feeling Koi!

Staff Annual Party Buffet

We prepared special buffet for the yearly Annual party on 12th December 2019 to mark the special day for our dearest Islanders!

EBC Lunch Buffet

Battle of Chefs at Feeling Koi

We had a special Battle of the Chefs event at Feeling Koi on 21st  December, 2019. The night turned out to be a gastronomical battle between Japanese and Peruvian dishes!

Special Festive Turndown Amenities

New Breakfast Buffet Set-up

A glimpse of our weekly deep cleaning schedules

A glimpse of our kitchen team meeting

Christmas eve special dinner buffet

Special Christmas lunch buffet

IceGe special Christmas preparation for Islanders

Daily Stretches are important for your body

How is stretching well for you?

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. Injured muscles may not be strong enough to support the joints, which can lead to joint injury.

These stretches can do by yourself either in the morning, at work or any other place that you can feel your body tight. Many starches that can do as below an example

What happens if you don’t stretch?

Not stretching will only increase tightness in the body, allowing muscles to pull on joints, causing major pain. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time to stretch, bouncing while stretching may tear muscles—which can lead to scar tissue, tight muscles, decreased flexibility and increased soreness, bad impact your body posture.

Here are some tips for how to do it properly.

  • Stretch for 10 minutes every day.
  • Warm up your muscles before stretching. …
  • Hold a sustained stretch for 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Only stretch to the point of mild discomfort.
  • Breathe normally when stretching.

Little helpful information about Maldives

An ordinary Maldivian called Mr. Mohamed Umer Manik has started tourism back in 1972 challenging United Nation. Back then UN did an assessment to check if tourism can be viable in Maldives, after the assessment they said tourism will not be possible in Maldives, because there is no natural source of water/ electricity, and neither proper airport, however, tourism in Maldives has flourished today . The arrival of the first tourist group is estimated to have occurred in February 1972. Tourism in Maldives started with just two resorts with a capacity of about 280 beds. Kurumba Island Resort is the first resort which was opened in Maldives, followed by Bandos Island Resort. At present, there are over 105 resorts located in the different atolls constituting the Republic of Maldives. Over the past few decades, the number of tourists in Maldives has risen continuously. In 2009, local island guesthouses started popping up in the Maldives.

This was thanks to a change in regulations that began to officially allow tourists to stay among the local population, rather than just on privately owned resort islands. In 2015, a total of 1.2 million tourists visited the Maldives, and another 1.5 million visited in 2016. Current work is being undertaken to dramatically boost tourism numbers by constructing another 120 properties, which will include foreign developers such as the Four Seasons, JW Marriott, and The Westin. It is estimated that another 100 new islands with 100 to 200 rooms each will be needed to reach a capacity capable of receiving 7.5 million visitors by 2018, this is what Maldives government targeting, can this achievable? Until recently, tourism was restricted to the Maldives resorts, built on uninhabited islands where all services are offered within the island, with no contact with the local people. Guests rarely move away from the resorts, managed mostly by foreign multinationals, whose revenues only minimally go to the local economy. Recently the legalization of tourist facilities took place on the islands inhabited by locals, to create new jobs and allow more people to enjoy the gains from tourism. One example of inhabited island where “guest houses are growing is Huraa, situated in Kaafu Atoll of Maldives, one of the nearest locations from Malè’s International Airport (only 20 km), where tourists can stay in a local guest house among island inhabitants.

Amilla fushi – November 2019

Message from the Resort Manager

Dearest Islanders,

 Again, we made November a very special month for all Islanders!

We began the month in a very fun way to mark the celebration of the Islanders’ Halloween party at our very own Kobaaba Bar. The turnout was exceptional, with Islanders wearing their fairy costumes, face painted and all taken through the tunnel of horrors with scary witches and other treats and tricks. It was indeed a very successful gathering! 

After fun, we also worked hard to complete all our action plan for the MOT inspection, hence securing our Resort License for the operations. Kudos to all who passionately gave their full support throughout the time.

Moreover, we also added another long waited feature for our Islanders, meaning the official opening of our Islanders Beach. We received tons of appreciations for this new facility.

In addition of supporting our Islanders’ community, special island projects such as beautifying and upscaling our gardens, were also reinforced with great participation of one and all. The coconut grove will be soon converted into a renowned place of our home-made and home-grown concept! Certainly, all these major works in our Island Bliss won’t be possible if not with your dedication, teamwork and never-ending support!

Indeed, it is with great satisfaction to see that we have made it thus far and now embarking on the last stroke of 2019. As we are getting ready to welcome all our notable guests, the whole management team joins me to share our excitement for the upcoming yearly Islander’s Party and festive celebrations!

Surely, looking forward to more blissful and fruitful year end with all of you!


Jean Noël

Resort Manager


Halloween is widely celebrated in the evening before the All Saints Day every 1st  November.  The US and European countries are keen of celebrating this in the past. This yearly scary celebration made a huge impact and eventually become a tradition in many countries around the Globe. In Amilla Fushi, we have celebrated this event on 3rd November with our Islanders in Kobabaa Bar. The entire place turned into a graveyard, spooky decorations were all around with the highlight of scary ghost’s tunnel which sets the mood for Islanders to have a fun filled party that night. Indeed, this year’s celebration was tagged as the grandest, scariest and funniest!


Monthly fishing trip with barbecue on 9th November 2019


Creating Amilla vegetables gardens

On 14th November, Victoria, our Sustainability Manager, took the lead on creating Amilla Herbs’ garden with the help of our Islanders in the Coconut Grove, which was cleaned and cultivated over a period of 2 weeks.


On 14th November, islanders have joined force to clean and beautify our formerly called “Secret Beach”. Not so long after, Islanders’ Beach was officially opened on 18th November 2019, with daily timing of 8am to 8pm. Moving forward, our dearest islanders can utilize this beach during their off days to relax and even have a barbecue party with friends and respective department.


We had our kitchen monthly meeting on 22nd November,2019


We launched our new WOK menu this month. New menu looks nice and delicious


Chef Nishantha provided training of the WOK menu to the service team and Katheebs


Chef Tora visited Amilla Fushi and provided us some training on her wellness dishes



We prepared special buffet for Islanders to mark Halloween celebration

Newly revised setup for Cellar Door Journey



We continue to focus on our internal kitchen training and meeting to improve our qualities


Hugo Gravil

Physiotherapy at Amilla Fushi

During the month of November, Hugo joined our Spa team in Amilla Fushi as a physiotherapist.

With his 25 years of experience, Hugo specializes in physiotherapy, osteopathy, and manual therapy. One of his achievement is to be a part of ATP for the past 12 years.

He brought his exceptional knowledge and skills to Amilla Fushi, in collaboration with the 4-day Tennis Camp that was facilitated by tennis Pro Mischa Zverev.


All Rockstars and Superheroes from November 2018 to October 2019 were invited for a High Tea on 28th November 2019 in EBC.  The purpose of this High Tea is for all the winners to meet with our Senior Leaders and convince them to vote for them as Rock Star and Super Hero of the Year

Best of luck to all of the candidates!  Lucky winners will be announced on the annual staff party happening on 12th December 2019.


Coffee with the Resort Manager, Jean Noel, on 26th November and 3rd December 2019. This weekly one hour interaction with Jean Noel is the time for us to talk to our RM and share with him our life on the island and for him to know us better. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed. Islanders appreciated the useful tips of Jean Noel for us to have a healthy lifestyle and how to focus on our career growth by using all resources available around us wisely.

Townhall Meeting  – October 2019 Awards and Recognition

Rock Star Winner – Ibrahim Rasheed (Boat Captain)

Mr. Ibrahim Rasheedh (Rocky) is an experienced captain in our fleet. He has consistently performed his duties in an accurate and proper manner and also maintains captain’s discipline. He is very motivated and focused captain, Mr. Rocky has expressed interest in advancing his career in the Marine transport management field. And he has on his own time interest to conduct on the job training with the crew members who need to be trained for further advance their career as  captains. Takes care of underway safety of Guests and the vessel too. He has my highest recommendation for Rock Star of the month.

Super Hero Winner – Hussain Khaleel (Carpenter)

Mr. Hussain Khaleel has been working with us since 2015. He is a highly skilled carpenter with a great passion for work. He is very energetic and keen to tackle any works that is delegated to him. He has been very successful in meeting the maintenance requirements and accomplishing various projects within the resort. He speaks less, listens a lot, keen on details and works with minimal supervision. He voluntarily contributes to team work regardless of the task.  He  remains as a model for rest of the team with his great attitude and passion for work.

Best Up Sellers – October 2019

Amilla Thari – October 2019

Welcome Home New Islanders

Permanent Islanders- 2 Years Anniversary


Message from the Resort Manager

Dearest Islanders,

We began October with so much anticipation, it is with great honour that we value all our combined efforts to finish most of our priority tasks in a timely manner.

During this month, our Japanese signature restaurant, Feeling Koi and our Continental FRESH restaurant, were temporarily closed for enhancements, in preparations for the Festive Season.

True to our commitment, a deeper action plan was emphasised by the whole team, working altogether to complete all our initiatives, with regards to the Paperworks Audit Report. It was with great assurance and satisfaction to see all our leaders stepping into this mega project to address all non-compliances in a very efficient manner, prior to the final inspection on 5th November. A great collaboration of unity and manpower at Amilla Fushi.

As we keep striving for the best and to maintain the cleanliness of our blissful island, few days were heartily dedicated for garbage disposal. Many leaders and islanders went above and beyond the call of duty, by participating in these activities, braving the challenging weather. Kudos to all of you!

It is indeed so refreshing to roam around in a cleaner and greener island. Thanks to everyone’s dedication and cooperation, I truly value all your assistance during this critical period.

Nonetheless, it is also special and truly amazing, to witness all islanders’ efforts to keeping the essence of Halloween Celebration, particularly for our notable families staying with us!

Let’s keep the same spirit of unity and motivation growing, as we look forward to embracing the upcoming festive season!


Jean Noël

Resort Manager

National Day of the People’s Republic of China

To begin our October month, we began by celebrating the National Day of the People’s Republic of China on 1st of October. Special food corner was set up in IceGe with Chinese dishes and decorations.

Champagne Devaux Journey

On 14th of October, Champagne Devaux Journey was held in 5 different locations from 1OAK to cellar doors. An evening of drinks and interesting conversation as Jean Noel Girard takes you to this journey. Guests, especially the wine lovers have truly enjoyed this event.

Chef Tora– Visiting Chef

On 24 October, a Swedish Food Artist having a bachelor’s degree in gastronomy, Chef Tora arrived in Amilla Fushi to host vegan specialized dinners in Feeling Koi as well as to train our interested culinary team to learn her special craft. Her creations is from plant-based vegetables, which she creatively and beautifully display to entice our guest’s palate.

She will also be visiting the Wellness Café and Baazaar from 26th October to 7 November where she will be preparing and presenting her special dishes to our valued guests. 

Fishing Trip

Our keen fishermen went for monthly fishing trip on 7th  October and enjoyed the wonderful evening followed by a great Barbeque outside Icege.

New Breakfast setup at EBC

Fresh was temporarily closed for the maintenance, we did our Breakfast operations at EBC.

Some glimpses of the EBC breakfast setup. 

Feeling Koi: re-opened

After the full and fresh refurbishment of Feeling Koi, we re-opened it officially this month.

Thank you very much to Engineering Team and other departments  for the hard-work and great accomplishment in a timely manner.

Kitchen Artist Started Working For Festive and Halloween

On-going Deep Cleaning

Some glimpses of deep cleaning at Barolo Grill

Some glimpses of deep cleaning at Cold Kitchen

Some glimpses of deep cleaning at Fish N Chips Shop

Some glimpses of deep cleaning at IceGe

Some glimpses of deep cleaning at Feeling Koi

Some glimpses of deep cleaning at Wok

Some glimpses of deep cleaning at Joe’s Pizza

Some glimpses of deep cleaning at Bakery

Thank you to Stewarding team for their efforts

Some more pictures of the scheduled deep cleaning. We want our kitchen “CLEAN” at all times

Some glimpses of Lobster Tank cleaning and Buggy Cleaning

Getting Ready for Halloween

Halloween furniture sanding and painting

Island Cleaning Activities – Kitchen Team

Kitchen staff participated in island cleaning and garbage gathering events to keep the cleanliness of our Island Home

Kitchen Trainings

Some glimpses of the internal kitchen trainings that we had in October

Friendly Football Match

Kihaadhoo island fairly played with our Amilla islanders on the friendly Football match in 22nd  October, final score of the match was 4 to 3 and in favour of Amilla Fushi.

Well done Team!!

Diwali Special at IceGe

Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated worldwide mostly by Hindus where houses are decorated with rows of lighted lamps symbolizing  the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness.

In Amilla Fushi, we had a special food corner decorated in 27th October with lights to celebrate this day with our Hindu islanders.

Sanding Work

During this low season, sanding work and furniture varnishing was one of the special project that we focused on, indeed a great support from all other departments was received.  

Island Cleaning

A massive island cleaning in different corners of our Island bliss happened on daily basis during the low resort occupancy. Great numbers of islanders participated from all departments have been highly noticed.

Maldives National Day

Special food counter for our islanders was heartily prepared by our Icege team during lunch to commemorate the celebration of Maldives National Day in 29th October.

Jalsa – September 2019 Awards and Recognition

Rock Star Winner – Junko Kurata (Katheeba)

Junko has done an amazing job in exceeding expectations of all her guests. September was a busy month with lots of Japanese guests and Japanese FAM trips. She looked after maximum Japanese guests and she makes sure that all her guests had a memorable stay with us. Her upselling was extremely good and made a total of $22,942 including for late checkout: $2,700, Excursion: $11,510, Spa: $6,867, theme nights and PVT photography: $1865. She took initiative and looked after Japanese day visit guests who visited from Finolhu. Moreover she is a hardworking Katheeba with a “CAN DO” attitude and never says “NO” whenever we ask for assistance. She always supports her colleagues for buggy rides and luggage pickup when they get busy. She accompanied one of the Japanese guests who was afraid to go to diving to give the guests more confidence. This kind of  “WOW” attitude contributed to an everlasting memory of our valued guests.

Super Hero Winner – Ahmed Firushad (Electrician)

Mr. Firushad has been working as an electrician since 2014. He is a highly talented multi-skilled personnel. He has gained a lot of experience through his learning attitude. He has shown great involvement in meeting the operational requirements. His tireless  effort  and contribution to rectification of the Paperworks list is highly appreciated. He is improving his attitude day to day.  He has initiated to take ownership of tasks and he is now motivated  towards personnel development while contributing to team work. We would like to appreciate his efforts and initiatives and such appreciation would be a great  motivation for him and the team.

Best Up Sellers – September 2019

Amilla Thari – September 2019

Welcome Home New Islanders

MSG – Ajinomoto my any other name.

Mono Sodium Glutamate has many different names. Originally developed in Japan and made with seaweed it is now made in commercial from fermenting sugars. This doesn’t sound too unhealthy right?

Well much research has been done on this food additive and none of the outcomes are good.

Here are some facts of what this does in our systems;

• As early as the 1970’s researchers found that MSG kills brain cells

• It acts as a nerve stimulant and will change how we taste food. Basically even food could normally taste bad would taste good. Think old food or food that is not good for you.

• For those sensitive to MSG it can cause headaches, muscle tightness, tiredness, tingling, itching and weakness.

• It can trigger asthma attacks.

• There are many studies that now link MSG to obesity and weight gain.

I am not sure about you but I don’t think any of this sounds good.

Unfortunately with regulations in many countries either banning MSG or enforcing that products must be labels, those folk in white coats in laboratories have found ways to change the name slightly to get round these laws which means that MSG is now hiding in virtually all processed foods under names such as; Glutamate, Maltodextrin, Malt extract, Yeast Extract (food, nutrient), anything Hydrolysed, Soy protein and Whey protein.

Yes that’s right those “healthy” protein powders also come with a side of MSG!

MSG is commonly found in prepared sauces and ingredients such as;

• Oyster Sauce

• Fish Sauce

• Hoisin Sauce

• Cheap soy sauces

• Curry pastes

• Chicken powder or stock powder

• Cup/two minute noodle flavour packets

Oh no, what can we eat you ask? The answer lies in eating whole foods. Choosing homemade sauces not out of a bottle. Basically try not to eat anything out of a wrapper and keep all those brain cells intact!

What Can a Coconut Be?

What a strange question to ask but it is worth thinking about.

We all know that the coconut tree is the tree of life and I am sure that you know that all parts of the coconut tree are useable. But as we clean up Amilla, our island home, we have all seen that we are very fortunate to have an island that is so rich in these life giving plants.

However as we have seen the vast piles of dried coconuts, palm fronds and other parts of the tree that fall (or are cut by our brave coconut guys) it has made me wonder what can we do with these? Why pay to send them off our island?

So I set to research and here are some interesting uses I have found;

• Wood chips – cutting up the husks we can create wood chips, maybe to use for path ways.

• Coir – coconut coir has for many years been used to create rope for use in boating. It is water resistant so last well around water. It is also used to make doors mats and other household items. Did you know that it is also widely used for making mattresses?

• Coco peat – this can be mixed in with compost for gardens. It is very absorbent and holds water during the dry season. It can also be used for growing vegetables with hydroponics.

• The fibre can also be used for growing mushrooms!

• Shells – the beautiful shells can be used to make many items for round the home such as bowls, spoons and jewellery.

• Trunks – while we wouldn’t cut down a coconut tree, they do sometime fall naturally. The trunks can be used to make all number of items such as furniture and the like.

As we move sustainability into the light here at Amilla we would love your ideas on ways that we could use out bounty of coconuts. Please comment below with your brilliant ideas.