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Amilla Fushi – july 2019


Message from the Resort Manager

jnDearest Islanders,

When we think of July, that definitely rings a bell for the Baa Atoll Summer Festival season!

I proudly recognise the joint effort of everyone involved to make this special annual event, a huge success!

This year from 8th – 22nd July 2019, mostly of our islanders and great leaders were unstoppable in winning the hearts of our nearby resorts including its guests for this event. Few resorts invited their guests and players to witness the volleyball matches played at our home volleyball court at Emperor Beach Club.

As a hosting resort, we made sure everything was perfect as per guests and players expectations. Welcome drinks and refreshments were passionately prepared by our F&B and culinary team whilst Leaders’ presence during these days were highly regarded to welcome everyone.

During the month of July, a good number of training sessions were conducted for the development of our Islanders, with great attendance and participation. Indeed, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Learning and Development Department for their tireless effort in delivering these beneficial modules and tools for our islander’s efficiency. We also launched the long awaited HR system, ‘Fusion’ which was very well embraced by all our leaders. We can now say Goodbye to all the paperwork load!

Talking about amazing leaders, it was with great sadness to see our Chairman Mr. Michael Flynn waved his goodbye to Amilla Islanders on 2nd July 2019. We wish him lots of love and good health.

Similarly, we also witnessed Brinda, the Communications Director taking up new challenges at a different shore in the Maldives, hence we all joined our hearts to wish her success in her new endeavours.

As we turn the page into the next chapter, I gladly introduce Immanuvel who recently joined us as Director of Engineering, whom we warmly welcomed to our Amilla Family on 17th July 2019.

May we continually support and respect each other as we grow together as one community on our Island Home!


Jean Noël

Resort Manager

Baa Atoll Summer Festival

Following the success of last year’s inaugural event, Chef Nishantha and his team have come together to celebrate the second Baa Atoll Summer Festival with a bang! From 8th to 22nd July 2019, twelve resorts have poured out their best for an island-hopping extravaganza in which guests can embark on a unique dine-around voyage.

Feeling Koi, our award winning fine dining Japanese restaurant was featured to showcase the best that it has to offer and have a taste of our exquisite food. We offered a Japanese set menu to all the guests who came to join us on this event.

World Chocolate Day

On Sunday 7th July 2019, we celebrated the World Chocolate Day in Fresh and Emperor Beach Club (EBC) to delight our notable guests on this occasion.

Chocolate fountain was placed in the buffet station in FRESH from 8am to 11am and in EBC from 1pm to 3pm.

In addition, we also offered a “Coffee with Chocolate Doughnut” in EBC from 3pm to 5pm (a la carte style) for every coffee order.

Maldives Independence Day

In commemoration of the 54 Independence Day of Maldives on Friday, 26th July 2019, we arranged a special Twilight Affair with Maldivian theme on the Baazaar Beachfront from 7:30pm to 8:30pm with Boduberu to perform a traditional Maldivian dance to entertain our guests.

A special dinner was set at Wok restaurant with the theme of Maldivian Night (family style concept) with an ambiance of Maldivian culture.

Feeling Koi Baa Atoll Menu

Newly Revised Breakfast A la Carte Menu Presentation

New Gusto of Barolo Menu

New Daily Rotation of Canapes

New Turndown, Arrival and Fruit Amenities


New Skyhouse with Bubble Menu

New H.U.B. Excursion Amenities

Sunset Cruise, Dolphin Cruise, Luxury Sunset, Turtle Safari, Blue Hole Snorkelling etc…

New  Fish & Chips Menu Training with F&B Service team & Katheebs | Facilitated by Chef Nishantha

Daily Training in each outlet for the month of July

Island Cleaning

During the month of July, we had a massive island cleaning project that was extended over few days focusing on particular areas of the island.  To drive this event, a Leader was assigned to a specific area from 10am to 5pm. 

It was really a successful initiative when we look at the amount of garbage that was retrieved.  

We thank all the Islanders who  participated in this activity and look forward for a good participation for the August schedule.  A practice that should be renewed and maintained to show our concern for the environment and to keep our Island Home clean and tidy.



Following the success of last year’s inaugural event, fellow Baa Atoll resorts are once again teamed up to host the second edition of the ‘Baa Atoll Summer Festival’.  From 8-21 July 2019, 12 resorts came together for an island-hopping extravaganza in which guests embarked on a unique dine-around voyage encompassing Amilla Fushi, Anantara Kihavah, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, Dreamland, Dusit Thani Maldives,Finolhu, Four Seasons Landaa, Reethi Beach, Royal Island, Soneva Fushi, The Westin Maldives and Vakkaru Maldives. Over a series of dedicated nights, the Summer Festival showcased the best each resort has to offer in the culinary scene, reaffirming Baa Atoll’s reputation as a must-visit summer destination of distinction.

Officially commenced on Monday, 8 July with a series of exclusive Sunset Cocktail events for guests, the Baa Atoll Summer Festival saw each participating resort welcoming their neighbours’ guests for a special set menu dinner in their featured dining restaurant on designated nights over two consecutive weeks. Each resort showcased its own dining scene via a 3-course set menu priced at $120++ per person including a glass of wine, with special children’s menus also available. Complimentary inter-island transportation was organised by the participating resorts on the featured night. Special arrangements also made on request for those who wish to repeat their experience in a specific resort at $25++ per person for shared boat transfers.

Each resort also offered an action-packed calendar of activities to keep the entire family entertained throughout the festival fortnight, from beach activities, conservation events, water experiences and more. This year, we saw the introduction of a round-robin inter-resort Beach Volleyball Tournament between staff and guests, as well as a Full Moon Island Clean-up Day. Finally, on Monday 22 July, the festival closing ceremony showed the unity of 12 Resorts whereby everyone came together for a day of fun in the sun on a sandbank at the heart of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve; with a beach party for the guests, round-robin volleyball final match and the show-stopping Catamaran Regatta competition.

Watch highlights from the 2018 Baa Atoll Summer Festival here

Stay updated with the latest beach activities, events and menus at or follow @Baa_Atoll_Festival on Instagram.

#SummerFestival #DineAroundinBaa #TourDeBaa #ItsBetterInBaa #DineAround

Cricket Match

After the busy season and Ramadan, we had interesting sports scheduled in July. One of the ways of keeping good relationship with our Atoll resorts, we welcomed Anantara Kihavah team on the 3 July 2019 for a friendly cricket match. The match ended up with a score of 93/6 in favour of Anatara Kihavah and 83/6 for Amilla Fushi

Fishing Trip

Fishing Trip has become our monthly tradition. We had our July fishing trip on the 8th July followed by the usual barbecue.


Friendly Football Match

Several friendly football matches were organised during the month of July within the resort to get our team ready for the upcoming Baa Atoll Inter-Resort Football competition. We welcomed Kendhoo Team on 4 July for a match with a score of 3 – 2 in favour of Amilla Fushi. Also, our team went to play against Naifaru team on 6 July 2019 with a score of 8 – 1 in favour of Naifaru.


Visiting Hero Jang at Javvu Spa

During her residency, Jang has offered to provide our therapists with training in Chi Nei Tsang and Foot Reflexology to bring additional knowledge and skills to the team!

Originally from Thailand, Jang has been working in the spa industry as  holistic practitioner, for over 19 years and has worked in numerous five star wellness resorts such as Kamalaya Thailand. Soneva Kiri Six Senses Thailand, Jumeirah resorts Maldives, One & Only resorts Australia… She has joined Amilla on 10th July for a one month residency in collaboration with the Spa.

She brings to Amilla and Javvu Spa her passion about training and teaching in wellness and yoga therapies as well as using her knowledge in aligning the body and mind back into balance to help guests find e renewed harmony and healthy energy flow.

She specializes in Chi Nei Tsang (deep abdominal massage with great detox benefits), “Body Alignment” Yoga and massage to restore balance, and healing treatments with crystal bowls and reiki.


On 26th July 2019, we  celebrated the 54th anniversary of  Maldives Independence day at the resort.

To mark the event, a special lunch was organised followed by a combine celebration with our monthly Jalsa.

We had a nicely decorated stage with Maldivian theme and Boduberu performance.

Jalsa – June 2019 Awards and Recognition

Rock Star Winner Ahmed Zareer (Housekeeping Coordinator)

Zareer known as Zara has been working for Amilla Fushi for more than three years in several positions such as house attendant, minibar attendant and present as housekeeping coordinator, who also shows a sincere interest in employees and the solutions to their problems. He initiates and executes creative ideas such as taking full responsibility of department coordination dispatch together with relative departments. Throughout the time he has been counted as one of the valued member in the team who always demonstrate positive can do attitude towards the supervision and team. Zara can be reliable on his job responsibility at all the time with less supervision. He can display strong analytical skills, always be counted and is accountable.

Super Hero Winner Mohamed Ikurim Ibrahim (Security Supervisor)

Mohamed Ikurim is one of the matured and experienced islander in Amilla Security team. He is always punctual and hardworking islander of security team. He shows a great self-motivation and handles responsibilities without any complains and shows respect to other islanders and to his superiors. On day to day operation he is one of the motivated and key team member of our security department and in the absence of Security Manager he takes the full responsibility of a manager and runs the department with confidence and work production is outstanding. In the month of June when Manager was on leave Ikurim was the key element of the department, we appreciate his effort and hardworking.

Best Up Sellers – June 2019

Amilla Thari – June 2019

Welcome Home New Islander

Permanent Islanders – 2 Years Anniversary

Transfers & Promotion

Amilla Fushi – June 2019

Message from the Resort Manager


Dearest Islanders,

June is really enthralled with challenges and fun for a lot of reasons!

As we move towards summer on the northern hemisphere and winter on the southern hemisphere, Maldives’ challenging rainy days season unfavourably kicked us off since the first week and continued to pose challenges. Still, it doesn’t shackle us from putting all together the events that’s dear to all our Islanders’ heart. Excitement and fun began when we officially opened our new Islanders Bliss Shop and celebrated EID on 4th June where entertainers were invited to show us their talents! Belly dancer wowed our guests and islanders with her graceful dance moves, Boduberu was cheerfully performed with their upbeat drums which made our Islanders dance whilst Mezzo serenaded us with his lovely husky voice.

As we continue with appreciation, our culinary team delightfully prepared mouthwatering dishes that spread all throughout Icege food counters on the night of 16th June 2019 to celebrate Father’s Day.

Nevertheless, World Yoga Day and Music Day were equally celebrated on 21st June where our leaders together with our guests spent their relaxing Friday morning for a yoga session with our yoga master Kelzang.

Given the importance of sharing knowledge to our youth and future leaders, Amilla Fushi participated in VAAVOSHI TURTLE FESTIVAL held at Hithaadhoo on 22nd June 2019 where BAA ATOLL resorts united to spread awareness on saving our turtles and oceans in Maldives. Students and teachers from nearby islands were picked up and dropped off by the Baa Atoll resorts to witness this once a year opportunity of learning shared by many dedicated marine biologists in the event.

Keeping our team’s enthusiasm and commitment, indeed, demands a lot of hard-work but I am moreover confident that with each and everyone’s high spirited soul continuing to soar, we all can proudly reach to the top!

Long live to our Island Home and all Islanders!


Jean Noël

Resort Manager

Eid-Al-Fitr Celebration

Eid-Al-Fitr also called the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”, was celebrated on the 4th June 2019.  This celebration marks the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan.  The day started with prayers followed by a special breakfast set up that was done in IceGe where the management team lined up at the entrance of the islanders’ restaurant to greet all our Islanders of Muslim Faith before breakfast.  The celebration continued with a special lunch and we had a lovely evening with the Boduberu performance and Belly Dancer who came over from Malaysia for the occasion. Last but not the least, we had Mezzo performing live for the Islanders in Kobabaa on 5th June.

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For our dear guests, we have arranged a special themed night with Aisha, the belly dancer who performed on that night to give live entertainment. Aisha performed at Baazaar (Wok and Barolo Grill) from 9pm to 9:30pm whilst our guests were having their dinner. Our dear guests enjoyed her performance, in particular those who visited for the Eid celebration.


Negroni Week

From 25th June to 1st July 2019, we celebrated the Negroni week worldwide to marks it’s legendary name on the market. Daily special with 10% discount on every drink was being promoted in Baazaar bar.


Relocation of Bliss Shop and Reopening

Reopening of Bliss Shop at relocated space happened on 4th  June 2019 after the EID break-fast. We now have a bigger and better space with new items and facilities to be introduced soon. A big thank you to all the Islanders who helped in moving all the items till early morning for the reopening to happen. 

Fun Challenge

Our second Fun Challenge of the year happened on 6 June 2019 hosted by Natural Allure.  We had an amazing one hour of new fun games and a big thank you for everyone who participated to make that day another successful one.

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Wellness Café

On 6thJune 2019, we  haverelaunched one of our new guests’ outlets, which is the Wellness Café. It is located at Javvu Spa and it opens from 1pm to 4pm. It offers a wide selections of healthy food and beverages, available through a la carte menu.

Friendly Football Match

Our friendly football match this month was played against Dhonfanu Island on 14th June 2019.  A good practice for our team who is getting ready for the upcoming Baa Atoll football competition scheduled at the end of July. An interesting match which ended with a draw of 4-4.


Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a worldwide celebration where we honour our superhero fathers and to celebrate fatherhood.  After the lovely surprise we did for our Amilla mothers last month, it was the turn of our fathers on 16th June where a special dinner was prepared to recognise the over 150 fathers on the island on their special day.

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Fishing Trip

Another amazing catch during our last fishing trip on 17th June 2019 with good participation from our Islanders, followed by barbecue in front of islander’s diner “IceGe”.


World Yoga Day

International Yoga day is celebrated annually on 21st June since its inception in the UNGA, and Amilla Fushi participated in the global day with a variety of events. The day started with sunrise yoga at 8am (open to all islanders and guests), followed by several open sessions throughout the day and ending with a sunset yoga session at the yoga pavilion. Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India and is practiced by millions of people around world daily.

Eydhafushi Education Center School Visit

On 22nd June 2019, we welcomed the teachers and students from Education Centre of Eydhafushi for a visit to Amilla Fushi to understand the resort operation and how to they can apply the knowledge they gain at school. With the help of all Heads of Operational Departments, including Human Resources, Communications and Finance department teams, these people gained further knowledge on the spot apart from what they learn in a closed classroom. This visit enabled them to open their eyes and see what’s happening in the real world.

Thank you Ms. Jayasree Udayakumar, teachers and 17 students for coming to our Island Home and good luck for the end of Grade 12!

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Dharavandhoo School Visit

On Sunday, 23rd  June 2019, we welcomed once again the DRV School, Dr. Guston and his 8 students for a Kitchen training. This culinary journey was focused on covering some knowledge about Contemporary World Food and Skills and Techniques in Producing Desserts.

The whole Kitchen team made a great effort for making this full day of training as interesting as always with many cooking and tasting classes: starting with some cookies with the Pastry team, then discovering Italian skills with pizza and risotto making with Chef Francesco, followed by some Asian flavours by making a Wok Pad Thai with Chef Somluck and Chef Narinid and ended the training with Chef Deliana with a sushi masterclass and a chopstick workshop. The kids left with a full belly and a happy heart (and a certificate of completion of course!).

Thank you for passing by again! And best of luck for your end of studies!

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Sensora at Javvu Spa



“Magical lights, intriguing colors and soothing vibrations combined to stimulate the senses”


During the month of June 2019, the Javvu Spa team has launched a new therapeutic system called Sensora by SensorTech.

The creator, Anadi Martel, has flown all the way from Canada to help set up and train both Spa and Front Office team in the amazing power of light therapy and in the unique applications of Sensora!

Sensora is a multi-sensorial experience that has the power of interacting with all the bio-rhythms of our bodies, such as breathing, heartbeat, brain waves (our brains emit 5 different types of waves or frequencies, depending on the type of activity we are carrying out)…

The system entertains our brains with stimuli of different frequencies that vary according to the result we want to achieve: the higher the frequency, the more stimulating the session will be.

As our bodies are naturally programmed to match and sync with the frequencies that surround us, Sensora works by offering these stimuli through light, chromo-therapy, music-therapy and kinesthetic vibration in deeply therapeutic session that last from 5min to 25min.

It is one of the most advanced colored-light system in the world, recharging and re-balancing the brain’s electrical field and functioning.

It represents the perfect solution to:

Jalsa – May 2019 Awards and Recognition


Rock Star Winner – Ni Ketut Suaniasih (Spa Supervisor)

Asih was an incredible support to the team during Tamara’s transition. She has taken on more responsibilities with a lot of commitment, eagerness to learn and dedication to the spa as a whole. In May 2019, she  has completed a 3 -month Spa management course, to which she has dedicated many hours and late nights of study. Her discipline in completing such an intense course is admirable and has demonstrated her strong willingness to grow and develop within the department!


Super Hero Winner – Mohamed Nafiu (HR Coordinator)

In addition to his normal duties in May 2019, Nafiu did a great job throughout the month in coordinating and organising Ramadan events and activities for all of our islanders. He was instrumental in making sure the Ramadan committee was meeting regularly to have the events well planned and organised. He designed a lot of posters and certificates used for the events and kept HR leaders updated on what’s happening: results, pictures and more. Many of the events were so successful during Ramadan due to Nafiu’s involvement and organisational skills. He never hesitated to come back to the office to be able to share all  the updates on scores, etc. even very late at night once the event for that day was completed.   


Best Up Sellers – May 2019


Amilla Thari – May 2019


Welcome Home New Islanders


Permanent Islanders – 2 Years Anniversary


Message from the Resort Manager

Dearest Islanders,

On this month, I shall say that we begin on our utmost positive feeling in Amilla Fushi by celebrating the Labour Day and its essence. This day offers Amilla an opportunity to shape our workforce by allowing non-operational team to take their Public Holiday where most of our islanders spent this day talking to their family and friends back home whilst some were catching up with their errands.

As we move forward with our life’s rich experiences and to honour all our lovely, strong and beautiful mothers on the island, a Mother’s Day tribute was made possible by our HR and Kitchen team by preparing little cards and cupcakes loaded with love and appreciation for nurturing lives that eventually grow into our challenging world.

Highly valuing respect and diversity in our working place, Amilla’s sports activities are lined up in accordance of honouring the Holy Month of Ramadan. Mas Race with our Brand Traits teams were enthusiastically participated by our young and active group of “fishermen” where Intuitive Generosity reigned as the champion for this year! To fully capture the engagement of our islanders on this Holy Month, Futsal tournament along with other board games were all set as well. Upon continuing the Ramadan commemoration, all managers and leaders willingly devoted and scheduled themselves to assist our IceGe team on juice preparation and service. Truly, the value of respect and humility lives in every islanders’ heart, which I am very proud of seeing and witnessing day by day. Thank You to the whole Island Community for your devotion and engagement!

My sincere gratitude goes to all Amilla islanders! May we continuously walk with dignity and unity as we all move towards a brighter future here in our Island Home!




Jean Noël

Resort Manager


Special Event

Champagne and Lobster Savouring

On 17 May 2019, we restyled one of the  themed nights to Champagne and Lobster Savouring.

Located at Fish and Chips Shop from 7pm-10pm, every Friday, we are inviting all our guests to join us and sip the finest champagne and taste the freshest lobster and other seafood delicacies by the beach. The perfect setting for a romantic evening or a family get together under the moon with the beautiful sunset view.

Cellar’s Door Journey

On 20 May 2019, we also revamped our Wine and Tapas night to Cellar’s Door Journey. Located at the Emperor Beach Club starting at 7:30pm-10pm, every Monday where our guests can enjoy an elegant wine and tapas in our wine room. Cold cuts, a large variety of cold and hot tapas, sweet tapas and a carving station pairing with different types of wines will delight any sophisticated palate.

Mother’s Day Special

On 12 May 2019, we celebrated Mother’s Day to honour all mothers and their influence to the society. 

A special setup was arranged on the beach in front of Fish and Chips Shop. Flowers were also offered as an appreciation to all our in-house mothers.

A 5-course set menu was prepared with varieties of seafood selections for the whole family to share and enjoy.


To welcome the Holy month of Ramadan and following the elders’ tradition, fresh sand was collected from sandbank and spread on 3 May 2019 outside IceGe.  A big thank you to the wonderful team who helped to make it happen.

Island Cleaning

Island cleaning happened three times on 2, 13  and 14 May 2019 where more focus was laid in Jungle Jetty area and Mystique Garden.  A good turn up from islanders under the lead of our CEO / General Manager, Mark Hehir who gave emphasis to be laid in Mystique Garden where we can grow herbs to help our culinary team.  A plan will be made under the Brand Traits team with a monthly schedule to tidy up the area.

island cleaning

Maahefun – Big Bite

Maahefun, also called Big Bite, is a celebration that marks the beginning of Ramadan. It is a traditional event in the Maldives where all the Muslims take the last meal before the holy month of Ramadan. 

To mark the event, our Maahefun was celebrated on the 4 May 2019 with a wide variety of  dishes prepared by our culinary team that was served outside IceGe.

Mas Race

Mas Race, one of the biggest fishing competitions in the Maldives, is also a tradition during Ramadan.  At Amilla, we make it a must as well to have this competition every year during Ramadan.  A four-day Mas Race competition was organised under the four brand traits teams from 10 to 13 May 2019.

Congratulations to Intuitive Generosity who won this year’s competition with a total of 37.46kg of fishes caught followed by Rich  Experiences with 36.40kg 

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, a celebration honouring the mother of the family, as well as the motherhood and maternal bonds. This is being celebrated in several countries worldwide during the month of May.  We celebrated that special day on the 12 May 2019 with 15 mothers on the island. Lovely cupcakes were prepared by our pastry team and distributed to the mothers with a greeting card.

“Wishing you all the love and

happiness you richly deserve…

Happy Mother’s Day!”


From 1 to 16 May, we once again welcomed students from TVEC to complete their practical training with us here at the resort as part of the completion of their course.

14 students specialising in AC and Refrigeration joined us over this period, working on important projects in both guest and islander’s areas.

We look forward to our next collaboration with the students of TVEC. 


Inter-Departmental Futsal Tournament

The long awaited Inter-departmental Futsal Tournament happened from 15 to 30 May 2019.  We were all amazed by the 15 breathtaking matches that were organised, where 8 teams confronted each other at the group levels to try to make it to the semi-finals.  The final match was played on 30 May 2019 with Front Office v/s Housekeeping and won 1 – 0 in favour of Front Office.


Picture 28

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“Training on How to make Gluten-free Muffin lead by Chef Eranda”

Training on How to Make Authentic Thai Green Curry lead by Chef Somluck

“Butchery basic knowledge of cutting meat training”

“How to make Choco Chip Cookies”

“Chemical Refreshment Training for Stewards & Chefs”

“Feeling Koi’s Teriyaki Sauce Recipe Training”

“The best selling Chicken BBQ Pizza”

“Plating Techniques by our talented Chef Novia

Presentation by Febby – F&B Kitchen Intern

We were there to show support for our Intern Febby who talked about her wonderful Culinary Experience with us.


“A beautifully made Mother’s Day Cupcake for our colleagues”

Farewell to Chef Fajar, Chef Sittipong & Chef Febby

Farewell to our 3 islanders who are like a dear family to us. It is such an honor to work with great people like them.

Chef Fajar worked in Pastry section since pre-opening,

Sittipong who always showed his positive attitude to all islanders dining in Icege and Febby, the young intern who is very passionate in Culinary.

May at Javvu Spa

Picture38Starting from the end of April and during the first week of May, we have hosted a Yoga retreat with Yoshie Roux-Chabert, also known as ‘the inversion lover”.

Yoshie has made her mission to help others fi­nding inner calm through perfect alignment and unique poses combination. Throughout the years she has developed a passion for hanging upside down, and has also mastered the art of posture that uplifts body and mind.


She offered group and private sessions to many guests and has hosted a special class for our Japanese guests in house to celebrate with them the Japanese olden Week.


After launching our new massages in April, we wanted to make sure our quality and standards were at the highest level! Throughout the month we have organized several training sessions to practice the new techniques and review the protocols to make the massages even better!

We have also refreshed the product knowledge of other products houses such as Gentlemen’s Tonic and QMS Medicosmetics and created 2 new workshops for our guests to experience and learn new massage techniques with our specialists!


Jalsa was held on the 29 May 2019 recognising all the rockstars and superheroes for the month of April 2019. 

Once again, we witnessed the creative talents from different departments within the resort with a wonderful set up, and this time done by Front Office team.

We also used the event to award the prizes from the Mas Race held earlier in the month and to share the EID celebration plans with the team.


Jalsa – April 2019 Awards and Recognition

Rock Star Winner – Ibrahim Riyaz (Senior Katheeb)


Ibrahim Riyaz is an exemplary leader, who is always up for new challenges and opportunities. He looks after the day-to-day operation of Front Office with ease and confidence and less supervision from his Manager. He takes a lead roles in team building activities, various tasks and cleaning projects. He represents FO in the managers morning briefing in many occasions. He handles challenging guest issues with ease and most importantly works very well with other departments.

Super Hero Winner – Mahibul Hoque (Steward)


Mahibul Hoque is focused to all of his assigned tasks and he ensures that he follows up with everyone. He always puts extraordinary efforts to do deep cleaning in kitchen areas and Icege. He never complained eventhough he was assigned in different kitchens, i.e. finishing his duty late night and come the following day on a morning shift. He is very flexible and always willing to help his fellow islanders without expecting something in return. A very good role model to other islanders.


Best Up Sellers – April 2019

Best Upsellers


Amilla Thari – April 2019

Amilla Thari








Permanent Islanders – 2 Years Anniversary



Message from the Resort Manager

Dearest Islanders,

April has been a wonderful month full of generosity, arts, discoveries, entertainment and innovation!

Once again our amazing team did many great achievements during this awesome month!

We started to show our intuitive generosity by raising autism awareness and donating to Maldives Autism Association a total of $1,165.16 from the sale of wristbands and Islanders’ voluntary donation on 2nd April 2019. The event itself was gracefully participated by some of our in-house guests and Islanders who ran / walked all throughout the island.

Moving to Easter preparations, our Recreation Team was hand in hand with HR Team showcasing their craftsmanship and artistry on creating all our island’s decoration, lively and presentable making it hard for our guests not to stop by and take a snap or selfie!

Keeping up with the tradition, Easter was grandiosely celebrated at our Island Home!  Our mischievous little ones enjoyed their time from the 4 days football camp also attended by our nearby Baa Atoll Education Centre to the Fashion show followed by the Bonnet Parade with egg hunting where they flaunted their own Bonnet creations to the crowd.

Discoveries and continued innovation never sets the least from our priority as our Japanese speciality Chef Hiro took his long journey from the land of the rising sun to the beautiful island of the Maldives to take us to his world of gastronomy. Mouthwatering dishes were prepared to impress our high-end guests from all over the world who joined us for this celebration. To extremely give our best, chef’s battle between our very own Executive Chef Lucas and Chef Hiro was set on Easter night where the food lovers were given the opportunity to entice their palates from the chefs’ speciality.

I am well pleased seeing everyone’s cooperation as we rolled out all these first class events. This is very encouraging to witness that despite the tricky weather that caused some challenges, back to back operation due to resort’s high occupancy, we continue to gather our team firmly.  I am truly proud of everyone, every contribution is delightedly counted and will remain forever.

Taking my journey with all of you is an honour and privilege. Renewed thanks to all!



Jean Noël

Resort Manager

Carelyn Gentray

Wellness specialist at Amilla Fushi

During the months of March and April, Carelyn has joined the Spa team in Amilla Fushi as a wellness expert bringing to our guests her revolutionary treatments.

Rooted in traditions like Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga and meditation as well as reflexology, chakra & meridian balancing, craniosacral therapy and intuitive healing, Carelyn’s cutting-edge treatments are a “one of a kind” experience and had a great success amongst the guests.


Carelyn is popular for using tools such as bamboo cane sticks, Guasha and jade stone as if they were her own hands!

Her signature Deep Relaxing Body & MindTM  treatment incorporate all of her knowledge and skills in treatments that can visibly and tangibly transform the bodies and re-set the minds.

Deep body release and total mind relaxation.

World Autism Day

On 2 April 2019, a fun run/walk was organised to celebrate World Autism Day.  A big thank you to all the participants who were present for that event and the generous  contribution that goes to the Maldives Autism Association.  We collected USD 400 from the sales of wrist bands and USD765.16 as donation.


We re-launched Zumba for our team members and our ladies who participated for that activities had a good session with Dom on the 3rd of April.  At the request of the participants, we will increase the sessions after Ramadan and invite more Islanders to join for this fitness activity.

Food Presentations

Some of the food presentations during the Wine & Tapas new special dining activity every Monday night at EBC

Earth Hour Food Stalls

Food stalls during Earth Hour at Baazar Beach last 4 April 2019

Lobster Thermidor

Lobster Thermidor a part of Easter special dining activity at Fish & Chips

Homemade Italian Pasta Training

Training on how to make different types of homemade Italian pasta by our Italian Chef de Cuisine Francesco.

Island Hopping

Our second trip for Island Hopping was to Kamadhoo on 8th April 2019.  Kamadhoo is located almost north east of Amilla Fushi with a population of approximately 500 inhabitants.  A second island hopping that was successful after Kudarikilu with a good turn up from our Islanders.

Launch of Academy

Friendly Football Match

Amilla Fushi vs Kendhoo

On April 9th we welcomed locals from Kendhoo island to come to Amilla Arena for a friendly football match. Both teams played really well with Amilla Fushi winning 4 – 1, well done team!

Fishing Trip

Our monthly fishing trip was organised on 10 April 2019 with more interest from Islanders. We had a nice turn out for the activity with a fruitful catch followed by a night BBQ.

Wine Tapas

On 15th April we successfully launched one of the new theme nights called “Wine and Tapas”. 

Located at The Emperor Beach Club starting  from 7pm-10pm

Served with Finger foods and additional Live station designed for nibbling while socialising, tapas meals were usually served a lots of varieties of different type of wine.

The tapas trend isn’t just about food but includes greater social sharing of food and beverages, while in conversation with our notable guests.

Special Event for Easter

In part of our celebrations for Easter we had exciting daily special events .

From Monday to Sunday (April 16-29)

From EBC – We had an spectacular Maldivian Buffet with a historic of Maldivian culture.

From Fish and Chips – A theme night called Lobster Thermidor and Lobster Full Moon dinner for all the seafood lovers, perfect for the romantic couple with a special under the moon .

Chefs Battle – A famous chef from Japan Chef Hiro and our very own Executive Chef Lucas with their own version of their menu, a twist of Japanese and Peruvian dishes.

Sri Lankan New Year

Huddle April 2019 

This month we welcomed over 30 leaders to our morning huddle to finish off the topics of our Employee Life Cycle. We had a mix of brain and body stretching when it came to the mix of activities and brain-storming done by the group. Great ideas were shared on how we can best recognise, motivate and engage our islanders.

Huddle will continue from June with fresh topics being shared and practiced by the leadership team at the resort.

Orientation April 2019

This month saw us running 2 sessions of general orientation for our new islanders where we welcomed a total of 28 attendees for the 2 groups. As usual the 2-day programme was jam packed with company and resort information, guest speakers for topics such as HR and Security and Safety as well as the great tours of the front and back  of house areas of the resort. 

Spa Ila Training

During the month of April, the Spa has welcomed Amrita for the second time in Amilla Fushi for 6 days of training. The team had the chance to refresh the knowledge around the brand and products as well as learn three amazing new treatments that have been launched during Easter and will be integrated permanently in the Spa menu.

The Spa is now proud to showcase the Karuna Kaya deep muscle/sport massage for active people that prefer deeper treatments, the Manipura massage, for those looking for a light massage with detox benefits, and the Potali massage, an exotic treatment using herbal bags to loosen the tensions and to get rid of any unwanted tiredness and jet lag!

Farewell of Chef Lucas with Kitchen team

Renowned Jewelry Designer Patrick Muff

On 17th and 18th April 2019, Jewelry Designer Patrick Muff visited Amilla Fushi for two days of jewelry workshop. 

Patrick Muff has had a passion for classic crafts and fine materials all his life. Born into a family of craftsmen in Hochdorf, Switzerland, he grew up in a creative environment surrounded by hammers, nails and saws. While training as a goldsmith and after studying art in Cologne, Patrick continued to refine his unmistakable style, launching his intricate and opulent designs whilst the rest of the jewelry industry was in the grip of minimalism.

After several years in Cologne, the city of art on the banks of the River Rhine, the ‘Junge Wilde’ of the German jewelry scene headed south to make Munich his new home.

His love of craftsmanship and tradition is among the factors that link him to the Royal Porcelain Manufacturer Nymphenburg, which is just one of the renowned companies offering special collections and editions by Patrick Muff.

Amilla 417 by Tim Cahill

Children from 4 to 17 years participated in Amilla417 football camp hosted by Tim Cahill. Over 30 kids participated in this technical four days training camp. Kids from Amilla Fushi, Finolhu and Baa Atoll Education center had a fantastic experience.

Kids & Teens Fashion Parade with Twilight Affair

Our little guests as well as some of our islanders showed us how they can “strut their stuff” on the catwalk with exciting mid fashion show performances from the delightful performers from Area 51 delighting the crowds in preparation for the Easter celebrations.

Alice In Wonderland Twilight Affair
& Easter Dinner

On 21st April, we celebrated one of the biggest event of the year. Amilla Easter with a theme of Alice in Wonderland, reminding us the world wide tradition, which eventually enjoyed by high-end guests with a lot of decadents spread around the coconut grove

We encouraged our beloved guests to start their night with the varieties of drinks in our Twilight Affair followed by our Easter Dinner at Baazaar .

A special setup was arranged in all the restaurants. Easter Decoration was placed on each table. Tasty and delicious international cuisine was served .

International Entertainers such as Gypsy Queens and Area 51 gave a joyful vibe to all families and our passionate sushi master Chef Hiro.

Easter Bonnet Making Competition

As part of Easter Events, one highlighted activity was Easter Bonnet making. The activity was opened for all the in house families and it was successfully run with good number of participants. Winners were announced during the Easter Egg hunt with prizes of one bottle of wine for the winner.

Easter Bonnet Parade and Egg hunt

A crowd of children with their families raced to grab their share of 500 Easter eggs scattered around the Coconut Grove at Amilla Fushi which was decorated with Alice in Wonderland theme.   

Activity was started from Sultans village with Bonnet parade showing creative Easter Bonnets which families made with all the characters of Alice in wonderland.

Easter Time at Amilla – April 2019

Alice in wonderland’ descend on the island with 2 weeks of unlimited fun and activities, kids pirate day, treasure hunt, kids yoga, culinary sessions with chef, Easter Egg painting, Easter Bonnet Making Competition, four days football camp, kids & teens fashion parade for couples, kids and families are some to highlight . This Easter is one of the best and most successful festivals which Amilla Fushi presented. Lots of excellent feedback

Jalsa – March 2019

Our March Jalsa was held on 25 April 2019 hosted by F&B Service team.  On this Jalsa we had the pleasure of welcoming Mezzo, one of the famous Maldivian singers, who performed some of his songs live for us.

Rock Star Winner – Jamsheed Ahmed (Room Attendant – Residence)

Jamsheed Ahmed (Jambe) has shown us an extra ordinary level of performance on last month specially when we’re getting lots of residence arrivals, he took initiate to maintain service and keep ready all the Residences without getting any delay, also he took initiate to update all the residence maintenance issue to concerns. He has worked more than 8hrs per day without asking anything in return, with dedication. Even there were some days, he worked more than 12hrs without any rest and sleep as we were running out of time and less manning to make ready the residences. With all these things above highlighted I would like to recognize his hard work.

Super Hero Winner – Lal Miah (Gardener)

Lal Miah our (Super Hero), he is the employee who is maintaining waste garbage area & incinerator. He is the talented incinerator operating in the team. He is working and he will be working without any complain and completed daily jobs on time. He is working afternoon till late night every day.

Best Up Sellers – March 2019

Amilla Thari – March 2019

Welcome Home New Islanders

Transfers and Promotions


Permanent Islanders – 2 Years Service

Welcome Chef Nishantha

Everyone gave a warm welcome to our new Executive Chef who gave us inspiration and encouragement


Message from the Resort Manager

JNDearest Islanders, 

Achieving our goal is one of our driving factors in life as it motivates us to work harder each day.

It is seizing all the opportunities presented to us but above all, to remain consciously aware of what is achievable for us as a team. Without teamwork, none of these goals will happen.

Believing in each and everyone’s commitment, I am very proud to say that the month of March has given us much of this opportunity!

As we continue the thrill of being favoured this month, JAVVU SPA made its way having been awarded by LUX LIFE MAGAZINE (UK base) as the ‘Most Outstanding Luxury Destination of the Year 2019’!

Enthusiastically moving forward, Coffee with RM sessions are back starting this month. 5th March was a fabulous start attended by 11 islanders from different departments. “Self-motivation, energy and passion that keep us achieving goals” has been fantastically tackled at the morning talk.

International Women’s Day celebration was something that we shall all be looking back at with smiles and huge happiness as our ladies participated and enjoyed the afternoon of a variety of fun games to celebrate the occasion.

March ended wonderfully with the Volleyball tournament in good fair play and enthusiasm. As I leave my simple thoughts to all islanders, all these are impossible with our unity, looking towards the same vision ahead of us. For the upcoming months, I would like to encourage everyone to keep the same focus, let us all be curious about what more we can do as a team.

Once again, thank you for keeping all our guests happy and for your valuable contribution to the community!


Jean Noël
Resort Manager

Coffee with RM

Coffee with the Resort Manager restarted on 5th March 2019 and it happens weekly with  islanders joining from different departments. Our Resort Manager makes it a must to sit for a coffee with some islanders every Tuesday.  It’s the time for him to get to know the team more and listen to what they have to communicate.


Modern Butlers Training

From 3rd to17th March 2019, we welcomed again Budi from International Institute of Modern Butlers for a Butler training in Amilla Fushi. 15 Katheebs and Katheebas had the great opportunity to participate of this 4 days classroom and practical training in a Villa: setting up a table for breakfast, tea preparation, cigar knowledge, packing and unpacking luggage. Budi gave as well the chance for the previous Katheebs to have a quick refresher training from last year.

On March 17th we had a graduation ceremony with our Resort Manager Jean Noel to support and congratulate their efforts from the training. All 15 islanders are now certified Modern Butlers. Well done team!


Island Cleaning

Our monthly island cleaning was done on 6th March 2019.  We would like to thank all our loyal Islanders who are always present for that event and once again reiterate our invitation for other islanders to join and support us in that monthly activity.

Sky is the Limit Competition

For the launch of the Skyhouse with bubble, a competition was organized with a lucky draw on 6th March 2019 for the Islanders who got all correct answers. Mushthaq from Security was the lucky winner of the one night stay in the Skyhouse.


Women’s Day

On the 8th March 2019,  we celebrated International Women’s Day.  All Amilla ladies were invited for an afternoon tea in EBC with some fun activities

Island Hopping

In view of creating new activities for our islanders, Island hopping was  organized on 11th March 2019 for us to discover other islands nearby. A visit to Kudarikilu was organised and we had very good participation. This activity was much appreciated by the islanders who are looking forward for the next trip

Inter-Departmental Volleyball Final

From 20th – 29th March, we ran a fun and competitive Inter-departmental Volleyball Tournament for the islanders. We saw 8 teams play in the group rounds with Kitchen, Front Office, Housekeeping and Engineering making it to the semi finals.

The final was on 29th March, a battle between Engineering and Front Office where Engineering took the CHAMPIONSHIP title. Stay tuned for our next inter-departmental challenge coming in May.

Mauritius Independence Day

Mauritius Independence day was celebrated on 12th March 2019.  A special food corner was set up in IceGe for lunch with various Mauritian dishes.

Long Service Award

For the first time since the opening of the resort, a long service award was held on 28th March 2019 with High Tea to reward and recognize the Islanders who have completed 3+ years of service with the company. 

We would like to thank the 89 team members who have been rewarded that day for their renewed commitment and loyalty to the company.


Our monthly Jalsa was held on the 28th March 2019 hosted by the Kitchen and Stewarding team.  Once again we had the pleasure of seeing the creativity of our team with the wonderful backdrop arranged for the event and the food stations that was available that night.

Jalsa – February 2019 Awards and Recognition

Rock Star Winner – Jadulla Jameel (Waiter)

Jameel has been a key member of the F&B Team throughout February. His “can do” attitude made the impossible POSSIBLE. Starting from the Valentine’s Day set up (which by itself should be sufficient to vote for him), the team and in particular Jameel worked more than 12 hours that day ensuring a wow experience that not only blew away our guests but also to outshine all the other resorts’ celebrations plans on that day. We can also mention his contribution to Chinese NY and his uncountable POD and AL due to operational obligations.

Jameel is a waiter that delivers exceptional service, mentioned by guests in travel click multiple times and thrives by adding brilliant and creatives ideas to our outlets, he is a strong leader within our waitressing team. Kindly recognize his hard work.

Super Hero Winner – MD Arif Hossain (Staff Village Attendant)

Arif is working with us more than 1 year as Village Attendant. His main task is looking after the cleaning of the islander’s village area.

During the month of February, he took a great effort on maintaining the cleanliness of these areas in absence of one village attendant. With his great passion, he cleans the Mosque and dedicate himself as a prayer caller while our Imaam is on leave.

Transfers & Promotions

2 Years Anniversary

Best Up Sellers – February 2019

Welcome Home New Islanders

Amilla Thari – February 2019

Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2019 was celebrated on the 30th March 2019. To support the cause, several activities were organized throughout  the day. Beach and reef cleaning, upcycling competition and we also burnt the earth hour fire sign when the lights were turned off at 9:30pm. 

Amilla Fushi always works towards protecting the environment and creating awareness for the islanders and guests to keep our environment clean and safe.