Maldives Aficionado

Welcome to Maldives Aficionado, a gateway to the Maldives providing a concierge service, whilst rewarding loyalty, built for the passionate marine and sunshine lover.
The Maldives Aficionado was founded on the idea to provide a carefully curated platform of managed Maldives experiences from local experts who know best, that give a true insiders guide to the destination like no other, and then be recognised with benefits during your stay. We attract travelers who like to connect emotionally to the experience through the local specialists, who are in search of a Maldives experience far from generic, big brand offer.
Iconic Maldivian Experiences – Tailor-Made Itineraries
• Villas and Residences – all with their own unique character
• Private Islands
• Private sand banks
• Marine options luxury speed boats, Traditional Dhoni’s up too 135 meter Yachts
• Aviation solutions with international private jet, domestic private plane and Air taxi solutions.

A MALDIVES AFICIONADO can experience a tailor-made experience that truly reflects the Maldivian culture and traditions of its location, while enjoying all the benefits of loyalty, including upgraded experiences and exclusive value add home away from home benefits.



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